Business Executive and Mentor Glen Wakeman

Having more than 20 years of business management experience from employment in companies like GE Capital, Glen Wakeman decided to use his qualifications to start his own business in 2015. The business, which is named LaunchPad Holdings, is centered around helping aspiring entrepreneurs develop better planning and management skills, and finding capital from outside investors when trying to start a new business (BlogWebPedia).


Glen Wakeman feels that it is important to pass his business knowledge and advice to future entrepreneurs in order to help them avoid experiencing failure when starting a new business venture. His deep curiosity about the reasons why new businesses seem to fail at such a high rate is what prompted him to start LaunchPad Holdings, which is a company where he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer, as well as being its co-founder.


Through his company, he offers beginning business owners a software program that focuses on helping them come up with a solid plan for their ideas. In this program, he uses what he calls a LaunchPad Toolkit that will connect them to other business advisors and potential providers of the capital they need to start and keep their new business going. His main focus is on risk management, finding human capital and helping entrepreneurs strengthen their leadership abilities.


Glen Wakeman received his business training from the University of Chicago, where he earned an MBA degree ( He went on from there to earn a BS degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton. During his many years in the areas of business management, operations, and technology, he developed the kind of expertise that qualified him to become the type of advisor and motivator he is today.


He has overseen business operations in 30 regions around the world and has lived in a number of other countries such as Asia, Europe, and South America. On top of being a successful executive and mentor, who in addition to running LaunchPad Holdings was the former president and founder of a company called Nova Four, he is also an inventor and a writer.

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Dr. Mark Holterman Continues To Make A Positive Impact

Dr. Mark J. Holterman, a pediatric surgeon, has had an astonishingly influential career thus far. He is the CEO of Mariam Global Health, a global business and investment management firm. This company invests in businesses that are striving to bring new technology and scientific innovation to the market to make a positive impact on healthcare (Twitter). Not only is Dr. Holterman a summa cum laude graduate of Yale University, he has held several other impressive positions throughout his professional life.


Dr. Holterman made his way up the ladder, starting with a residency in general surgery before moving to Chief Surgeon for two years at Advocate Children’s Hospital in Illinois. He has spent a great deal of time sharing his knowledge via 13-year professorship at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2011, he took on the role of Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois College of Medicine-Peoria.


In addition to the hard work Dr. Holterman puts in as a surgeon, he also illustrates a passion for research and advancement in medical care. He spent almost two years conducting immunology research at the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal. His passion for research goes hand-in-hand with his devotion to charity work. One charity, in particular, is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). Though monetary contributions are important, Dr. Holterman donates his time as well by being hands-on in the research process. He has authored and co-authored several peer-reviewed articles and medical texts.


Volunteers at IPSAC-VN have a wide variety of roles and duties. From performing surgery and administering patient care to training medical staff and providing education on new techniques. Organizations like IPSAC-VN and Children’s Surgery International are extremely significant in providing care to children in Vietnam ( By teaching medical students surgical techniques and procedures, these children are able to undergo a multitude of life-saving surgeries. Examples include organ transplants, removing tumors, repairing heart disorders, and even spinal surgeries.


Through both monetary donations and lengthy hands-on interaction, Dr. Holterman has already made a huge impact on healthcare and its progress and continues to be devoted to advancing medicine and the most positive ways (MarkHolterman.WordPress).


Perry Mandera Trucking Executive Aids Community

For Decades, Perry Mandera has delivered goods and products all over the United States with his transportation business. The Custom Company, Inc. was founded by Mandera 30 years ago, and the business has been steadily growing. Perry learned to drive big rigs while in the Us. Marine Corp; he received an honorable discharge. After his service, Perry drove for a few carriers, but Perry desired to run his own business. Later, Perry was married and had 2 children which compelled his commitment to the community. Perry Mandera is passionate about service to his community; He champions many philanthropic efforts.


Over the years, Mandera proudly advocates for children, veterans and storm victims. He has donated millions to charities, and he supports partnership that assists the community. Perry partnered with local, state and national organizations to serve others. The Illinois Trucking Association (ITA) is steadfast in their support of youth program that increases teen driver safety. In April 2017, (ITA) sponsored a teen safety initiative in Decatur that allowed teens to observe blind spots in big rigs. Teens learned about the trucking industry and commercial vehicles.


