Alexandre Gama: Helping Others

During the 2015 year Alexandre Gama’s agency was able to win a Golden Lion at Cannes thanks to his help. They were able to win this award because of their campaign that was created for the Mix Brasil Festival for Cultural and Sexual Diversity. This award was able to greatly help the company in becoming a company that everyone could put their trust in.

Alexandre Gama, a Brazilian entrepreneur, is someone who has lead a life of adventure and someone who has put a lot of effort into helping those that need it most with his business. He is the founder of Neogama. He is certainly someone that everyone could look up to, and he is someone who is going to be talked about for many years to come. That is why so many are reading about him now.

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The Chainsmokers and their new single “Sick Boy”

The chainsmokers have only been around for a little over a couple of years, but have ran into success, and created songs that have topped the charts since then. Some of their popular hits include; “something just like this” “roses” “don’t let me down” “closer” and “Paris.” Most of their hits have topped the music charts for weeks, and they are currently working on a new album.

Alex and Andrew were pressured to live up to their most popular hits and create more music that others would love, and make it to the top 40. But they wanted to try something different this time. Most of their old music was about love and relationships, but they wanted their new music to have a darker feel to them.

Their new single is called “Sick boy.” Sick boy is different because it goes through the struggles that we face in our new generation. Andrew explained that he and Alex have grown up as artists and as people, and they wanted to create something new, and something relatable. Sick boy talks about social media and how it relates to everyone. In this new generation, everyone is worried about the amount of likes they get, and social media puts out a false representation of who people really are, and Andrew and Alex wanted to put that out in their new music.

Their new music is going to represent out new generation, and what it is like to live in it. Their is so much pressure for the pictures we post and the likes we get on social media, and it is something that everyone, famous or not go through. Andrew and Alex wanted their fans to think about those things and relate to them when they listen to their music.

The Fortress of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is the co-founder and current CEO of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He assisted in this leadership position by Pete Briger, a Co-Chairman and Head of Credit and Real Estate; and Wes Edens, a Co-Chairman and Head of Private Equity & Permanent Capital (and also one of the three co-founders). Since its founding in 1998, the investment management firm has been headquartered in New York City. Nardone and Edens had been joined in founding it by their partner, Rob Kauffman.

Nardone has led the firm to become extremely successful. In 2007 the firm was listed on the NYSE for the first time. In 2006, he became a member of Fortress’ Board of Directors. This made it the first large private equity firm to be publicly traded. In 2008, like many other companies throughout the world, Fortress experienced serious financial trials. However, Nardone helped successfully lead them through this. From 2011 to 2013 he served as the company’s interim CEO, before officially being made CEO in the August of 2013. In 2016 it managed a record $70.2 billion of alternative assets. It has also greatly expanded since its beginning to include management of hedge funds, real estate investments, and debt securities.

In 2017 Fortress was acquired by SoftBank Group Corp. It reportedly purchased it for about $3.3 billion. Selling it to SoftBank was a decision unanimously agreed upon by the Special Committee of Independent Directors of Fortress’s Board of Directors. As part of the agreement, Nardone, Briger, and Edens will continue leading Fortress. Nardone began adult life by earning a B.A. in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. He went on to earn a J.D from the Boston University School of Law. Through years of intense work in the business sector, he has proven himself an extraordinarily trustworthy leader.

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Jordan Lindsey Continues to use Bitcoin Trading Bot

Over the past few years, one of the biggest stories in the investment world has been the story around the dramatic rise in the price of Bitcoin and other digital currencies and coins. Overall, there are many people have got into the investment early on and have seen the value of their coins increase in value a lot. One individual that has had a lot of success in the field has continued to be Jordan Lindsey.

Jordan Lindsey today is well known for being the head of JCL Capital, a small investment fund that he has established in the past. While JCL Capital was first established in 2005, the firm has continued to change its investment strategy in the past. One of the main benefits of the firm today is that it follows a unique approach to trading Bitcoin.

One of the biggest challenges that people have with trading Bitcoin and other digital currencies is that the wild strings in price value of Bitcoin can make it a very stressful experience. Many people who start investing in the investment of digital currencies will end up selling way too quickly when there is a big drop in value. To take the emotional side out of investing in Bitcoin, JCL Capital has established a new Bitcoin trading bot that only trades based on a certain algorithm.

Over the past few years, it has become very clear that this digital currency trading bot has been very successful. Those that invest in the fund and are able to take advantage of the trading bot have seen very strong investment returns. Furthermore, trading through the trading bot has also allowed people to take the emotion out of trading. This helps to ensure someone is not able to panic when something drops too far in value or sell too quickly when something rises in value. Taking the emotion out of the trading world has proven to be a very good choice for those that are looking to trade based on the fundamentals of a stock or other investment option, such as when buying or selling Bitcoin.

