Karl Heideck Provides Litigation Representation in Pennsylvania

Karl Heideck Provides Litigation RepresentationA litigation attorney is a lawyer who focuses on providing legal representation to businesses, individuals, and organizations involved in lawsuits. Litigation attorneys can be found in law firms, governmental agencies, corporations and other businesses, and different types of organizations.

A person interested in becoming a litigator oftentimes develops this career course while in law school, or even earlier as an undergraduate. In law school, an individual intent on becoming a litigator is likely to take a course load that includes civil procedure, courtroom process, and evidence.

In many cases, a law student interested in being a litigation attorney will also participate in a moot court program. He or she may also become involved in a law school’s legal clinic.

Through a legal clinic, a student in his or her third year of study is able to get hands-on experience working on behalf of actual clients. This is undertaken with the supervision of a licensed attorney, usually a law school faculty member. A legal clinic gives a student courtroom experience

Click here to contact Karl HeideckKarl Heideck is a leading litigation attorney in Philadelphia. He has been practicing law for over a decade. He has represented businesses, organizations, and individuals in Pennsylvania who have needed experienced, tenacious assistance from a litigator.

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Heideck obtained his legal education at the Temple University School of Law. He went to Swarthmore College for his graduate work. While at Swarthmore, Heideck obtained a BA in English language and literature, with a degree concentration in letters. His undergraduate work gave him a strong background in writing, which has become invaluable to him in his legal practice.

In addition to his work as a litigation attorney, Heideck represents clients in regard to matters involved commercial law, employment law, and products liability law. Karl Heideck also assists clients in the arenas of risk management and regulatory compliance as well.

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