Coins Sold By U.S. Money Reserve Help Fund Statue Purchase


An American Company

The U. S. Money Reserve firm markets a variety of precious coins and commemorative medals to customers. Recently, the Delaware company, which maintains headquarters in Austin, Texas, launched an ambitious new reported it developed commemorative coins honoring the 75th Anniversary of the attack launched by the Japanese military against Pearl Harbor in 1941. Customers can purchase these coins as long as they last, or until February 28, 2021, when the marketing campaign ends.

Thousands of Americans lost their lives during the Pearl Harbor attack. At the time, the United States maintained neutrality. It had offered economic support to the Allies fighting in Europe, but had not entered the global conflict. After the devastating Japanese air assault on the United States at Pearl Harbor, the home of the Pacific Fleet, President Roosevelt described December 7, 1941 as a day that would live in “infamy”.

Buying Coins to Raise a Statue

U. S. Money Reserve plans to donate proceeds from the sale of the new commemorative coins to a nonprofit foundation, the U. S. Navy Memorial Fund.

The bronze statue will depict a solitary seaman staring into the horizon. He wears a coat and stands beside a maritime duffel bag. This Lone Sailor Statue by sculptor Stanley Bleifeld, hopes to honor all naval service people and their families, including past, present and future generations.

Sacrifices of the Greatest Generation

The surprise attack killed 2,330 Americans. Many sailors perished in Pearl Harbor’s waters. Portions of one of the sunk vessels, the U.S.S. Arizona, will contribute steel to the base of the new statue. Source material for this article first appeared online at Yahoo.

Dick Devos Backs Marco Rubio’s Bid For Presidency

Dick DeVos of the prominent DeVos family of Michigan has revealed that the DeVos family will now be firmly backing Marco Rubio in his bid to become the Republican nominee for president. The news comes after the DeVos family was neutral after the suspension of the presidential campaign of Jeb Bush. After supporting former Florida governor Jeb Bush, and then being neutral in Republican race, the family has said they are fully committed to supporting Marco Rubio’s campaign for presidency.

The Devos family’s backing of Marco Rubio could prove to be pivotal in Marco Rubio’s campaign. The Florida senator is coming fresh of a landslide victory in the Puerto Rican Republican primary election where he managed to secure more than 50% of the vote and thus get all 23 delegates at stake for himself. Michigan has 59 delegates up for grabs in a primary election and the delegates should be divided proportionately depending on the number of votes received in the election.

Dick DeVos has revealed that both he and his family will be making considerable financial contributions to Marco Rubio’s campaign. In Devos’ own words, Marco will get significant funding and endorsements from us, but it will be ultimately up to him to build his momentum and attract new voters to his cause. Dick DeVos firmly believes Marco Rubio has what it takes to be the next president of the United States. So far he has gotten some momentum under his belt after winning the Puerto Rican primary. The Michigan primary is only two days away on the 8th of March.

Dick says that he knows Marco Rubio from the time when Marco Rubio served in the Florida House of Representatives. Mr. Devos clearly recalls how he and then house representative Rubio discussed the issue of education which Marco and DeVos agreed on. Both he and Marco agree that more choices in the form of vouchers and charter schools should be given to parents of children. Common core, they also believe should be scrapped.

Besides contributing to political campaign on the Republican side, Dick DeVos is a philanthropist and has a big heart when it comes to education and well being of children. Mr. Dick DeVos helped found and fund a school that is focused on teaching children aviation and preparing them for exciting careers in the field of aviation as pilots, engineers and mechanics.

