Million Different Ways To Thank Bob Reina For His Contribution To Humane Society in Tampa Bay

Being an animal lover is more than simply donating to an animal charity each year. Being an animal lover is also rescuing those animals who are in need. If you are driving and see a stray kitten, do you pick it up and take it home? Do you feel bad for it and keep on driving? If you choose to stop and pick it up, you are a true animal lover, and possibly an animal hoarder if you have too many, joking aside. For Bob Reina, he was raised to be an animal lover and has worked hard to help other animals less fortunate than the ones he currently houses.


Bob loves animals so much that he must keep two housekeepers to cleanup behind the dogs in his home. The housekeepers are forced to rid the house of pet dander and pet hair, day after day. In fact, if he was to bring another animal into the home, he would have to hire on a third housekeeper.


With Bob’s help, there are five less dogs in shelters or still roaming around trying to find a place to stay dry on rainy days. The five less dogs also join a number of stray cats, all under one roof. For Bob, the task of helping animals comes easy to him. When a stray pup came along following an alligator attack, missing one leg, it was no question of whether or not he will bring in the pup. It was an easy question and he quickly came to the aid of the pup. Learn more:


Before Bob was an animal saver, he worked at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department. Going from protecting people to protecting animals was an easy transfer for Bob Reina. It now is not only his goal to help those who enter his home but he also helps those in the humane society of Tampa Bay where he donated a million dollars this last year. He started out at the beginning of the year with a donation of $250,000 and then followed it up with another donation of $750,000 to help them build a vet clinic that will be used by the less fortunate animal owners.

An Insight into Aloha Construction Company

Aloha Construction Company is family owned. It provides construction services to Southern Wisconsin and Illinois. The company is a Bonded and Insured General Contractors which evolved and grew from a small establishment that is now unmatched regarding excellence and safety. The organization has over 18,000 completed projects all around the Midwest.

Aloha maintains integrity and professionalism with its customers, suppliers, and associates. The company values its customers’ satisfaction and strives to achieve it by having a keen attention to detail and sticking to set timelines. Collaboration among the field supervisors, inspectors, installers and claim specialists is paramount for customers’ satisfaction to be met. Dave Farbaky is the CEO of the organization. His charismatic attributes and hard work have led towards the successful growth of the business. The CEO is driven by success making him exceptional in leading the organization.

Aloha Company is an organization ready and willing to address any home repair needs a client might have. The employees are required to acquire adequate training to ensure the client’s needs are addressed. Some of the areas the organization addresses are roofs, Gutters, sides, and windows.

Individuals need to refurbish or replace their homes’ roof is reliant on several factors some of which include aging of the material and wind damage. The company has come up with a 9 step inspection process to easily identify prospective issues that affect a home’s roof. A 10-year craftsmanship warranty for the project can also be served. Satisfactory customer service is offered hence the widespread positive image of the organization.

Aloha firm identifies that any repair or revamp of the siding of houses is a job for experts. Thus the organization requires all its employees to go through a home improvement training. Restoring the home exteriors increases the houses’ character by reducing its maintenance fees consequently lowering the heating and cooling expenses. The company also replaces windows as part and parcel of its home repair regiments. All in all, the organization strives to offer a comprehensive service that adequately satisfies its clientele.


Rocketship Education Flies High With Students

Rocketship Education has become one of the more prestigious charter schools from the California Public School System. There are lots of kids from lower-income homes that are benefiting from Rocketship Education, and this has caused this West Coast charter school system to branch out into different states and expand. With more than 15,000 students that have benefited from becoming part of this cool system it is evident that it is helping lots of kids.

There are children that want to gain a quality education, and some of them that are in public schools are far advanced beyond what they’re being taught. Some of these children simply need a challenge in order to excel, but they may not have funds to attend a private school system. This is where the charter school serves as a great middle ground for those students that have the ability to achieve more.

Rocketship Education students have the ability to learn in a more exciting environment where they may also have access to more resources when it comes to computer labs and general information. These students may have the chance to thrive in their work and even gain a better understanding of many of their core subjects.

Rocketship Education gives students the ability to take on projects and courses that they may have never assumed that they would get a chance to get involved in. Some public schools do not offer a multitude of foreign languages because there may not be anyone in place to teach these subjects. With a charter school like Rocketship Education there are going to be more electives for people to consider. This gives the students more chances to find something that they are actually interested in.

