Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires Walton’s Heating and Air

According to a recent press release publicized in Business Press Vegas, Goettl Air Conditioning has purchased a family-owned, South California-based HVAC company named Walton’s Heating and Air. Goettl Air Conditioning did not reveal the specific financial details of the acquisition. They did, however, report that this purchase allows them to have more of a presence in Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix, and to further promote themselves in California by furthering Walton’s expansion. Prior to the sale, Todd Longbrake owned the California-based company.

An early 2015 post on Yelp notes that Goettl was interested in acquiring Walton’s Heating years ago, but Longbrake was not quick to sign on the dotted line. Nevertheless, once Longbrake had read a number of positive posts from others about Goetti’s owner, Ken Goodrich, he had a change of heart and sealed the deal with Goodrich in the middle of 2015. Longbrake reports that the two businesses have enjoyed significant growth since the deal was finalized. Presently, Longbrake is serving as the sales manager.

While the contracts were signed, sealed and delivered two years ago, Goodrich chose to announce the acquisition only after all of the marketing and operational issues at the California-based Walton’s had been settled. Once things were running smoothly, Goodrich issued Walton’s the Goetti label. He said that Walton’s Heating and Air now provides Goettl with “an ideal platform” for his company’s air conditioning business.

Goettl, once the employer of 306 workers, has now increased its staff. Goettl added more than 200 new positions to its workforce. According to Business Press Vegas, the bulk of the new hires are presently working out of Tucson and Phoenix, now the company’s two largest markets.

Goettl is reported on Indeed.com to be a reputable HVAC firm. The HVAC Company was launched almost 80 years ago when the Goettl brothers, Gust and Adam, first built an evaporative cooler and refrigerated AC system in the Phoenix area. It was unique. It was an important tool in dealing with the desert’s harsh high temperatures.

Over the ensuing decades, Goettl has become a veritable “household name” when it comes to the field of HVAC. The business has continued to thrive and grow to incorporate not only advances in technology but also a growing customer base. When people choose Goettl Air Conditioning, Goodrich works to make sure that they get value for their money. The company has a solid reputation and strive to do the job right the first time.