Spling, Magnises with Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland is a tech entrepreneur located in New York, NY. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Spling and Magnises. With a background in online outsourcing business, he is familiar with the transactions that consumers are looking for. He attended Bucknell University where he earned a degree in computer engineering.

His online ad platform Spling allows users to improve visuals of URLs by converting from text links to graphic images. The final product is a series of mosaics on virtual bulletin boards. Due to the simplicity of the application, technologists around the world have commended his programming and creative proficiencies.

He has appeared on national television where he has explained the intricacies of the application and why such an innovation has a large impact. Discovery, Universal, and Adobe are clients of Spling. With such national success, McFarland wants to expand to different forms of media and possibly collaborate with international developers to create a super bulletin board.

Billy McFarland also founded the Magnises black card, a invention that improves the everyday life of members via cachets, guidance, and technology perks. The card is specifically directed millennials who are busy during the day and could use a time saving device elsewhere. He hoped that older generations can use it as well, but it takes a significant amount of computer knowledge to operate.

After a $250 annual fee, there are no spending requirements, initiation fees, or hidden obstacles. Because it is independent from all financial institution, users do not to have to commit to a certain type of predetermined payment.

McFarland’s mission was to develop an autonomous platform for people to control their lifestyles, and judging by the massive consumer population, it has been a success. In the coming years, he wants to establish white and blue cards for different donor levels.

The black card gives an immense amount of access, so it is a good idea to explore other options for individuals who only need fewer features. Overall, McFarland is a brilliant entrepreneur who is a rising force in the near future.

Haircare 101: Conditioning How To

When you walk down the haircare isle of your favorite stores it can be very frustrating from all of the numerous products. The isles seem to go on forever and ever. Conditioning is one of the best ways to take care of your hair. Conditioning is suppose to help the scalp retain moisture and it’s very own natural oils. Did you know that many modern day conditioners actually create a much bigger problem with consistent use? That’s right! These conditioners on EBay are very strong and are packed with dangerous chemicals. These chemicals are sulfates as well as parabens. The thick lather of most shampoo and conditioners is actually caused by a chemical reaction of the products. It may look at first, but lather can cause issues such as dryness, itch, burning, breakage, or even hairloss.

Have you ever heard of the revolutionary brand known as WEN by Chaz? This brand is hands down one of the best on the market today. WEN Hair products stand out among the crowd thanks to it’s natural ingredients. These ingredients include cucumber, fig, rosemary extract, pomegranate extract, glycerin, wild cherry bark. aloe vera leaf, sweet almond oil, lavender, and more.

WEN Hair by Chaz was founded and developed by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. This guy has been in the business for years and has a thorough understanding of how hair is damaged and how it should be maintained. The brand’s 5-in-1 Conditioner is one of it’s best sellers and can be considered a flagship product. This exclusive product on Twitter differs from the competitors thanks to it’s actions. This is a leave in treatment that is gentle on the hair and scalp. Unlike other brands that allows the user to wash the formulas out, WEN’s 5-in-1 Conditioner can and should be left in. The nutritional ingredients actually soaks into the scalp which primes the hair for growth while giving the user more moisture. As you can see, this is modern day conditioning at https://www.youtube.com/user/WenHairCare. The soothing and calming formulas are synergistic in nature by providing the right amount of ingredients in the smallest of applications. All it takes is small sized amount and you’re good to go, literally.

The future of haircare is looking much more brighter thanks to Chaz Dean. Hair will become more manageable on a daily basis compered to years of the past. WEN Hair by Chaz’s remarkable conditioners are a full step ahead of the competition.

The Struggles Of Change

Bruce Levenson is the former principal member of Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment. The group owned the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association before approving the sale of the team to Tony Ressler. Levenson and his business partners faced several challenges in transitioning the ownership of the team to the new management group. The previous owners were seeking a significant price for the basketball organization. There was also internal matters that took attention away from the business that needed to be conducted.

Danny Ferry was the general manager of the team during this period of time. Ferry was relieved of his duties and accused the team of wrongful termination. Time Magazine reveals the actions of the former general manager forced Levenson and his business partners to get involved with a legal settlement in order to resolve the matter. An agreement was eventually reached and the owners were able to move forward with the process of selling the team.