When students find something that they are good at there are going to be able to excel in this, but they may not have all of these same opportunities in a traditional public school system. That is why the charter school has become as prevalent as it is. This presences new possibilities that students may have otherwise never realized existed before entering a charter school.

Aloha Construction Offers the Best Roofing Service in all Of Illinois

Aloha Construction is a family owned company with offices in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Since opening their doors the company has successfully completed over 18,000 projects in Round Lake Beach, Gurnee, Lake Villa, Vernon Hills, Hoffman Estates, Peoria, Libertyville and Lake Zurich just to name a few.

Roofing Is Their Speciality

While Aloha Construction offers a host of different services, when it comes to roofing they are the absolute best in all of Illinois.

Whether it be metal, clay, cedar shake or asphalt, the team at Aloha Construction has you covered.

Understanding that there are many factors that can lead to roof damage, the Aloha team will perform a 9 step inspection process to ensure they are able to get to the root of your roofing problem.

The 9 step inspection process is vigorous and thorough. The process makes it easy for the crew to determine the extent of the damage and what type of repairs need to be done.

Once the crew knows exactly whats going on, the homeowner will be given a report along with a quote explaining how much it would cost to have everything repaired.

Other Services Offered By Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction does much more than just repair roofs. They also offer gutter installation and repair, installation, replacement, or repair and window replacement.

When working with Aloha Construction you can be sure that you are always working with the best possible contractors.

Every team member embodies the values of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness. They do this by focusing on developing great relationships with both their suppliers and their customers.

To ensure a strong company culture the company takes all of their best employees on an all expense paid retreat to Maui every year.

This time away from work allows them to get to know each other better which in turn creates a great atmosphere for all employees to continue growing.


Greg Secker Career and Philanthropy

Greg Secker is a financial trading and foreign exchange expert. He started trading in the FOREX market in his twenties and has been in the business for more than 2 decades. Mr. Secker has used his profits in philanthropy work. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation that has played active roles of empowering the youth and helping the needy people all over the world. Greg was born in Norfolk, England. In the course of his career, he has established several corporations including Learn To Trade, FX Capitals, SmartCharts Software and Capital Index.

Although Greg Secker attended the University of Nottingham and graduated with a degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences, he is more involved in the financial sector. In the course of his university studies, he made computers and sold them. He was also familiar with coding programming languages into computers. Mr. Secker attended a job fair where he presented his coding works at the Thomas Cook Financial Company stand. He was then offered a job at the company’s Virtual Trading Desk. He coded strategies for the clients into programming languages that the computers understood.

While working at the Virtual Trading Desk, he became interested in the foreign exchange market. He became familiar with the trading and decided to invest in the business. He invested 5,000 Euros in the trade and made a total of 60,000 Euros in one year. He became more familiar with the market and left his job to do currency trading on a full time basis. Greg then started attending seminars and became a speaker. Mr. Secker has spoken in several national and international conferences including The Success Summit Congress, the National Achievers Congress and the Wealth Expo in the United States.

He established the Greg Secker Foundation to assist people in the community and empower youths all over the globe. The foundation conducted the Youth Leadership Summit. Through the summit, youths have been equipped with living skills on entrepreneurship, leadership and health. The foundation also built the Philippines affected by the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan Typhoon-proof houses. Mr. Secker has authored and published several books like the “Financial Freedom through Forex” and “Trading Your Way to Success.”

Fabletics and the Growing Demand of Branding through Customization

Fabletics has an amazing journey since it founded in the year 2013, both in the case of revenue and brand value. Today, as the market leader in active wear industry, the firm has exemplified how to create a space in the market that is dominated by Amazon. The brand has achieved $250 million revenue in 2016 – within three years of its journey. A detailed analysis of the success of Fabletics shows that a number of strategies by the brand helped it to capture the industry. The most important one is reverse showrooming – a concept which brick and mortar shops set up in all the major cities along with the online store.


It gives the customers to visit the local stores and check the products physically and purchase it from there or online shop according to their choice. Interestingly, the brand ensured most demanded products, based on the local tastes and preferences, listed in each local store. For this purpose, it used online data and local purchase data to convert them to retail strategy. It also ensured customer engagement at a higher level with an assured long-term relationship with them. The online data that include store-heat mapping data, social media sentiment, real-time sales activity, and more are effectively utilized for the strategy. It also made growth possible through three verticals namely, culture, people, and accessibility.


