Jon Urbana’s Life through the Lens

Who is Jon Urbana? Jon is a multi-faceted human being with a multitude of talents and passions. He is a musician, an athlete, a philanthropist, a photographer and videographer, and an entrepreneur. For a more detailed description of Jon and his many interests you can visit his profile or watch the accompanying video.

Amongst all the things Jon Urbana participates in, he has a wonderfully designed WordPress blog that he publishes on quite frequently. There he expresses his passions through great photography, music, video’s, and writing’s about his passions.
A specific post on his blog that is worthy of mention is this incredible high definition shot of the most delicious and rustic looking coffee beans. It’s titled “brew me, please

Another post that catches the eye is this fantastic video of a short and amazingly produced film called “The boy with a camera for a face” This is a stunning piece of art made by an inspiring film producer. It’s a whimsical and fun short film about a boy who was born with a camera as a face.

Jon’s food photography is incredible also and he catches the most amazing angles and high definition shots of food. One of these food pictures that inspires a desire for fresh and organic vegetables is entitled “colors“. It’s a wonderfully photographed piece of outdoor art that captures the incredible colors that a bright parachute can express.

One video on his Vimeo account captures a time-lapse of a stadium, and the imagination and sends you to the far east and makes you want to explore the eastern world in search of incredible spices and chilies. This post is entitled “Untitled“.

On a post entitled “Libations” he takes a great shot of a classic cocktail and gives a shout out to a great new restaurant in Kalamazoo.