Mikhail Blagosklonny And He Publishes Cancer Research Through Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a speciality cancer journal that publishes content about the disease and treatments. There are many people who are reading this archived journal online every day, and there are many more who are reading new articles because they have been affected by cancer. This article explains how Oncotarget makes the research of cancer that much easier for everyone involved. Someone who wishes to research cancer on their own may read this journal at any time.

#1: Oncotarget Offers The Newest Research

Oncotarget is known for publishing the most-recent research, and they have helped many people be published for the first time. These researchers are given the opportunity to change the landscape of research, and they are many people who will send in their studies to have them read by the review board. The review board is a team of doctors and professionals who understand this work quite clearly, and they are working diligently to ensure that every study is relevant and correct. Visit ResearchGate to keep up to date with Mikhail’s latest work.

#2: The Journal Is Online

The journal is an online place where someone may change their ideas of what cancer is and how it is treated. They may read the online journal in archives, and they may look over articles that may be shared with friends and family. There are many places where people will find there is something new that they did not know, and there are many pieces of information that may lead them to even more studies.

#3: The Journal Has A Reputation For Forward Thinking

The journal has garnered a reputation for forward thinking that has made it one of the best in the medical industry. Doctors and nurses often read Oncotarget because they want to know what is new in the industry, and they are hunting for information that will help them learn how to serve patients.

Patients are often referred to the journal because of the reputation of Mikhail Blagosklonny. He has been known for helping put the best cancer research into print, and he is working hard with many professionals every day to ensure that research is done well. Someone who wishes to learn more about cancer may do so, and they will be confident that they are reading something endorsed by medical professionals. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn.com

#4: Easy Access To Every Article

The online version of the journal offers easy access that is important to patients, and patients who have questions about the studies they find within will find that they may alter their perspective on the disease when they may share freely. Someone who is looking over the journal many times over will feel much better knowing that they may come back with more people to show them what they have found.

The Oncotarget medical journal will help cancer research reach the light of day, and Mikhail Blagosklonny helps many people become the published authors they need to be. They be funded more because of his help, and they may get their research to the eyes of people who need it most.


Dr. Sergio Cortes Leading The Way In The Fight Against The Zika Virus

Every expectant mother is riddled with concerns regarding the health of her unborn child. Her greatest fear is that something might happen that would affect the developing fetus in utero that could result in complications during labor or in long-term birth defects.

In the tragic case of Marilia Lima; civil servant, sociologist and lawyer from Brazil, these fears have become a grim reality after the birth of her son Arthur.

Suffering from microcephaly, a disorder that has been connected to the little-known Zika Virus, Arthur was born with a small head and severe brain damage. He is continually fretful, difficult to placate and is riddled with health problems ranging from his eyesight to the use of of limbs and he is unable to properly nurse.

In an interview with Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, contributor for National Public Radio, Lima says, “It’s still something that doesn’t feel real to me yet, but I am at the point where I can’t think. I just have to act. I have to take care of him, look after all his needs.”

Even more unfortunate, Arthur is only one out of an estimated 3,500 other children that have been diagnosed with microcephaly since May of 2015.

Due to the recent epidemic of Dengue and negligence on the part of several health officials, Zika has been allowed to spread rapidly presenting an alarming concern to citizens of Brazil and more than a dozen other countries. This is why Dr. Sergio Cortes, CMO Chief Medical Officer Executive Director of Rede D’Or São Luiz, is working to educate and inform people as to how to properly differentiate between the viruses.

Thanks to Dr. Sergio Cortes’ findings that have been reported on this Dino.com.br article it has been discovered that the Aedes Aegypti, or yellow fever mosquito, is not only a transmitter for Dengue but also the Zika and Chikungunya viruses.

Although the symptoms of the diseases are very similar there are some distinct differences that Dr. Sergio Cortes believes can discern between each disease. He has determined that high fever, body aches, and splotchy red spots on the skin are common symptoms but muscle soreness and pain behind the eyes seem to be exclusive markings of Dengue; while itchy, red eyes are characteristics of the Zika Virus and joint pains are signs of Chikungunya.

While there is not any vaccine or known treatment for the Zika Virus, an antidote is being developed by the Butantan Institute in Sao Paulo to combat the disease. Currently it is in the second stage of research but Dr. Sergio Cortes reports that the drug is expected to pass to the third stage to be manufactured on an industrial scale soon. Dr. Sergio Cortes can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter and reports his research on his website.