The Competition

What would the world do without professional banking? These services are basically priceless even though they tend to come with a fee. It’s a weird catch-22 type of situation, but society would come to a shutdown if banking wasn’t present. NexBank Capital is by far one of the most important banks in the regional-banking community because it provides so many valuable services. Unlike other regional banks, this bank has no weaknesses to name. It has a stellar track-record and there are many individuals who will testify to this claim. Of course, this bank hasn’t achieved greatness by chance. Great leadership is a main component of success, and John Holt has done an amazing job of leading this bank to the top of the ranks.

In addition to its services, NexBank has been involved with many local organizations in supporting specific causes. By teaming-up with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity, this bank has been able to provide over $50 million in capital for loan support. The Affordable Housing Loan Program was designed to help families with affordable loan coverage in specific Dallas neighborhoods. Though the families have limited access to loan support, NexBank will also provide professional counseling to guide the families in the right direction. On top of that, this bank handled all title fees and closing costs.

Thanks to its recent merger with College Savings Bank, this institution helped by providing capital for up to 529 savings programs. These savings program will help families save money when sending their children to college. Federal student loans can be very taxing on the students as well as taxing on the families and NexBank is doing its best to ease the financial strain. As you can see, this bank is very progressive in its actions. By investing in its community, Nexbank Capital will get a great return on its investment in the future.

Debt Problems Vanish with Southridge Capital

Debt Problems Vanish with Southridge Capital

Living with debt every single day can take away the security in your life. You might be tired of living on the edge of whether or not you’ll be secure in the future because of the issues you have right now. There are lots of things that can cause debt, and some of these problems come around overnight. Medical bills, emergency expenses and other bills cause debt and require a lot of expert analysis to ensure that you’re not paying more than you should or for a longer period than you should be paying. There is a reason why a lot of people who are in debt choose to make use of a financial solutions company like Southridge Capital.

Southridge Capital is a financial solutions firm that’s ideal for all sorts of different people. You might be an individual who rents an apartment or owns their own home, or you might be someone with a huge business that needs help financially. If you need assistance getting out of debt, now is the time for you to hire Southridge Capital and see what they can do for your well-being. Once you’re able to either get out of debt or manage the debt that you have right now, you’re going to find that it impacts other parts of your life in a more positive manner.

There are tons of different people using the services provided by Connecticut-based Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital has worked with tons of different people to help them with their current financial problems. If this sounds like a company you might want to make use of yourself, make sure to either visit their site or give them a call to see if this is something that is going to help out. Make sure that you take a look at Southridge Capital and see just why a lot of people have chosen this company and are finding it to be a great choice for their needs. There are lots of different people right now making use of Southridge Capital and finding the company to be ideal for lots of different reasons. You can visit their website to learn more.


Something new From Talk Fusion

Sometimes, the popular opinion says that less is more. And in many cases, this proves to be the best advice. So logically, the only thing better than less equalling more while it happens is more attached to the less of things. This statement might require a simple and real-world example attacted to it. Talk Fusion understands this concept quite clearly with a new Product Dashboard. This product attaches itself to something that works well which is the Talk Fusion video Suite.


The new look of the dashboard is just the beginning of its benefits to users. It also has a revampt intuitive functionality which Talk Fusion CEO, Bob Reina, takes a particular pride in, because it is a herald to other innovations and improvements in products to come. These product lines are the backbone on which the Talk Fusion Legacy is to be built. As a matter of fact, this company takes competition and service quite seriously and edges out a market for itself that is ever-growing. Some even say that the company is in a class all by itself. It achieves this pull away from the pack by reinvention, basically.


It’s all about having products that are ready for the web and in essence the entire world. The Product Dashboard is just one vehicle on which this company it’s depending on to get that done. Ultimately, the purpose of these products are to eliminate communications barriers. To do this, the cornerstone of the systems this company builds is inclusive participation. It’s all comes down to marrying the old products that people already know in love with something new that more people can grow to trust. Learn more:

Bringing the future to mankind is more than a one-man job. That is why Talk Fusion has a complete IT department working on that. From the top down, Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page is the man who comes up with the big ideas that change arenas. The next big thing is click to connect. This revolution is about being able to grasp information and to talk to anyone starting with a simple tap or click. This type of conceptual thinking falls right in line with a company that spearheaded the ability to have video within an email communication. Talk Fusionis also a company that stays on the cutting edge with social media networking. So, the dashboard is something released from the company that should be well received by the public.

Flexible Payment Accounts with PSI Pay

PSI Pay is a fast and easy way for businesses to offer payment solutions. They offer a variety of products around the world to meet individual needs in the business world. Available in 44 different currencies and 173 countries, PSI Pay is a safe solution for all types of businesses.

What kind of different products does PSI Pay offer? What makes them different?