Dick also supports non-profit studies at the University of Maryland. He and his wife Betsy DeVos also sponsor a yearly arts competition in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Learn more about Dick’s career by visiting the New Netherland site or learn more about his time at Amway here >>

George Soros On The Decline Of The EU

Whether it is, euphemistically speaking, “kicking the can down the road or “kicking the ball further up the hill  George Soros is sharing on Bloombergin the growing sentiment surrounding the European Union (EU) and its imminent demise. Mr. Soros has established his case clearly in discussing how German Chancellor Angela Merkel has dealt with refugees, and how Vladimir Putin is a greater threat to the EU than widespread terrorism as he is seen as the sponsor of the massive amounts of Syrian refugees washing over the EU. Mr. Soros establishes that the refugee crisis could well be the death knoll forcing the EU into disintegration, and he establishes why this problem is such a deleterious influence on the health of the already somewhat unstable EU.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel did make a comment about the Syrian refugee crisis, and how she felt that it could well cause the EU to falter. The two forces that she feels will cause a confluence of events in the EU include breakdown of the open-border, or Schengen system, and eventually lead to undermining the market. Although Ms. Merkel was widely criticized for acting what some said was impulsively, others felt her decisive actions, when faced a flood of refugees, showcased a refreshing new side to her leadership. Add to this that Mr. George Soros also accurately takes a collective look at what the EU is currently going through, and characterizes this confluence of events as being nothing short of a maelstrom of trouble, from which the EU is not going to be able to come back from. The conflict in Syria is one of the problems the EU currently faces, and the other previous crisis have occurred in Russia, Greece, and the Ukraine. In addition to the British Referendum is having an impact, as did the Paris attacks, and the now the migration crisis is upon the EU.

The previous crisis could have perhaps been more easily weathered, but this refugee crisis, for which Mr. Soros squarely holds Vladimir Putin responsible, might be the one that causes disintegration of the EU. “Soros accuses (Vladimir) Putin of seizing the fight against the so-called Islamic State to bolster the EU’s downfall and says he has obscured his actions by “talking of cooperating against a common enemy, Isis. Mr. Soros goes on to state that it seems as if Russia and the EU are both on the precipice of collapse, predicting that Russia will collapse sometime in 2017, when Western sanctions and declining oil prices cripple them. What remains to be seen is which will collapse first, and Mr. Soros seems to be of the mindset Vladimir Putin is working to make sure the EU fails first.

Shaygan Kheradpir and the Great Solutions of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has always been a man who has demanded a lot out of himself, and he also demands a lot out of the individuals that associate with him as well. As the CEO of Coriant, he expects his employees to put their best foot forward day in and day out. Kheradpir holds a bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Kheradpir’s first job after his studies took him to GTE Laboratories in 1987 where he was responsible for the network routing, management and control areas of the company. After eventually becoming the Chief Information Officer with the company, he would become President of Verizon’s e-business field when his old company merged with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon.

After his time at Verizon, Kheradpir would eventually become the CEO of Coriant, which is an optical networking vendor that emerged in 2013. Kheradpir is proud of the paths his career has taken, and he is especially proud of the technological know-how of the new company that he represents as well.

The optical networking solutions for Coriant are state-of-the-art, and they enable the company to lend assistance to a wide swath of different industries. Some of these networking solutions would include paths for Mobile Network Operators and Fixed Line Network Operators.

This enables mobile service providers to be able to meet the exploding demand for bandwidth, coverage and capacity. The growing need for new services and a constant evolution of wireless will make this an area of Coriant’s services that will be in demand far into the future.

One of the main goals in this mobile backhaul system would be to provide applications that will provide cell sites and usher them through the aggregation process. The main task would be to address the exploding diversity of backhaul requirements in this burgeoning industry. Finally, the mobile backhaul of Coriant ensures that all service guarantees will have a diverse QoS feature set.

For all of your optical networking solutions, you should look no further than the proud professionals of Coriant. Starting from the determination of Shaygan Kheradpir on down, this company is dedicated to your success.

