Video Chatting with Your Oven: Just Another Wengie Hack


Few can argue that Wengie is not one of the top YouTube personalities of the decade. Her humor, gorgeous looks, relatable personality, and clever content is difficult to compete against and her viewers agree that few even can. From her beauty tips and tricks to her hacks for lazy people, this woman knows what to say at exactly the right time. If the word, “lazy,” sparked your interest, you will not be disappointed when you learn of how you can be completely lazy for a day with little issue, according to Wengie.


FaceTime Your Oven


It sounds weird, sure, but Wengie is no stranger to the strange. For this hack, you will need access to a smartphone and a computer. When you put something in the oven and decide that you do not have the time nor patience to dedicate to watching the item, simply tape your phone to the oven with the FaceTime app open. Turn the oven light on, go to your computer, and keep an eye on the yummy food!


Where’s the Remote?


If you have never misplaced your television remote, you must not be human. That or you’re amazing at organization. Regardless of your view point of this common issue, it is necessary to realize that there are ways out of the bothersome situation for those who are proudly lazy! If your smartphone is nearby, download a universal remote app and get to watching that tube.


Who Washes Dishes Anymore?


Few people actually hand wash dishes anymore simply because of the invention of the dishwasher. If you are one of the few who still do, though, you understand how obnoxious of a task that it really is. Rather than washing dishes for hours on end (or so it seems), cover them in plastic wrap before placing the food on. When you are finished, remove the wrap and throw it in the trash. The same concept can be applied to cups as well.


Hoodie or Popcorn Bowl?


If you turn your hoodie around so that the hood portion is in front, you have the perfect bowl for popcorn and other chips. Wengie says, “You’re welcome.”