The Wounded Warrior Project and its cycling event, Soldier Ride, is another sponsored event by Mandera. Soldier Ride allows veterans to participate in designated bike rides which are retrofitted for disabled riders ( The Chicago Fire Department also teamed up to support such a worthy cause. Gatorade was provided along the journey to boost spirits and hydration. This project promoted camaraderie and civic responsibility through physical exercise, and the participant rode 70 miles total.


Through his business foundation, Perry Mandera donates to nonprofits, including the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. The Mercy Home for Boys & Girls advocated sustainability initiatives with a gardening event at its Hay Campus. The children planted flowers and vegetables that promoted many learning activities which include social responsibility, civic pride and fun. Perry Mandera has served his community for decades, and Mandera continues to advocate for charities, organizations, and community through partnerships.


Stream Cares Partners with Hope Supply Co. to Bring Many People Relief

Stream Energy has a philanthropic branch known as Stream Cares. This part of the Stream Energy organization has been put in place to help people in need. They have recently taken on many projects over the past few years. Hurricane Harvey victims are recent recipients of their generosity.


Hope Supply Co. is a North Texas non-profit organization that works to help needy children to procure clothing, school supplies, helpful programs, and toys ( The organization also schedules trips to Hawaii Falls which is a waterpark in the North Texas Area. Stream Energy and Hope Supply Co. have been working together for many years.


In the summertime, they put on an event known as Splash for Hope. This particular affair usually takes place in July and sometimes in August. Children from all over the Dallas area (and other surrounding communities) can attend this event. There are lots of activities, games, speakers and many great items that are donated to families.


Stream Cares not only partners with organizations such as Hope Supply Co. they also team up with the American Red Cross and other relief groups. The purpose of their collaboration is to ensure that people in need get the services they must to live a better life. Many people around the Dallas area really enjoy the services that this organization provides. This is one reason as to why so many people become clients of Stream Energy’s electricity reduction plan.


When Stream Energy ensures that people have the resources they need it helps to strengthen the community as a whole. Stream Energy is headquartered in Dallas and has been around since 2005. As of 2017, they have generated $7 billion dollars in revenue.


Their organization specializes in energy reduction, but they also provide other services such as mobile phone plans, health care services and smart home plans (Twitter). Stream understands that people need resources and a helping hand. They are there for the people in their community.

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Jorge Moll – A Medical Professional of Focus

The medicine pursuits of Jorge Moll is one worth the recognition. Starting with an impressive education background where he would be one of the most influential students in the class, to both his classmates and teachers and his work career that would land him the impressive titles as head of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and president director. Jorge Moll has taken an idea, constructed a plan, executed it and now living a career that is extremely incredible.



It all started, for the magnificent Jorge Moll, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Mr. Moll would join the efforts at the incredible medical school of Federal University and successfully graduate in 1994. His teachers were in amazement from some of his work, captivated by his visions, determination, and production, he would not only inspire his teachers but his classmates, as well as they, were intrigued by his ideas and medical interest.


Later, after his time well spent learning and inspiring at Federal University in 1994, Jorge Moll would continue at Federal University to complete a Neurology Residence which he would do so in 1997. His plan of medical excellence didn’t stop there, he would then take his study travels to the University of Sao and there is where he would earn his Ph.D. in Experimental Pathophysiology and also his teachers would be inspired from his work and even crowned as one of the teacher’s favorites.


After the education pursuit, from 2004 -2007, he would accomplish the privilege of becoming a postdoctoral research fellow at the National Institute of Health, NINDS at Bethesda, MD in the United States ( He would succeed at many cognitive neuroscience practices throughout his time there and excel. Later he would become head of the Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the president director of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Jorge Moll has been a success in the eyes of his friends, family and the public and as it is well known, he doesn’t plan to stop just there. With the same dedication and curiosity and influence he had from the beginning, Jorge Moll is destined for further greater accomplishments.


Nathaniel Ru and SweetGreen

This article is all about Nathaniel Ru and a company he is involved with called “SweetGreen. He opened this up with his fellow CEOs Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman. SweetGreen is a good restaurant that other restaurants would want to model after. This company is a type of high-end salad chain.

