OSI Industries is an Example of an American Dream Come True

The following is a little slice of Americana. A tale of how the American dream was achieved in a small neighborhood in Chicago by a fresh-off-the-boat German immigrant. In 1907 Otto Kolschowsky stepped off the boats from Germany during the Great German Migration to the United States. By 1909, he had settled on opening a little butcher shop in Western Chicago. His quality of product led to him eventually jumping into the wholesale business and supplying local Chicago shops with product for their restaurants.

His business was doing great, at least for a little Chicago butcher shop and wholesale meat shop. After his sons got older he renamed his business Otto & Sons in 1927. For years the shop continued to do what it was good at, give local customers meat products. It would probably still be there today, doing that same thing, if it wasn’t for a handshake agreement that took place in 1954. Otto’s two sons Henry and Arthur were both older by now and conducting business on their own. They met a young Ray Kroc who was planning on opening his first McDonalds franchise. They shook hands on supplying the McDonalds with beef products. That handshake would change Otto & Sons forever.

Ray Kroc bought out McDonald’s from the McDonalds brothers and proceeded to open stores across the nation. Suddenly, Otto & Son’s beef was in every neighborhood in the United States. Otto & Sons needed to adapt. McDonald’s was growing rapidly and needed a consistent and constant supply of beef products for their signature product, hamburgers.

So, to meet the demand, Otto & Sons rebranded as OSI Industries. Since that day, OSI Industries has become a global force in supplying food service businesses with food. Today, OSI Industries services games such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Papa John’s, Yum, and many other foodservice businesses.

OSI Industries has become renowned for its cheap quality products. It has factories spanning the world and providing everything from bread to the beef that made it oh so famous. Otto & Son’s birth into OSI is a great example of the American Dream in action. From a small butcher shop in Chicago into a global force in the food industry with sales in excess of $6.1 billion, OSI is a different animal than it used to be. All of this because of one little handshake with the right man.

OSI Industries info: www.indeed.com/cmp/Osi-Group

The Growth and Expansion of OSI Group

OSI Group has grown tremendously since its establishment, thanks to the commitment and close collaboration exercised by its executives as well as team of employees. The firm was established in the 20th century by Otto & Sons, and it started as a small butcher shop, before establishing its affiliates internationally. OSI Group is currently ranked as one of the largest and fast growing international food suppliers and has successfully established 65 facilities of its kind in 17 countries. The firm has strived through the major challenges that affect the market and its ability to outshine other firms of its kind has served as a challenge to many investors.

The firm’s leaders have always been business minded and they have always strived to adopt the best strategies to ensure that OSI Group rises to the top. The executives have always strived to form partnerships and collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs in the food industry, and through this, they have established a close relationship with many prestigious companies around the globe.

The partnership of OSI Group with McDonald’s restaurant was one of the notable collaborations that marked the beginning of the firm’s growth. OSI group supplied fresh meat and vegetables to McDonald’s since 1940 and has gained a reputation as one of the best food industries in the country. The collaboration saw the two firms expand their operations in the broader parts of the country. Additionally, the fresh products that OSI Group supplied helped the firm win the trust of their customers and as result, the two firms acquired more customers. The chain of restaurants that McDonald’s established also served a major role in expanding the sales and production of OSI Group, which later attracted more clients with restaurants in the country.

OSI Group continues to transform the food industry with innovative solutions. The firm has employed the use of flash machinery and freezing equipment to help them keep their hamburgers and other products fresh. The great quality of their products has attracted a vast number of customers, a step that has profoundly contributed to the fast growth of the firm.

Besides, the firm’s employees have strived to point out issues facing the firm’s production and the executives have always acted quickly to correct them so as to ensure that OSI Group maintains its great reputation. The closeness and teamwork exercised by the firm’s workers has also contributed to its growth.

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