Lovaganza Unveils plans for the Global Celebration and Announces the Official Dates of the Celebration

The Lovaganza celebration is a highly theatrical global event scheduled to take place from May to September 2020. Titled as “A Bohemian Fair,” the event of Lovaganza will include all the fairs of the past years as well as the classic use of the Cinerama feel. The fair will be held in eight locations around the globe. Through a celebration of art, music, cinema and dance, the fair will showcase all the cultures of the world.

The brains behind the Lovaganza celebration are J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon. The celebration was scheduled for 2015 but was pushed forward to 2020 in order to make use of new entertainment technologies and superior concepts that will make the fair another wonder of the world. The traveling show is set to premier the highlights of the global fair in 2017. The 2017 traveling show will heavily employ 3D glassless technology.

The Lovaganza traveling pavilion will follow shortly, and it will showcase three major motion pictures via glassless 3D technology as well as 3D and 2D theaters. Genevieve Gagnon is responsible for directing and producing the motion pictures. The shooting of the preliminary footage for the film trilogies of Lovaganza is going on in different locations including Spain, France, and the United States. Shooting in India, Africa and other parts of the world is set to commence shortly.

The final day of the 4-month global celebration will see the participants from different countries join “Hands Across the World.” The act of joining hands symbolizes unity on Instagram; all countries brought together in one simultaneous act of love and harmony.

Information on Lovaganza

Lovaganza is organized in two different entities: The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise which is focused on providing entertainment intended to inspire highly profitable fairs that will fund the operation of its other arm, the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Foundation is geared towards accomplishing its goals, “Implementing an official Universal Quality of life for each child on Earth between the ages of 0 to 15 years old by 2035.”

Lovaganza’s official standard is based on six pre-defined objectives that must provide the basic human needs including shelter, food, healthcare, clothing, education, clean drinking water, and a safe environment that is free from the threat of marital coercion, child labor or threat of war.

The Lovaganza celebration will officially open in 2018. This will ensure that all things are set and compliant on all aspects in all regions ahead of 2020.