Levenson entered the legal process with Danny Ferry believing that his expenses were covered by an insurance policy held with AIG. AIG did not participate in any of the negotiations involving the team’s former general manager. The insurance company also did not acknowledge that the insurance policy was triggered by any of the actions related to the process. Levenson decided to sue AIG. He claimed breach of contract and insisted that the insurance company acted in bad faith. Bruce Levenson and AHBE are seeking to recoup money spent on the legal expenses that were exhausted in the difficult case with the former general manager. According to Wikipedia, the payout costs the former ownership group a significant amount.

The lawsuit took place outside of the business dealings of selling the team. Tony Ressler and the new ownership group are not implicated in any of the legal accusations brought by the previous owners.

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4 Reasons You Should Bet On The Upcoming Super Bowl

The Wins Are Huge
The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year. naturally, this means that prizes for any betting on the Super Bowl are huge as well. Even you are a complete novice in the world of sports betting, Super Bowl betting is a perfect choice. In fact, you’ll probably learn the rules of sports betting better by starting with the Super Bowl than you would with smaller games. Finding out what the Super Bowl odds are like is easy as well thanks to sites like Cover.com.

The Underdog Can Help You Win Big
The most important thing to understand about sports betting is that the risks tend to increase the rewards. If you bet on team most expected to win, you’ll receive a prize but those prizes typically aren’t as big you will receive if you bet on the team less favored. This is because spread betting, the preferred format of official sports bets, likes to reward you for taking the biggest risks. The point spread essentially serves as an incentive to bet on the underdog. Unless the favored team pulls off a victory margin so large it knocks the point spread out of the water, underdog betting is more profitable.

The NFL Elevates Sports Betting
You can choose to bet on just about any category of sports you want and you can bet on just about any league. However, the NFL offers some of the best games to bet on. Furthermore, NFL odds are easier to understand. When the Super Bowl kicks off you will have two choices. The point spread will usually favor the team with the weaker stats. The size of the prizes you’ll win from sports betting are largely dependent on the size of fandom a sporting event receives. Since the Super Bowl receives the most appreciation of any annual sporting event, you will always win bigger prizes when you play Super Bowl games.

The Internet Is Making Sports Betting Easier
The best part about sports betting is that you don’t even have to necessarily have to leave your house to find the best deals. There are plenty of websites, such as Cover.com, that will help you get into sports betting and offer the best point spreads available. Whether you are only interested in betting on just a few sporting events or you want to engage in regular sports betting, Cover.com is for you.

Why Companies in e-commerce should pay close attention to Fabletics

Fabletics is an online store similar to Amazon. However, Fabletics sells clothing items in activewear and sportswear niche. The firm has strived to open stores in several cities across the country. One great thing about Fabletics is that customers can try items in offline stores and purchase the items online. Customers can see the clothing items offline before they purchase it. The business approach is excellent for clients who prefer either buying online or offline.


Fabletics nature of business encourages a reverse showroom. Competitors of Fabletics fail mainly because of a business that fosters reverse showroom. Reverse showroom stores sell at high prices. Customers try items in these stores then decide to purchase at other cheaper places. Fabletics is a reverse showroom because their strategy retains customers and comes with discounted prices. The firm understands local markets compared to other companies. The result is that 30 to 50 percent of people that buy from Fabletics are subscribers and members of the enterprise. People that are not members decide to join after purchasing their first items. While some members choose to purchase offline, it is not of great concern to the company as they still make a profit.


If a customer finds something they like online, they can choose to purchase it at that time without interfering with the online subscription. Customers can buy more than one item in a month if they like what Fabletics offers. All that the clients have to do is to go to the front store and pick the clothing items they want. One can also purchase for a friend at their wish.


The success with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a clear indicator that she is no newbie in the online fashion world. She has quickly adopted the latest Technology to create a unique brand. The fashion industry is not an easy space. Some fierce competitors have been in the industry for many years. Beating such competitors always sounds impossible. However, by focusing on a better business approach, startup firms can compete with other giants in the industry. Any startup company should always focus on customer experience, brand recognition, and proper product design. Gone are the days when price and quality of product determined if a product is going to succeed or not. The advent of information and internet has changed the way businesses function.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is a branch company of TechStyle, a company that was recently rebranded from JustFab. The company has experienced rapid growth and expansion. One of the latest developments was in June 2015 when it decided to launch an FL2 activewear line for men. Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson was the brand ambassador for this line of clothing. The company further expanded beyond activewear in March 2016. It added a new line of swimsuits and dresses to shopping shelves.


