The Competition

What would the world do without professional banking? These services are basically priceless even though they tend to come with a fee. It’s a weird catch-22 type of situation, but society would come to a shutdown if banking wasn’t present. NexBank Capital is by far one of the most important banks in the regional-banking community because it provides so many valuable services. Unlike other regional banks, this bank has no weaknesses to name. It has a stellar track-record and there are many individuals who will testify to this claim. Of course, this bank hasn’t achieved greatness by chance. Great leadership is a main component of success, and John Holt has done an amazing job of leading this bank to the top of the ranks.

In addition to its services, NexBank has been involved with many local organizations in supporting specific causes. By teaming-up with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Habitat For Humanity, this bank has been able to provide over $50 million in capital for loan support. The Affordable Housing Loan Program was designed to help families with affordable loan coverage in specific Dallas neighborhoods. Though the families have limited access to loan support, NexBank will also provide professional counseling to guide the families in the right direction. On top of that, this bank handled all title fees and closing costs.

Thanks to its recent merger with College Savings Bank, this institution helped by providing capital for up to 529 savings programs. These savings program will help families save money when sending their children to college. Federal student loans can be very taxing on the students as well as taxing on the families and NexBank is doing its best to ease the financial strain. As you can see, this bank is very progressive in its actions. By investing in its community, Nexbank Capital will get a great return on its investment in the future.