Harvesting Benefits From Investing In Diverse Fields

Research has it that a typical millionaire in the 21st century has about seven jobs. The cost of living has increased, and one economic resource is no longer good enough. Economists claim that an individual is considered wealthy if their passive income surpasses their operating income. Their revenue should exceed their expenditure. This means that a person has money that is more than what they spent. A person must be hard working and willing to pay the price to reach such a goal in this day and age. This is so because people do not wake up one day and become rich. Accumulating riches makes people wealthy. The riches are the money that people save towards financial freedom. People must have different sources for them to get enough money to save. Arthur Becker is a real example of this truth. This truth has made him who he is today. Arthur Becker is the chairman of Zinio. It is the world’s largest digital medium.

As per The Real Deal, Becker was the chief executive officer of NaviSite. This company provides internet services. He was also a senior advisor for a fashion house. Becker privately invests in real estate and technology. This is the biography of Becker as an investor. His ability to multitask by being relevant in his investments makes him a wealthy person. Many investors can pick a lesson or two from how he juggles his career. He makes himself relevant to his career by developing the skills that he has. Becker worked for digital media where he worked as an internet provider. There is a correlation in these two jobs. Becker shows that people must develop their passive income from their skills for them to create a passive income. They must think outside the box and see what relates to their expertise and work with it. It is important to note that becoming wealthy will not be a hard task as it sounds. It will be interesting and easy since a person can identify what they can do with their skills. Becker is a role model to future entrepreneurs in society.

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Todd Lubar’s Accomplishments In His Long And Successful Career

Todd Lubar is the proprietor of TDL Global Ventures. In addition, he serves as Legendary Investment’s vice president. He has extensive experience in the real estate and finance industries. During an interview conducted by Ideamensch, Lubar posited that after rendering his services in the financial industry for over 20 years, he realized that he needed to help others realize their dreams. To this end, he devised a way of eliminating barriers that prevent people from accessing loans. The executive said that he incorporated TDL Global Ventures with the objective of helping the public to secure loans.

Todd contends that he starts his day by taking a cup of coffee and enjoying breakfast with his children. He then scrolls for news and checks his email. Lubar engages in a quick workout before heading to the office. By updating himself on the current news in the industry, he is able to prioritize different activities. Workouts clears his head and provides him with the much needed energy for the rest of the day. This information was originally mentioned on ideamensch as outlined in the following link https://ideamensch.com/todd-lubar/

About Todd Lubar

The graduate of Syracuse University started his career in 1995 after earning his bachelor’s degree in speech communication. Todd Lubar worked for Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He gained immense experience as a loan originator. In addition, he learnt much about the dynamics of conservative mortgage banking. Todd deemed it fit to establish long term relationships with real estate agents, CPAs, insurance agents and financial planners. These experts form a crucial part of Todd’s referral base.

In 1999, Todd Lubar accepted a lucrative equity position with the celebrated Legacy Financial Group. While serving in this position, he continued to gain lending knowledge. With his diverse skill set, Lubar was better placed to broker loans to different investors besides lending like a direct mortgage bank. After a while, he incorporated Legendary Properties, a successful residential company. This corporation purchases, rehabilitates, and sells different residential houses. Whenubar established his business, he worked closely with experienced professionals. This way, he was able to provide the public with world-class projects. Later, Todd founded Charter Funding with the objective of enabling underserved clients to access loans. Today, he has been directly involved in over 7,000 transactions. His ability to assess risks has enabled him to make informed decisions on various loan applications.

CFO Cassio Audi is an Epitome of Success in the Brazilian Marketplace

The Brazilian investment management industry has evolved in the last couple of years. This market revolves around management of Brazilian hedge, fixed income, and equity investment funds. One of the top investment management company is BTG Pactual.

Top investment management firm in Brazil

BTG Pactual is committed to providing administrative services as well as managing portfolios and investment funds. BTG Pactual has a consolidated track record that dates back three decades ago. BTG Pactual prides itself of its organized asset management division that deals in Latin America and Global Asset Management. It also specializes in merchant banking and fiduciary administration. This firm works with independent managers and provides fund management services to them. BTG Pactual manages about R$ 135.6 billion assets and is considered one of the largest companies in Brazil. Additionally, this enterprise deals in risk management and internal control.

About Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi is a financial executive from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Audi is action oriented, open, hands-on, and straightforward when it comes to executing his duties. Cassio Audi is fluent English and Spanish. Audi has worked in the U.S. and Brazil. He has more than two decades of professional experience working for private and public companies. Audi is skilled in:

• Modeling, business planning, and Analysis

Financial and accounting management

• Decision and controllership support

• Resource management

• Strategy development

Audi is a proud alumnus of the University of Sao Paulo. He was the managing director of GVMI, a private equity firm with operations in the U.S. and Brazil. Audi also worked for Rossi Commercial Properties as an investment officer and later as the company’s CFO. Some of the other companies that he has worked for include JP Morgan Chase, Dow Chemical Company, Brookfield Brazil Real Estate Partners Inc., and Gillette.

Jason Hope Talks About The Top Benefits Of ‘Internet Of Things’ To The World

The Arizona tech entrepreneur, Jason Hope, who shot into limelight as the founder of Java, has also garnered a lot of attention as the biggest advocate of ‘Internet of Things’. Referred to as IoT, it is the latest technology which makes heavy use of internet and satellite to establish communication between two computing devices.

Always keeping his fingers on the technology pulse and staying updated with it; he has been attracting a lot of attention by his writing of gripping blogs, articles, guest posts, etc. for websites and tech magazines. His expertise and insight get evident when through his writing, he not only raises questions about the present technological challenges in the society but also how many of these social implications can be taken care of by the IoT. According to him, the IoT will make things more efficient and navigable with systems present even in the house like the lighting, heating, etc. Through IoT, they could be easily controlled remotely through the internet.

Apart from his obvious passion for technology, his compassion and love for humanity are evident for his philanthropic activities. He is not only a member of various charitable organizations but also contributes actively to it through both finance and his time and labor. Most notable of these is the SENS Foundation which aims to create a better quality of life by trying to find ways to stop disease even from occurring.

What makes Jason Hope stand out is his staunch belief in the development of entrepreneurship and innovation. To carry forward his belief, he has even initiated an incubation hub which aims to help those entrepreneurs who have some kick-ass ideas but cannot turn them into reality because of lack of resources.

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The Rise and Success of EOS Lip Balm

EOS has single-handedly changed the shape, smell, and taste of drugstore lip balms. Elizabeth Segran, at Fast Company, tells the story in her article, “The Untold Story Of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick”. EOS first began with Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky as the thinkers behind the concept of how they would infiltrate the drugstore beauty aisle with something new and exciting. They chose lip balm as their beauty item, because they saw a need for innovation within the products development. At the time Blistex and Chapstick were the name brand products to beat.

The three men researched lip balm and decided women wanted to be able to find the balm easily when thrown inside of their purse. They also wanted to give women more than a simple function of lip balm. So, they decided to stimulate the senses with sight, smell, touch, feel, and even sound. The round design was decided upon to hold inside the palm easily. They also added softness to the packaging, as Well as, amazing tastes and smells to the balm itself. When the sphere closes, it creates a clicking noise in order to let the owner know that it is closed.

EOS is now selling over 1 million items per week, and the company is worth $250 million. Two out of the three original owners, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, currently run the company and credit much of their success with the wide spread marketing they engaged with in order to let people know about their product. Using TV and magazine ads to begin with, they moved on to include social media, celebrity, and even products, such as, Disney, Alice in Wonderland and Keds to partner up with. With the knowledge between them they were able to brainstorm and redesign a well-known product, manufacture the product themselves, and make it a household name. EOS lip balm products are available on major retails stores such as Target, Walmart and online on eBay and Amazon.

View the EOS collection: https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos

Mike Baur: Swiss Startup Factory Entrepreneur

Mike Baur is a man of great ambition. He’s had a love for Banking since he was a teenager. So it came as no surprise to anyone when he dedicated much of his early adulthood in the banking industry. By 2014, he had over 20 years of experience working with finance.

He worked for some of the biggest banks in Switzerland, including UBS and Clariden Leu. In 2014, he left the banking world to pursue some of his entrepreneurial ambitions. Along with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). Swiss Startup Factory is Baur’s primary focus these days.

He also participated in the START Summiteer, a start-up pitching contest hosted by the University of St. Gallen. He served as one of the jury members. In 2016, SSUF partnered with CTI and Baur was named Deputy Managing Director. CTI would not be the last company that takes interest in Baur’s performance at SSUF. Later on, SSUF would partner with Goldbach Group and Fintech.