Fabletics has gained an incredible exposure because of its tactful advertising. Kate Hudson advertises her brand mainly through video footages shot by her cell phone. According to Forbes, the firm was evaluated at $250 million within three years of operation. The company has increased its revenue by 35 percent every year.

Avi Weisfogel: A Career Well Made

Avi Weisfogel spends much of his time seeking dentistry solutions. Avi is considered as one of the most innovative dentists in the United States. He has also struggled, for the better part of his practice, to develop solutions to sleep-related dental solutions to his patients. When he is not at work, Avi enjoys following the news and political reports related to the New York Rangers Hockey Team. For this year, he is aware that the team is planning to host a hockey camp for the junior supporters of the team. For this reason, the meetings and training sessions will be held in August.


According to the New York Rangers Hockey Team, these training sessions falls under their Go Skate Program. This is a program that seeks to have the young fans educated, trained, and mentored by the bigger players to emulate this session, they are seeking to tap the untapped talent in the young children. Through this formulation, the kids will also be inspired to gain more interest in the sport and as a career. Every year, this program attracts more than 10,000 children from all walks of life.


According to their plans, the 2016 training will feature a facility transparency to see the week-long training session a success. This session will also enable children between seven and 15-year-old children to find passion in the sport. These sessions will see children work towards achievement throughout the months of July and August. According to the promise of the camp, they are seeking to achieve an elongated training for the Rangers. Children, for this matter, will also get the rare opportunity to meet with the current Rangers team of players. They will also get the training from the alumni members of the camp.


Avi Weisfogel, since 2014, has served as the owner and Co-Founder of the Dental Sleep Masters. This is a company that is specialized to provide solutions to healthcare professionals seeking solutions for the business models and medical professionals. While he manages the company, he has stayed active in the industry through his numerous positions as a diplomat in the Dental Sleep Medicine and American Academy.


Over 30 Years of Earning His Keep

Capital Group’s Board of Directors announced, July 28, 2015, that Timothy Armour had been elected Chairman of the Capital Group. Mr. Armour’s election is part of a leadership succession program that has been in motion for years. Sadly, the death of former Chairman Jim Rothenberg necessitated the formalization of the plan.

Janet Yang, an independent investment research firm analyst, gives Capital, with $1.4 trillion in assets, an A rating, and calls it a model of sound and stable investment culture, helped by Armour, along with Rob Lovelace and Darcy Kopcho. She notes that Capital continues to advance and to pay attention to investing and to creating long-standing and reliable end results. She states that it is not uncommon for portfolio managers to work at Capital their entire investment careers.

Timothy Armour is one of those managers. He began his career with Capital, in the Associates Program, and has remained there for over 30 years.

Besides being chairman of Capital Group, Timothy Armour is chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc., part of Capital Group, and chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. Early in his career, Mr. Armour was an equity investment analyst, covering global telecommunications and U.S. Service companies for Capital.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Middlebury College.

In a Wall Street Journal article (October 18, 2016) Mr. Armour stated that investors could “find active managers who earn their keep.” How? As the title of the article says: You don’t have to settle for average investing returns.

A long-term active manager’s job is to find “value in enough places to help investors do better than the market average over meaningful periods of time.”

Good managers research companies. They analyze in depth educate themselves and to learn the companies’ prospects. They take an active approach: meeting with management teams, doctors, competitors, distributors, and academics. They do financial analysis and learn the risk-rewards trade-offs.

You would not hire the average of all doctors or attorneys. You hire one doctor or attorney. You don’t employ the average of all active managers. Employ one who does the research and analysis — one who earns his or her keep.

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How EOS Has Transcended Oral Care

If you walk down some of the isles in most stores there are always areas full of lip care products. Oral Care is one of the most profitable and popular industries today and it’s has been steadily growing throughout the years. When you think of lip balms, there are always the common two that sticks out from the rest. Chapstick and Burt’s Bees have dominated the market for nearly a century, but Burt’s Bess has taken over the number one spot from Chapstick in recent years. Fast Company says there is a new innovative brand by the name of (EOS) Evolution of Smooth on the market and it has begun to revolutionize the industry thanks to it’s beneficial effects.

These pastel colored orbs aka EOS lip balm have become the most popular lip balm product on the market today and are lined up on the shelves Wal-Mart, Target, and Walgreens stores nation wide. Popularity really exploded as some of the hottest names in entertainment such as Christina Aquilera, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian, have been spotted applying the product in public. Evolution of Smooth sells well over $1 Million units on a weekly basis which makes it’s the second best selling lip balm product today. Future predictions of the brand is that it is looking to steadily increase well into 2020. Evolution of Smooth also stands out because it’s ingredients are organic instead of synthetic. There are plenty of flavor options to choose from such as strawberry sorbet, vanilla bean, honey suckle honey dew, cucumber, summer fruit, passion fruit, berry blossom, and more.