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Jon Urbana’s Focus Is On Improving The Environment

A lot of people think, Oh we need to improve the environment. Jon Urbana actually takes steps to improve the environment and preserve it for our future generations. Jon Urbana is an environmentalist. He is also a former lacrosse athlete that played for Villanova. This early success on the lacrosse field led to his ability to tackle other problems that are strongly impacting the way that people are living in Colorado. Jon Urbana discusses his commitment to the environment through his charity work. He also has time to follow his other interest that include his business, lacrosse, and flying.
Other people are talking about the environment, while Jon Urbana is actually taking steps to improve the Colorado environment. He has set up a GoFundMe page that explains in detail the connection that he has with Earth Force Inc. They are a youth activist organization that are concerned about the environment. Go to Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc for more information.


Jon Urbana is currently working with Ellipse USA. He is the manager of the Ellipse’s revolutionary IPL and Laser technologies. Learn more about his business ventures here.


The aim of the camp is to help the young lacrosse player excel in the game of lacrosse with the guidance of former lacrosse player, Jon Urbana and a number of other professionals. More information here.


Jon Urbana is a Denver, Colorado based pilot that has earned a very distinguished and prestigious inclusion in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. This is a certification that is not easy to obtain. It takes strong dedication and meeting the education, licensing, and medical standards that are set by the FAA. More information here.

FreedomPop Introduces New Global Hotspots After Raising Another $50 Million in Funding

FreedomPop has already shattered plenty of records within the mobile industry by offering free services to customers without a contract or catch, however, now they aim to tackle another high rate area: roaming data plans. The company has raised an additional $50 million in funding according to an article published by Re/code and plan to use the funds to help establish global hotspots that will slash the costs of using data while traveling for customers.

CEO Stephen Stokols explained that the company has made great local deals in all 25 countries that it currently operates service within, and in the next few months expects that more countries will get added to the list. FreedomPop has been aggressive with their global expansion so it is reasonable to think that the number on the global hotspot list will continue to grow. The result of these efforts is that traveling users will be able to enjoy almost local data rates instead of the extremely high roaming fees that most traditional carriers usually offer.

T-Mobile is the only major mobile provider that offers its customers free roaming, but they slow down their speeds making it practically useless to use while roaming. Other carriers such as AT&T and Verizon offer such high roaming rates that it is a luxury to use data and most choose not to.

FreedomPop is tackling the issue by creating a hotspot for customers that can be used in all of the current participating countries. The hotspot itself will cost $49 and then a SIM card that makes it work in unlocked phones will cost customers another $10. If they need more data they have the option to add it on similar to FreedomPop’s regular offerings of just $10 for 500mb. For more information check out the original article published here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden- Texas Surgeon

Dr. Jennifer Walden has established a successful Doctors practice in Austin, Tx. She is a successful plastic surgeon who is now located here. She trained with surgeons in New York City and established a practice there before returning to Texas. She is successful and is on the board of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

She is a warm person and has two sons. She has roots in Austin, and is determined. She worked hard and established a practice in Manhattan for 8 years. She opted for IVF for her kids and is a proud mother. She has a practice at Westlake Medical Center, coming from the Plastic surgery program at UT Galveston. She likes to take action and wants to help women in business and medicine.

Walden advises that it is a marathon not a sprint and emphasizes drive. She also talks about the support around her.

Walden has been noted for her high operating rooms standards by the AAAASF and does most of her procedures in her own operating room. She gets asked advice by female pre-med students and sees to it that she mentors business and medicine prospective students. She says women with a career don’t need to do it all by themselves. She grew up in an environment valuing education and achievement and believes that this is important.

She moved to Austin because of her family and believes that is a reason she left New York City. Walden is successful and also values her family and thinks good support is important. Dr. Jennifer Walden is based at Westlake Medical Center in Austin, and is one the premier surgeons in her area.

Yeonmi Park Handles the Critics By Defending Her Book

It is rare for any author that has written an autobiography to have to defend what they were writing. After all, they are giving a summation of their life stories. They know about what happened in their lives better than anyone else. Critics are trying to say that this is not so for Yeonmi Park.

