The Best Anime Characters and Quotes


Kuro Hazama, also known as Black Jack, is a major protagonist in the manga and anime series. He is an unlicensed medical practitioner who levies ridiculous fees. Most consider Black Jack as a person who is rude and cold-hearted, though he is compassionate and dedicated. Despite his ridiculous charges, he performs free surgeries to individuals who inspired him through their kindness or life struggles. He is brilliant and skilled, making him able to diagnose a patient with only a single glance.


THe star of this popular anime, Black Jack has been able to learn harsh lessons throughout his life, and he has to face the reality that there are times when he can’t go against forces of nature. He is a quick thinker whenever he is faced with a difficult or tricky situation. Besides his expertise in surgery, Black Jack is also a skilled martial artist who uses his scalpel as a weapon. Though he has a scary appearance, those who get to know him consider him as attractive, especially women.


Black Jack has made several media appearances, including Black Jack 21, Young Black Jack, and Ray the Animation in the anime series. In films, he has been in Black Jack: The Two Doctors of Darkness and Black Jack the Movie.


Naruto Quotes


Naruto is a Konohagakure shinobi. He was able to become a ninja, and his villagers and the rest of the world saw him as a hero. Some of his quotes include the following.


  • When captured birds become wiser, they try opening the cages using their beaks. They never give up since they want to fly again.


  • We have been able to walk through the world’s darkness and, thus, we are capable of seeing even a sliver of light.