Unlike other brands such as Chapstick, Blistex, or Burt’s Bees; EOS lip balm creates an emotional connection with the user thanks to the tasty flavors and fresh smell. With such great strategic marketing, Evolution of Smooth has become the go to lip balm product of the 21st Century.

Product links:

  1. Racked.com
  2. http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245

Don Ressler Entrepreneurial Journey

Don Ressler is a respected businessman from the United States. The successful businessman is recognized for establishing some famous brands such as JustFab, Fabletics, and many others. Don Ressler has an extraordinary passion for fashion, and he spots the upcoming trends easily. The businessman has been in the competitive industry for a long time, and he has a lot of expertise in growing businesses and developing leading brands.

Don Ressler started his successful career by working as an internet consultant. While working as a consultant, Ressler would mentor different companies to take advantage of the online marketplace. The successful internet guru earned enough experience, enabling him to start several startups such as Intelligent Beauty and Alena Media.

While working as a web consultant, Ressler made more than one billion in sales, and this enabled him to start Fitnessheaven.com. The startup turned out to be very successful, and he sold it to an institution known as Intermix Media in 2001. After selling his company to this organization, Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg, and the two become friends. Ressler was given a position at Intermix Media as a brand building expert. However, the organization was sold to the News Corp in 2005.

After Intermix was acquired by News Corp, Don Ressler, and his business partner teamed up to start several businesses. These firms were in the field of health, beauty, and fashion. All these startups did well in the market.

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Today, Don Ressler serves as the co-founder and CEO of an institution known as JustFab. JustFab is an online fashion brand that provides consumers with a broad range of products such as handbags, shoes, and jewelry. The successful organization focuses on providing the customer with the best online shopping experience. Customers love the brand because it is fun, engaging and highly sociable.

Don Ressler realized that this was an untapped business opportunity, and he teamed up with Adam Goldenberg to explore it. JustFab ensures that its customers are given a personalized shopping experience, according to their personal preferences. Before the organization was launched several years ago, it acquired thirty-three million for funding from Matrix Partners and the US venture.

Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are also the forces behind Fabletics, a great activewear company that offers its services to the international community. The company provides consumers with high-quality products at very affordable prices. The activewear offered by the brand is fashionable, and it can be worn at several occasions.

Find out more about Don Ressler via Ecommerce-news.internetretailer.com
Read about Goldenberg and Ressler’s teamwork on the TechStyle blog.


During times of recession, ownership of valuable metals is vital since it safeguards wealth. This practice has a long History however it was not until the past decade that gold, platinum and silver proved their great ability to outdo all other kinds of assets. As economies all across the world continue to struggle with a variety of troubling issues, this could prove to be the tremendous advantage of the potential of platinum, gold and silver. According to market predictions, the price of gold could skyrocket in the near future. Geopolitical concerns around the globe are among the reasons why many people have decided to move some of their assets into the United States government issued gold.


The US Money Reserve has been in business for over 10 years and has served more than 300,000 clients. This makes it a credible body for you to buy from or invest in. The Money Reserve is one of the largest and most experienced distributors of American coins. This gold company strives to ensure that the customers get the best service, and this includes the most exceptional gold coins in the market.


The ability to get the highest quality and most appropriate precious metals is what makes the Money Reserve stand out. Clients are always in profit positions due to their wise purchases. The collective resolve to become the most trusted professionals in the field is what drives the team of professionals at US Money Reserve. Becoming a client at the Federal Reserve gives you the opportunity to work with some of the most experienced professionals in the precious metal industry. Whether you are a novice or experienced in the metal industry, the team of experts are on standby to explain to you every detail of buying American government-owned legal tender.


In case you’re not satisfied with your order, they usually accept return of your coins within 30 days after purchase. You will be provided a full refund, excluding handling, shipping, and insurance fees. The only thing is for you to ensure that the certified coins are in their original condition and sealed in their container. Returning the coins after 30 days will result into a refund which amounts to the current market price of the coin or its original buying price minus 20% restocking charges. For bullion purchases, there is no guarantee for a refund. So what are you waiting for, invest in the US money Reserve and you’ll not regret it.

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