Patty Rocklage, Making a Difference

As the late Ben Parker once said “with great power comes great responsibility”. Although Ms. Patty Rocklage does not posses super powers, she is a great asset to the greater Boston metropolitan area and a hero to all who have worked with her.

As a licensed psychotherapist she has been helping individuals and families for over 20 years. Armed with her warm heart and unique methods she is able to assist people to reach the goals and challenges that they have set for themselves. Learn more about Patty Rocklage: and

As an avid community outreach organizer and member, she uses her unique skills such as public speaking, team building, coaching and teaching to better improve the community she loves so much. Not only does she care about her own community she also volunteers her time with numerous other organizations such as the Sudanese Education Fund. The SEF assists people who have come from Sudan to Massachusetts to find stable jobs and aid infinancial and educational stability.

Along with her husband Dr. Scott Rocklage, who is a Ph.D. in chemistry, they recently presented the Massachusetts Institute of Technology a major gift allowing them to renovate some of the labs in building two. The labs that were renovated are used fornanochemistry and nanotechnology.

Ms. Patty Rocklage continues to this day and in the foreseeable future to assist people in need. Selflessly volunteering her time for the greater good of not only her own community but for the world as a whole. A true hero, and role model to all.