It’s backed by investors with big-names like Danny Meyer, Steve Case, and Daniel Boulud. The recipe included in the restaurant had many customers I the lines of the forty locations of Sweet-Green.

This company has taught lessons based on tech. For examples classmates of the Georgetown University are tech pioneers. Also, thirty percent of the transactions of SweetGreen are created throughout the mobile app or website. According to Ru “Technology has always been part of our DNA”.

This company has thought about reconsidering the strategies of management. Recently, SweetGreen shut down completely the corporate office five times each year so more people could work in their restaurants. Also, the company operates its company in Los Angeles without a main headquarters building. The co-CEOs of the company as they try to grow the company nationally are bicoastal.

Ru and the two co-CEO’s all have something in common. They have parents who are first generation immigrants and started up their own businesses. The co-founders had felt that the area of Georgetown didn’t have much healthy food. So, in August 2007 when SweetGreen opened up they wanted to put more healthy options on the menu.

Now some general information about the Co-founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of SweetGreen Nathanial Ru. Ru in 2007 graduated from Georgetown Univeristy’s McDonough School of Business in 2007. It was there that he got a BS in Finance. He and two other graduate students (mentioned above) began SweetGreen. It’s a kitchen with a focus on local sourcing and sustainability. Read more: Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune and  Nathaniel Ru | Dynamic Dialogues

The location of SweetGreen has greatly expanded. For example, it has expanded from one location in in Georgetown to twenty-seven locations in six different states. There are plans to expand in the beginning of 2015 into the west coast.

That suggestion came from the thought that community needs an eco-friendly, healthy, and delicious dining options. In 2010 Ru and his partners launched a festival called SweetLife.

This is the biggest food and music festival of the nation. It attracted 20,000 attendees and features high profile and cutting-edge musical artists, and top chefs and food trucks as well.

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Jason Hope: Sharing His Wisdom With the World

Jason Hope’s new e-book, “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A Quick Guide for Thriving in the IoT Era” is a valuable resource for anyone that wants to learn more about the Internet-of-Things. While this can sometimes be a difficult subject, Hope delivers the material in a very easy manner and readers will be delighted by the plethora of information available to them. The e-book, which is available at, is a ready-made solution for a complicated problem. Not only will this e-book educate the reader, but it will help put them further ahead of their peers in tech knowledge. It is no secret that this is a time where people are always looking towards the newest technology. Hope’s book will help consumers get educated and be ready for the next wave of innovative products.

In Hope’s book, the main thing that he talks about is the IoT. The best way to describe the IoT is as a car that can communicate its location, a tracking chip on an animal, or a smart appliance that consumers can check from their cell phone. These objects are connected to other objects through an internet of things so that they can communicate. This IoT is getting larger by the minute. There are some experts who estimate that by the year 2020, there will be more than 30 million devices that are capable of IoT communication. This is one of the reasons that Hope believes that it is imperative for his readers to learn about the IoT.

In his e-book Hope not only breaks down the IoT, but he also discusses security and usage. As any good author would, he goes over some of the benefits and drawbacks from the IoT. In general, the IoT is benevolent, the drawbacks are more related to sanctions or regulations that could be unfairly imposed on it. Hope seeks to create a very informed audience with his e-book.

Hope is a skilled author, but he is also a well-educated businessman and a celebrated futurist. His MBA from Arizona State University served him well when he set out to create his first mobile tech company. He has spent years building that tech company and now oversees an umbrella of other successful companies. There is no doubt that if there is an exciting new opportunity, Jason Hope is there behind it. Throughout his career, he has proven himself to be a capable businessman, and now with his new e-book, he wants to share that wisdom with his readers.

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Sheldon Lavin Accomplishments in the Food Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin is a financial expert who chose to invest and spend his career in the food processing world. At the moment, the businessman is working as the president and chairman of one of the largest international food processing company called OSI Group. While serving in this prestigious role, the financial expert has experienced tremendous success. His presence in the institution has assisted the firm to grow and open more than seventy facilities that are found in seventeen nations. The businessman is currently considered to be among the most successful international company leaders in the global platform.