Baur led the SSUF Accelerator Program. The program focused on helping young tech entrepreneurs set up a successful business. The program offered everything from one-on-one mentoring to full financial support. Baur took a special interest in the Accelerator Program because it combined his love of startups with his love of helping the young succeed.

Swiss Startup Factory is the first privately funded startup support company in Switzerland. Its Accelerator Program was nationwide news for several months. Baur described the program as the number-one program in the country that could actually bring startups to life in 3 months. There aren’t many publically offered programs, anywhere in the world, that can actually do that. Baur takes great pride in telling people about the SSUF’s unique program.

He wants people to know that SSUF enjoys working closely with it program participants. They don’t put people in a room with teachers and give lectures. Participants can interact with founders nearly every day. It gives participants the opportunity to form mentor-student connections, while also giving them direct access to experts.

The one challenge that SSUF often faces with startups is dealing with passion-driven entrepreneurs. Having a passion for the project is a good quality, but too much passion and there’s not enough focus on the real-life business elements. It’s important to always keep startups grounded.


Bob Reina is a Visionary Corporate Leader and Active Philanthropist

Talk Fusion is a global business entity that pioneers in the creation of video marketing products. This company prides itself as a firm that is focused on growing businesses and changing lives in more than 140 countries globally. Talk Fusion’s headquarters is in Brandon, Florida.

This company empowers business people and enables them to pursue their dreams and meet their objectives. Launched in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has continued to scale the heights of excellence in service provision.

This company pioneers in offering global income opportunities, video communications products, unrivaled customer service, and live meetings & video conferencing services. Talk Fusion provides compelling and persuasive marketing solutions that allow businesses to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

A closer look at Bob Reina’s career, education, and social works

Bob Reina is a renowned executive, experienced in the fields of management, information technology, leadership, and marketing. Reina is an alumnus of the University of South Florida. Reina graduated top in his class at the police academy. While at the University, Reina did a variety of other jobs in the marketing industry.

His passion for video marketing began in 2004 when he was touring his house and decided to capture a video and send it to his family. When Reina tried to upload and send the video to his family via AOL, Reina realized that it was impossible.

From that moment, he began thinking about how to develop a video emailing solution. It was then that he decided to partner with his friend, Dr. Jonathan Chen, to come up with a video emailing platform. This idea grew into a video marketing solution, which made Talk Fusion one of the worlds’ largest advertising firms.

Before establishing his company, Reina worked as a deputy sheriff of Hillsborough County. He was always passionate about sales and marketing. During his tenure at the sheriff’s office, he established a marketing network. Reina later ventured into direct sales and was named the top salesperson in the field.

He is involved in a variety of charitable activities and civic duties. Reina loves dogs, and he once adopted one from Hillsborough County Animal Services. His favorite book is Eight Steps to Seven Figures by Charles Carlson.

U.S. Money Reserve Updates Website To Reflect Leadership

One of the leaders in the precious metals industry has updated their website to become to new online face of their company. U.S. Money Reserve completely revamped their website to reflect their leadership status and their commitment to an excellent customer experience. The newest design of the website features new coin photo galleries and new photography of their leader Philip Diehl, former U.S Mint Director. The company’s hope is that this new website will better educate consumers on the industry and enhance their purchasing experience.



The Vice President of Brand and Creative of U.S. Money Reserve Ryan Buchanan oversaw the entire redesign, which includes many new applications and features that are aimed at education and easier purchasing. Buchanan was proud to announce that the company now has a tool that allows them to generate only the best content to interact with their customers and offer purchasing options through their online storefront.



Their online shop is ever-growing and gives live competitive prices on silver and gold bars. They also offer customers PCGS certified coins and U.S. Money Reserve exclusive products. Customers can even sign up online for a free information kit or visit their Knowledge Center that can give them the best, up to date information on precious metals. The website’s new News Room also gives clients the very latest updates within the industry.



U.S. Money Reserve also created the Client-Connect Advantage on their new website which allows the company to easily contact clients for special offline releases, purchasing assistance, one-on-one consultations, and secure offline transactions. Customers can even take advantage of their BuyBack Guarantee that involves a full refund on coin orders within 30 days at their current market place. This guarantee remains one of the best in the industry. U.S. Money Reserve also offers one of the fastest shipping methods and other programs like the Gold Standard IRA.