Fabletics had a clear focus since it founded almost four years back: a fashion-forward activewear brand. In 2013, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler – the co-founders of TechStyle Fashion partnered with Kate Hudson as they identified there was no fashion-centered and competitively priced athleisure brand in the industry that produces high-quality products. The trio decided to utilize the opportunity and established the brand by including all the characteristics they identified for the disruptive brand.


Kate took care of the customer service, designing, and social media strategy for the brand. The founders felt the need of providing customized products to users based on their priorities. For this purpose, the management of Fabletics designed a Lifestyle Quiz to all its customers. It works in such a way that when people register to purchase for the first time, they are asked to fill out a list of questions. It mainly asks about the fashion preferences of the customers, their individual choices, body characteristics, and more. Based on that data, Fabletics designs individual fashion products to each of its customers. The brand encourages the fashion enthusiasts to join the bandwagon and compete the Lifestyle Quiz to experience the individual fashion products.

End Citizens United Putting Action Back In PAC

Every day when we see the news, the fact that Russia interfered in our 2016 election, has become less shocking and more status quo. Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel, to determine the depths of this issue. Americans feel strongly about the integrity of our elections and the idea that another country could interfere should be especially worrisome. Sad to say, citizens throughout the United states have become almost immune to the latest political storm.

Mueller just recently uncovered that Russia participated in ad campaigns to influence the American voters. The money so far exposed adds up to over $100,00 dollars. Russia is certainly not the only foreign entity to attempt to play havoc with our elections. Chine Nationals are known to have contributed $1.3 million to a Jeb Bush Super Pac. At the beginning of 2017, there are at least 15 cases of illegal foreign campaign spent to unduly sway the American people according to

This disturbing chain of events has been long coming and can be traced back to ineffective campaign regulations and the lack of enforcement on the laws we do have. Because of this, a small group of wealthy Americans have a disproportionate say in the direction of our politics.Groups who donate billions of dollars to campaigns expert a large and powerful return on their investment. All three branches of the U.S. government can be attribute ed blame in the corruption of our system.

Follow End Citizens United on Twitter

A milestone in the history of this unfair balance of power is the 2010 decision by the Supreme Court. They ruled that donations were “speech” and therefore could not be regulated or suppressed. It was at this turning point, that people began to fight back. Democrats have openly supported candidates that seek reform for campaign spending.

End Citizens United is a grass roots political action committee that uses contributions to fight against political corruption. Founded in 2015, ECU raised $4 million dollars in donations, just in the first quarter of 2017. These are amazing numbers when you consider that the average previous donations averaged just $12.

This group’s mission is to curb the campaign spending and to pass new regulations to cap donations. Their belief is that money corrupts politics. Institutional changes are needed and ECU is determined to fight back against the current trends in politics. They were greatly disturbed the election of Donald Trump and they hope to even the playing field by supporting candidates that share their ideals. It seems the majority of the American public supports them.

Read more: Activist Investigations Uncover Russian Meddling According to End Citizens United

Jose Auriemo Neto is a Dedicated Leader who is Transforming Real Estate Landscape in Brazil

Jose Auriemo is one of the established investors and real estate developers in Brazil. He leads a Brazilian company dubbed JHSF Participacoes as the chairperson cum CEO. He has transformed this real estate firm into a powerhouse when it comes to acquisition, development, and selling state-of-the-art residential and commercial buildings. Auriemo manages the firm’s investments in hotels, office buildings, and public construction projects. He also oversees JHSF Participacoes’ extensive retail portfolio that consists of Sao Paulo’s Cidade Jardim shopping complex, Manaus’ Ponta Negra mall, Salvador’s Bela Vista, and Metro Tucuruv.

Academic background and career

Jose Auriemo pursued his university education at a renowned center of academic excellence in Sao Paulo called Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) University. In 1993, he landed a well-paying job at JHSF Participacoes. In 1997, the talented entrepreneur established a parking lot management business called Parkbem, which served as JHSF’s services division. In 1998, Parkbem had grown into a profit-making division thanks to the thoughtful leadership of Jose Auriemo. The real estate guru started the process of developing the company’s first shopping complex, the Shopping Santa Cruz. To know more about him click here.