PSI Pay is more than just a payment option, it offers four different products.
1. An online payment account which allows businesses to create a virtual account for employees as well as customers. These accounts allow the business to quickly deposit funds for quick access. They also have the ability to withdraw funds or make money transfers.
2. A virtual payment card which creates a virtual MasterCard number linked to an account. This card can be used anywhere online that accepts MasterCard, even where PSI-Pay is not accepted. Simply enter the virtual card number into the payment screen like any other credit card. Money is pulled directly from the associated account.
3. A physical payment card which is a prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Money can be withdrawn from participating ATMs as well but some fees may apply.
4. A contactless payment function, called PayPass, which allows the consumer to make purchases of £20 or less without the need to enter a PIN. Simply wave the card in front of the card reader and be on your way.

PSI Pay offers contactless payments, how does PSI Pay protect each financial transaction?

PayPass uses encryption that is unique to each purchase as a means of protecting each transaction. Never worry about handing your card to the wrong person or forgetting to get it back since you maintain possession at all times. Never worry about a charge being duplicated when it is accidentlly scanned twice with the duplicate safeguard. Contactless payment really does simplify shopping.

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The Success Story of Daniel Taub

The past four years have been some of the best for The United Kingdom and Israel. In business and trade, the two states have accomplished tremendous success thanks to Daniel Taub.

The diplomat’s era is finally coming to an end, and there is just so much to say about his accomplishments and ability to facilitate trade. Daniel Taub will be stepping down according to the state’s policy.

Taub is a committed leader. He exuded confidence and resilience when handling business in the United Kingdom. As the Israel ambassador, he put in a lot of work to foster friendly, yet aggressive relationships that elevated the economy of the two states.


In his capacity as an ambassador, he built long-lasting bridges that enhanced business in Israel. He assumed leadership roles that involved peace-making in the city. He also took to social media as a programmer who promoted peace through media. Read more Daniel Taub | Crunchbase and Daniel Taub | Ideamench

Taub wanted to assist Israel and the United Kingdom to acquire all that the world could offer directly or indirectly. He capitalised on strengthening the bond between the two states.

His Contribution

As he resigns, his legacy will be upheld. Taub cherished essential concepts that enhanced leadership and the betterment of the community. His discussions on community projects were based on his passion for improving people’s lives.

His job involved finding solutions to the economy. He also upholds integrity. He for that reason maintained a clean track record for the four years he served the two states. He travelled to the Middle East to evaluate the economic atmosphere and offer valid advice to find solutions.

Business in Israel

In a report by Israel’s department, Taub’s influence contributed to the registration of more than 100 businesses in the U.K. Additionally, the chamber of commerce stated that trade between the United Kingdom and Israel increased by over $ 5.5 billion.

In an interview, Daniel admits to putting in a lot of effort to achieve the results that have now earned him a stellar reputation. He has a sense of satisfaction, and in comparison to the goals set at the embassy, he said that his input could be traced. Taub also noted that his efforts might have come as a surprise.

Additional Information

The United Kingdom native attended the London University. He also went to the Harvard University before delving into the world of business and career. Taub relocated to Israel and found his career path, a journey he travelled with diligence and persistence.

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Michael Lacy: Mathematician, Scholar, Legend

Michael Lacy is an accomplished and prolific mathematician. Born in the United States in 1959, Lacy studied at University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, being awarded his Ph.D in 1987. No small feat, Mr. Lacy has gone on to pen multiple respected journals as well as lecture as a tenured professor at several prestigious universities.

Michael Lacy’s career started immediately after his Ph.D accreditation, at Louisiana State University. He then went on to lecture at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and subsequently Indiana University, where his research work has touched upon several complicated mathematical areas, such as probability, harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, and the central limit theorem.

In honor of his dedicated research and groundbreaking accomplishments, Dr. Lacy was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship by the National Science Foundation.

This one-of-its-kind scholarship alotted Dr. Lacy dedicated time to research and solve mathematical conundrums that plague society, namely the Hilbert Transform. Learn more about Michael Lacey: and

With the help of a colleague, Dr. Lacy solved this conundrum, being lauded by the scientific community for his efforts. In addition, Dr. Lacy was awarded the Salem Award, a prize that recognized Dr. Lacy’s tireless work toward the mathematical community. Read more: Michael Lacey |Math Alliance and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

After distinguishing himself via the Salem Award, he was offered a position at the Georgia Institute of Technology, which he proudly accepted. Dr. Lacy has taught at the university since 1996.

During his time at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Dr. Lacey received the Guggenheim Fellowship; this scholarship comes in the form of a grant, which allows the recipient creative freedom to pursue what he desires academically, so long as the end result is the furthering of the field, which in Dr. Lacey’s case was Mathematics.

During his illustrious career, Dr. Lacy has published over 30 publications in several journals. The staggering amount of work poured into his research has paid off; Dr. Lacey’s work has furthered both the mathematical and scientific fields immensely. His work is still relevant today.

Thanks to decade after decade of research and dedication toward the field of mathematics, Dr. Michael Lacey was inducted into the American Mathematical Society in 2012. This is the ultimate honor, as it ensures Dr. Lacey’s name will live on in the annals of history, and ensure that those in the future will know his name.