Coins Sold By U.S. Money Reserve Help Fund Statue Purchase


An American Company

The U. S. Money Reserve firm markets a variety of precious coins and commemorative medals to customers. Recently, the Delaware company, which maintains headquarters in Austin, Texas, launched an ambitious new reported it developed commemorative coins honoring the 75th Anniversary of the attack launched by the Japanese military against Pearl Harbor in 1941. Customers can purchase these coins as long as they last, or until February 28, 2021, when the marketing campaign ends.

Thousands of Americans lost their lives during the Pearl Harbor attack. At the time, the United States maintained neutrality. It had offered economic support to the Allies fighting in Europe, but had not entered the global conflict. After the devastating Japanese air assault on the United States at Pearl Harbor, the home of the Pacific Fleet, President Roosevelt described December 7, 1941 as a day that would live in “infamy”.

Buying Coins to Raise a Statue

U. S. Money Reserve plans to donate proceeds from the sale of the new commemorative coins to a nonprofit foundation, the U. S. Navy Memorial Fund.

The bronze statue will depict a solitary seaman staring into the horizon. He wears a coat and stands beside a maritime duffel bag. This Lone Sailor Statue by sculptor Stanley Bleifeld, hopes to honor all naval service people and their families, including past, present and future generations.

Sacrifices of the Greatest Generation

The surprise attack killed 2,330 Americans. Many sailors perished in Pearl Harbor’s waters. Portions of one of the sunk vessels, the U.S.S. Arizona, will contribute steel to the base of the new statue. Source material for this article first appeared online at Yahoo.