Jose is a shrewd investor. He always studies the market and spots new investment opportunities. Since taking over the leadership mantle at JHSF, he has been keen on expanding the firm’s investment portfolio, particularly in the retail sector. In 2009, Jose guided the company in investing in the retail sector by partnering with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci. This deal resulted in the opening of several retail outlets in the Jadrim shopping center. He led JHSF into yet another strategic partnership in 2012 that led to the opening of a couple of R.E.D. Valentino stores. Today, Jose Auriemo focuses on implement JHSF’s development plans. He also concentrates on ensuring that the company develops properties that surpass the Brazilian standards of quality.

OSI Industries Excellence in Food Products

When going to a general store to buy any sustenance item, not very many individuals will consider the root of the nourishment they are going to buy. This is the situation as well when purchasing and eating at an eatery. Individuals won’t stop and ask the server where the fixings utilized as a part of the feast were gathered from. The sustenance creation division has turned out to be exceptionally well known in the current circumstances, and it is extremely beneficial as well. It is vital to know the organizations that are putting forth these basic administrations with the goal that you don’t cause harm in the future.There are numerous establishments that procedure nourishment. A standout amongst the most regarded foundations in this aggressive division is known as the OSI Group.

In spite of the fact that the items from the worldwide organization have been in the market for quite a while, not very many people have understood that they have appreciated a portion of quality benefits from that point. The organization has just vanquished the global market, and it is at present situated in Illinois, aurora. The effect of the foundation is felt in all parts of the world. The OSI Group has a few sustenance plants that offer quality nourishment and employments to a huge number of individuals around the globe. The nourishment organization works in a wide assortment of sustenance items. Some of these incorporate proteins which are typically pressed and afterward sold at moderate costs in general stores from everywhere throughout the planet. The nourishments from the organization are served in a portion of the main eateries and inns on the planet.

The OSI Group is a fruitful partnership that secretly held. The organization is coordinated by one of the unmistakable identities in the sustenance business, known as Sheldon Lavin. The effective pioneer has been in the business for more than forty-three years, and he has all the ability expected to take the sustenance organization to more noteworthy statures. The leader of establishment is David McDonald. As the individual from the administration group, McDonald has been instrumental in the accomplishment of the private organization. Right now, these pioneers have extended the operations of the foundation, and it at present has branches in more than seventeen countries on the planet. The organization has more than twenty thousand representatives who endeavor to fulfill the necessities of the shoppers. The establishment brags of having a portion of the best meat items that have won the hearts of many individuals in the universal group. These items are sold at great costs as well.

OSI Group Info:

The Role That MB2 Dental Solutions Plays In The Dental Industry

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company whose motto is, “Built By Dentists, For Dentists”. This is because the company is owned by dentists who themselves have worked in both sole practice and the corporate side of dentistry. They know what dentists need in a dental services company because of this. The team at MB2 Dental Solutions strives to partner with each dentist and provide them with all the serves that meet their individual needs.

As a company built by dentists for dentists, the team at MB2 Dental Solutions also knows exactly how important it is to respect clinical autonomy and the personal relationship between the dentist and their patients. Every dentist that works with them maintains this autonomy 100% of the time.
Due to the excellent business services and customer care exhibited at MB2 Dental Solutions they now have 80 affiliated locations today. While headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, MB2 Dental Solutions also has locations in five other states as well. The types of services they provide for these locations are numerous but includes human resources, marketing, compliance, recruiting, and collections.
In addition to providing these services, MB2 Dental Solutions is also a good place for their clients to tap into a large network. This can help when learning new technology that is always coming out in the dental field. This network also provides mentoring opportunities as well as opportunities for those in the clinic to grow their careers.
On the MB2 Dental Solutions website they have a link to a large number of job opportunities at the locations that they work with. This includes many general dentist positions that are open at these clinics. They also have positions available such as orthodontist, oral surgeon, and endodontist.
Hurricane Harvey recently devastated parts of Texas, especially Houston. MB2 Dental Solutions has 25 affiliated offices that were affected by this natural disaster. While thankfully none of them were physically hurt many of the 200 people affected had large losses in other ways such as their homes. In order to help these people the other affiliated offices have been collecting donations. They have many needed items contributed during this drive including clothes, nonperishable food, and other household items. Additionally, MB2 Dental Solutions opened a GoFundMe and contributed $15,000 to it. So far it has raised $70,000 towards their goal of $100,000.