There seem to be a lot of forces at work that are dismantling this story because it was just a difficult past. What Yeonmi Park wrote in her novel,” In Order to Live,” was a story that movie producers couldn’t make up. It was also a story that he said she would never tell. Now that the story has been told it has become the North Korean defector story that people cannot forget. That is why it has changed hearts and minds all over the world. People are reaching out to other possible North Korean defectors because Park has become the mouthpiece for others.

Ironically, the story that she never planned to tell is the story that is getting so much buzz around the world. It has also picked up the attention of those critics that have said that this is not true. Park has not taken to this lightly. She has become someone that is totally aware of the critics, but she is fighting back. According to she has been clear about what she wrote. She knows that she is facing some opposition, but this has not stopped Yeonmi Park.

Yeonmi Park is a big advocate of human rights, and this public speaker platform is one that she will not let the critics take away. That is what they are essentially trying to do. They want to discredit her autobiography because it will lead to a collapse of her human rights platform. Park has vowed not to let this happen. She is going to speak out no matter what the critics say.



Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Effecting Change

The concept of the compliance officer is something that more companies need to consider. This is the best possible way for any organization to make sure that it doesn’t go up in flames with corrupt schemes. 

People that are looking for Helane Morrison can see how she has transitioned over the years. She has worked as a regional director for the Securities Exchange and Commission. She has also worked as a lawyer. That is what makes her a great compliance officer as her time at the SEC prepared her for all the in’s and out’s of the position. There are so many companies that are looking for a way to stay up on new laws, but many companies do not have a lawyer in place to help with this. Hall Capital acquired Helane as a compliance officer to help the organization steer clear of the laws that executives may be unaware of. 

Morrison has a great sense of responsibility, but she can handle it. There are many people that are looking at what she has been has done so far, and now she is associated with an organization where even more funds are being managed. Companies are going to need the help of compliance officers at all times for major decisions.

Even executives with the best intentions are going to have some limitations in the areas of the law. They may not know what is the right way to do something so it takes an inside investigator to make sure that everything is running as it should be. Helane Morrison as the ability to make sure they’re in compliance and that everything is being implemented in accordance to what is right.

The bottom line of it all is that companies to have compliance officers are going to be a lot less likely to fall victim to the corruption that a lot of other companies face with scandals. These companies are going survive because a compliance officer is going to govern the organization according to the standard.

A lot of company leaders wish that they had someone that was knowledgeable enough to work as a compliance officer from the inside. I believe that Kathryn Hall made a very wise decision to hire someone with a background like the one Helane Morrison has.

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Bruce Levenson – Philanthropist and Businessman

Bruce Levenson is an American-born businessman, who has had investments and management in many different successful businesses. He earned the majority of his wealth through his founding and ownership of the United Communications Group, a multi-million dollar company that specializes in research, analytics, and delivery of financial news and information. The company also developed the Gas Buddy website and application, which helps consumers find the lowest local gasoline prices.

While Levenson may be best known for his professional career and successes, he has also been very involved in trying to make his community a better place to live. Levenson has been instrumental in the raising of millions of dollars for various charities. He has also taken on leadership roles for a number of different charities, helping guide the organization to better their efforts.

Prior to that, Levenson attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and later attended American University for law school. While he was in school, he started his journalism career part time while working for the Washington Star.

While Levenson has had a very successful career, he is probably best known for his ownership of the Atlanta Hawks, a professional basketball team in the NBA. Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson purchased the Hawks in 2004 from Turner Broadcasting Group and oversaw the team for over ten years, in which time the Hawks became a regular playoff contender. His original purchase of the Hawks initially included the Philips Arena stadium and also the Atlanta Thrashers of the National Hockey League. However, the Thrashers were spun off and sold to a private investment group in 2011.

While Levenson was a very successful owner, he ultimately decided that it would be best to sell the franchise. In 2014, he hired several investment bankers to help value and market the team to the open market. He ultimately was able to sell the team to a group led by billionaire Tony Ressler in June 2015. The purchase price of $850 million market a significant profit and return on investment for Levenson and his ownership group