As one of the country’s largest distributors of gold, silver, and platinum products, U.S. Money Reserve serves hundreds of thousands of clients across the country. The company was founded in 2001 and is home to a uniquely trained team that specializes in coin research. The professionals at U.S. Money Reserve hold expert knowledge of the precious metals industry and are determined to establish long-term relationships with each of their clients. U.S. Money Reserve is also the only distributor within the industry to be led by a former U.S. Mint Director.

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Mike Heiligenstein Heads The CTRMA

While the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is a well-known entity within Williamson and Travis counties, most people don’t know what exactly the Texas agency does and what it is. The CTRMA was created in 2002 as an independent government agency. It is not a tax authority and garnishes most of its funding through investments and public sources. The CTRMA’s assets have gone from nothing to $1.8 billion and are used to finance the improvement of transportation; toll road constructions, traffic lane expansion, and other projects.



The CTRMA offers residents apps to assist them. They run HERO, the Highway Emergency Response Operator; an app made for stranded motorists on Interstate 35 and U.S. 183. In 2015 alone, the CTRMA helped almost 15,000 stranded motorists by helping to do things like delivering water to those stranded while they wait for tow trucks, removing debris from the road, changing tires, and relocating disable vehicles. The CTRMA also uses CARMA, a ridesharing app and Metropia, a traffic congestion alleviator.



There are many projects in Texas that the CTRMA is responsible for. In addition to creating toll roads, they are responsible for projects like the MoPac Improvement Project. This project adds a toll lane along each side of the highway on North MoPac Boulevard. For the 11-mile project, costs are expected to be around $200 million. This large project is being done in the hopes of steering drivers clear of the congestion on MoPac’s normal lanes.



The CTRMA has become extremely detrimental; its agency head gets paid more than the Executive Director at the Texas Department of Transportation. As Executive Director of the CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein earns a whopping $366,112 per year, while the Director at the Texas Department of Transportation receives only $299,812.



Mike Heiligenstein has served as an elected official for Williamson County for more than 20 years. He has helped lead efforts in expanding transportation, water, and water infrastructure. He has been leading the CTRMA since it became operational in 2003, hand-selected by the CTRMA for the position.



He was selected as the President of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association (IBTTA) and has been active on the boards at the WTS Heart of Texas Chapter and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Mike Heiligenstein has chaired the Clean Air Force of Texas and helped lead many other community infrastructure initiatives. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas.

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Karl Heideck Provides Litigation Representation in Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck Provides Litigation RepresentationA litigation attorney is a lawyer who focuses on providing legal representation to businesses, individuals, and organizations involved in lawsuits. Litigation attorneys can be found in law firms, governmental agencies, corporations and other businesses, and different types of organizations.

A person interested in becoming a litigator oftentimes develops this career course while in law school, or even earlier as an undergraduate. In law school, an individual intent on becoming a litigator is likely to take a course load that includes civil procedure, courtroom process, and evidence.

In many cases, a law student interested in being a litigation attorney will also participate in a moot court program. He or she may also become involved in a law school’s legal clinic.

Through a legal clinic, a student in his or her third year of study is able to get hands-on experience working on behalf of actual clients. This is undertaken with the supervision of a licensed attorney, usually a law school faculty member. A legal clinic gives a student courtroom experience

Click here to contact Karl HeideckKarl Heideck is a leading litigation attorney in Philadelphia. He has been practicing law for over a decade. He has represented businesses, organizations, and individuals in Pennsylvania who have needed experienced, tenacious assistance from a litigator.

Need a litigation attorney in PA? Click here to contact Karl Heideck.

Heideck obtained his legal education at the Temple University School of Law. He went to Swarthmore College for his graduate work. While at Swarthmore, Heideck obtained a BA in English language and literature, with a degree concentration in letters. His undergraduate work gave him a strong background in writing, which has become invaluable to him in his legal practice.

In addition to his work as a litigation attorney, Heideck represents clients in regard to matters involved commercial law, employment law, and products liability law. Karl Heideck also assists clients in the arenas of risk management and regulatory compliance as well.

Source: https://www.lawdeeda.com/profile/pennsylvania/philadelphia/19102/karl-heideck