New York Real Estate Can Be Luxurious And Budget Friendly

It’s almost unbelievable to know that Manhattan now has a high vacancy rate, which has reached 2.87%. Zero Hedge has reported this information on their website, and the information proves to be very valuable. With many skeptics speculating that the high vacancies are due to rent increases that have been constant over the years, as well as the unwillingness to spend money by those who have it, this may drive only certain sets of people to seek out homes in Manhattan.

The easiest way to bypass all the problems that occur when looking for a home in New York City is by delegating all one’s problems to a real estate agent. Why spend so much time looking for a home in New York City apartments for rent when it’s possible to work, spend time with the family and enjoy life while someone else does the work? A real estate agent will take all the time necessary to find a new home for their client, and at the end of the day the client will end up happy.

The company of Town Residential has a handle on many great properties in New York City, and some of the locations are absolutely breathtaking. Those who really want to live in the heart of New York City and around all the things that are happening will want to look at some of the homes that Town Residential is offering. The homes are extremely luxurious, and some of the homes are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Those that are looking for something different in New York City can easily find it with Town Residential, but going to any other real estate agency may possibly lead to disappointment. Town Residential also has a website that features most of their properties, and just a few minutes on the website is all it takes for a person to see how many great properties they have. The Town Residential agents can be contacted through the company, and when the agent starts working for their clients, they’ll quickly be able to find them a home in New York City that they’ll love.

Slyce’s New Deal Impacts Consumers

Online retailers complain about cart abandonment by consumers. They arrive on the site, looking for a special item. They start adding the items found to the cart and then find that one of the items desired is out of stock. Some of the buyers abandon the shopping cart before checking out. Retailers lose millions of dollars in profit because of this abandonment issue. Slyce has contracted with Fortune 500 Companies to solve the pressing problem. The good news is that Slyce is a very successful visual search and coupon company. Therefore, they have the experience to accomplish that task. The even better news is that they’ve just launched a new retail product solution to cart abandonment issues.

The Slyce Link
A recent article appeared in Marketwired about Slyce Link. Slyce Link is the viable image recognition solution to shopping cart abandonment online. Just about every online shopper has abandoned their shopping cart, after discovering that one or more of the items that they were searching for is out of stock. The Slyce Link is designed to provide real solutions to the problem. The Link shows visual images of products that are very similar to the product that the shopper is looking for. The belief is that this gives the customer other purchasing alternatives and increases profits, while decreasing cart abandonment. Here is an example. A consumer is searching for a certain brand of hair-dryer on the site. The hair-dryer is out of stock. However, the Slyce Link provided visual images during the search that related to products very similar to the hairdryer. The consumer clicks the visual search product and makes the purchase.

Visual Imagery Links
Consumers access the retailers site through mobile devices and the desktop computer. Consequently, Slyce has provided advanced technical imagery to accommodate those devices. The alternatives are highly individualized, but still very comparable to the original search.  The Slyce Link is still in Beta testing. However, testing with several well-known retailers has proven that the method works.

Slyce’s Vision
Slyce expects the new Slyce Link to make a major impact on the consumer market. The company is focused on helping retailers improve their bottom line and earn larger profits through increased sales.

Doe Deere Creates Lime Crime

Doe Deere has always been an innovator. She started selling clothes on eBay while working in a band in NYC. The self-professed Unicorn Queen began experimenting with makeup in 2004. Doe says she came across something “magical” with the makeup, but didn’t know what it meant just yet.

After a couple of detours, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime in 2008. She couldn’t find makeup out there that was colorful enough for her so she began to make her own. Lime Crime quickly became known for their Unicorn line of lipstick which is very colorful and goes on smoothly on the lips.

Doe took Lime Crime on the road in 2010. Now, she focuses on selling the products online at Doe believes that makeup should do more than cover up your imperfections. It should also help you express yourself. That’s why Lime Crime has such unique colors.

You can adorn your beautiful face in blues, purples and yellows. It’s all up to you how you want to look. Doe Deere doesn’t believe in limits and with Lime Crime’s fantastic selection of cruelty-free products, you can look just the way you want to.

Coming soon are the Perlees, a matte pearl lipstick that is unlike anything Lime Crime has done before. Mirage is a purple pink sheen that will make you look rock star chic. Denim is deep blue and inspired by the pants that bear the name. Gemma is a coral-brown that just begs to be kissed. Third Eye is reddish and will complement a holiday face.

Doe Deere is all about transformation. She recreates herself all the time and Lime Crime is the perfect makeup collection to help you do the same. If you want to be a beautiful unicorn just like Doe Deere, you’ll be intrigued by Lime Crime.


Jaime Garcia Dias, His Writing And Inspirations

Many people dream of writing and pursuing their literary dreams and making them a reality by publishing a book. Writing takes talent, commitment and skill and when push comes to shove, it’s not the life for everyone. Still though, there are some writers out there who have a true passion for what they do. That passion is obvious in the kind of work they produce and the level at which they continue to create. Writer Jaime Garcia Dias, of Brazil, is obviously one of those writers, not to mention the content he also creates for Vimeo.

Committed to The Writer’s Life

At age 45, Dias has already produced over 20 works of literary fiction. His output is indeed amazing and he continues to write on a regular basis. Dias is a writer who puts his heart and soul into his work, which is very evident from his Facebook following, and as a result, his work resonates deeply with readers.

Dias was recently awarded The ABC Award of Brazil Literature, a literary prize given only to truly outstanding writers. It’s an accolade Dias is rightly proud of, and being singled out for the award represents a high point in his career.

An Upbringing in The Arts

Dias grew up with a father who was a writer and a mother who was a notable architect, so it’s no surprise that a love of the arts was instilled in him from an early age. Both his parents encouraged him to pursue a career as a writer and to get a good education. He listened.

Along with his career as a writer and blogger, Dias also became an educator, and taught for five years at the Carioca Academy in Brazil. The school provides a prep school education for students who want to purse careers in writing, so Dias is obviously a great fit at the school. Today he serves as president of the Academy and continues to encourage young people to study the arts.

Inspired By The Work of Amado He Says on Twitter

Like most writers, Dias has been inspired by other writers who came before him. One of the great inspirations for Dias has been the work of the great Brazilian writer Jorge Amado. Amado had a long and amazing career that continued until his passing in 2001.

It’s no mystery why Amado so inspires Dias. They are both writers who are passionate about what they do.