Sheldon Lavin enjoys a very profitable career life. However, this success did not just come too easily. When growing up, Lavin was interested in becoming a finance executive. Fortunately, Sheldon was very bright, and he performed well in the mathematics subject. After he graduated from high school, the young man chose to further his studies in one of the most prominent schools in the United States. While at the institution, the businessman specialized in finance and economics, and this has assisted him in becoming a great investor.

The food industry is not a walk in the park. This department requires professionals to work hard so that they can impress clients by offering the best form of food. For an international company such as the OSI Group, things are even worse. Ensuring that the customers from all the various parts of the globe are satisfied is a very difficult activity. These people are brought up in unique and different settings, and in most cases, their tastes are very different. For OSI Group, meeting the needs of these numerous customers have been a complex activity as well. The company has been forced to localize all the company operations so that the customers have nothing to complain about when they are purchasing food products. Sheldon Lavin has been instrumental in making sure that the clients in all parts of the world receive only the best foods from his company.

Being the chief executive officer of an international company is very difficult. The people working in the company follow the rules and regulations that are laid by the company management, and this ensures that the stakeholders in the company are given the top priority. Sheldon Lavin has a great team too that has been working in close collaboration with him so that the company reaches its goals in the competitive market.

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Todd Lubar And A Stronghold On Real Estate

The real estate industry is always booming if you’re Todd Lubar.

This real estate professional can leverage such sure success because his agencies work in a large market. Todd developed a business that goes well beyond a local name or a batch of houses. This real estate professional is also developing properties of his own within the construction world.

A substantial name in business comes from developing a professional standard over a long period of time. Mr. Lubar developed his first steps into the real estate world by managing smaller projects and with fewer people. The agencies that then expanded from his work put together the potentials of real estate into real focus.

The Promise Of Due Diligence

What Todd Lubar makes so easy is a task that many professionals in real estate strive to master for themselves. The first process they undertake deals with a concept that the best professionals leverage their entire careers with. This concept is called due diligence. Having the money, manpower and materials for construction isn’t enough.

The promise that Todd Lubar brings into the equation deals with how much his agencies really know. You need an expert level of understanding before any deal can be made with effectiveness. The promise of Todd Lubar is therefore based on the understanding he can develop and without stepping on the market toes.

Understanding Estimation And Future Value

The process of due diligence enables you to better understand what you’re also paying. The due diligence of Todd Lubar and the agencies operated by his brand put a specific promise on their own goals. What’s shown to be the most outstanding feature of Todd’s success is the valuation he’s able to make. Check out Inspirery to see more.

It’s difficult to define what it means to leverage a profit from a business investment. Gaining returns is not just about earning very high returns. The level of profit that revenue can present is also calculated by measuring how much you pay at first. The amount you pay can often go far below a market price.

Having the lowest prices is the name of the game for Todd Lubar.

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Million Different Ways To Thank Bob Reina For His Contribution To Humane Society in Tampa Bay

Being an animal lover is more than simply donating to an animal charity each year. Being an animal lover is also rescuing those animals who are in need. If you are driving and see a stray kitten, do you pick it up and take it home? Do you feel bad for it and keep on driving? If you choose to stop and pick it up, you are a true animal lover, and possibly an animal hoarder if you have too many, joking aside. For Bob Reina, he was raised to be an animal lover and has worked hard to help other animals less fortunate than the ones he currently houses.


Bob loves animals so much that he must keep two housekeepers to cleanup behind the dogs in his home. The housekeepers are forced to rid the house of pet dander and pet hair, day after day. In fact, if he was to bring another animal into the home, he would have to hire on a third housekeeper.


With Bob’s help, there are five less dogs in shelters or still roaming around trying to find a place to stay dry on rainy days. The five less dogs also join a number of stray cats, all under one roof. For Bob, the task of helping animals comes easy to him. When a stray pup came along following an alligator attack, missing one leg, it was no question of whether or not he will bring in the pup. It was an easy question and he quickly came to the aid of the pup. Learn more:


Before Bob was an animal saver, he worked at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s department. Going from protecting people to protecting animals was an easy transfer for Bob Reina. It now is not only his goal to help those who enter his home but he also helps those in the humane society of Tampa Bay where he donated a million dollars this last year. He started out at the beginning of the year with a donation of $250,000 and then followed it up with another donation of $750,000 to help them build a vet clinic that will be used by the less fortunate animal owners.