Yeonmi Park Handles the Critics By Defending Her Book

It is rare for any author that has written an autobiography to have to defend what they were writing. After all, they are giving a summation of their life stories. They know about what happened in their lives better than anyone else. Critics are trying to say that this is not so for Yeonmi Park.

There seem to be a lot of forces at work that are dismantling this story because it was just a difficult past. What Yeonmi Park wrote in her novel,” In Order to Live,” was a story that movie producers couldn’t make up. It was also a story that he said she would never tell. Now that the story has been told it has become the North Korean defector story that people cannot forget. That is why it has changed hearts and minds all over the world. People are reaching out to other possible North Korean defectors because Park has become the mouthpiece for others.

Ironically, the story that she never planned to tell is the story that is getting so much buzz around the world. It has also picked up the attention of those critics that have said that this is not true. Park has not taken to this lightly. She has become someone that is totally aware of the critics, but she is fighting back. According to she has been clear about what she wrote. She knows that she is facing some opposition, but this has not stopped Yeonmi Park.

Yeonmi Park is a big advocate of human rights, and this public speaker platform is one that she will not let the critics take away. That is what they are essentially trying to do. They want to discredit her autobiography because it will lead to a collapse of her human rights platform. Park has vowed not to let this happen. She is going to speak out no matter what the critics say.