The Fortress of Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is the co-founder and current CEO of Fortress Investment Group LLC. He assisted in this leadership position by Pete Briger, a Co-Chairman and Head of Credit and Real Estate; and Wes Edens, a Co-Chairman and Head of Private Equity & Permanent Capital (and also one of the three co-founders). Since its founding in 1998, the investment management firm has been headquartered in New York City. Nardone and Edens had been joined in founding it by their partner, Rob Kauffman.

Nardone has led the firm to become extremely successful. In 2007 the firm was listed on the NYSE for the first time. In 2006, he became a member of Fortress’ Board of Directors. This made it the first large private equity firm to be publicly traded. In 2008, like many other companies throughout the world, Fortress experienced serious financial trials. However, Nardone helped successfully lead them through this. From 2011 to 2013 he served as the company’s interim CEO, before officially being made CEO in the August of 2013. In 2016 it managed a record $70.2 billion of alternative assets. It has also greatly expanded since its beginning to include management of hedge funds, real estate investments, and debt securities.

In 2017 Fortress was acquired by SoftBank Group Corp. It reportedly purchased it for about $3.3 billion. Selling it to SoftBank was a decision unanimously agreed upon by the Special Committee of Independent Directors of Fortress’s Board of Directors. As part of the agreement, Nardone, Briger, and Edens will continue leading Fortress. Nardone began adult life by earning a B.A. in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. He went on to earn a J.D from the Boston University School of Law. Through years of intense work in the business sector, he has proven himself an extraordinarily trustworthy leader.

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Debt Problems Vanish with Southridge Capital

Debt Problems Vanish with Southridge Capital

Living with debt every single day can take away the security in your life. You might be tired of living on the edge of whether or not you’ll be secure in the future because of the issues you have right now. There are lots of things that can cause debt, and some of these problems come around overnight. Medical bills, emergency expenses and other bills cause debt and require a lot of expert analysis to ensure that you’re not paying more than you should or for a longer period than you should be paying. There is a reason why a lot of people who are in debt choose to make use of a financial solutions company like Southridge Capital.

Southridge Capital is a financial solutions firm that’s ideal for all sorts of different people. You might be an individual who rents an apartment or owns their own home, or you might be someone with a huge business that needs help financially. If you need assistance getting out of debt, now is the time for you to hire Southridge Capital and see what they can do for your well-being. Once you’re able to either get out of debt or manage the debt that you have right now, you’re going to find that it impacts other parts of your life in a more positive manner.

There are tons of different people using the services provided by Connecticut-based Southridge Capital. Southridge Capital has worked with tons of different people to help them with their current financial problems. If this sounds like a company you might want to make use of yourself, make sure to either visit their site or give them a call to see if this is something that is going to help out. Make sure that you take a look at Southridge Capital and see just why a lot of people have chosen this company and are finding it to be a great choice for their needs. There are lots of different people right now making use of Southridge Capital and finding the company to be ideal for lots of different reasons. You can visit their website to learn more.


Flexible Payment Accounts with PSI Pay

PSI Pay is a fast and easy way for businesses to offer payment solutions. They offer a variety of products around the world to meet individual needs in the business world. Available in 44 different currencies and 173 countries, PSI Pay is a safe solution for all types of businesses.

What kind of different products does PSI Pay offer? What makes them different?

PSI Pay is more than just a payment option, it offers four different products.
1. An online payment account which allows businesses to create a virtual account for employees as well as customers. These accounts allow the business to quickly deposit funds for quick access. They also have the ability to withdraw funds or make money transfers.
2. A virtual payment card which creates a virtual MasterCard number linked to an account. This card can be used anywhere online that accepts MasterCard, even where PSI-Pay is not accepted. Simply enter the virtual card number into the payment screen like any other credit card. Money is pulled directly from the associated account.
3. A physical payment card which is a prepaid debit card that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Money can be withdrawn from participating ATMs as well but some fees may apply.
4. A contactless payment function, called PayPass, which allows the consumer to make purchases of £20 or less without the need to enter a PIN. Simply wave the card in front of the card reader and be on your way.

PSI Pay offers contactless payments, how does PSI Pay protect each financial transaction?

PayPass uses encryption that is unique to each purchase as a means of protecting each transaction. Never worry about handing your card to the wrong person or forgetting to get it back since you maintain possession at all times. Never worry about a charge being duplicated when it is accidentlly scanned twice with the duplicate safeguard. Contactless payment really does simplify shopping.

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David Giertz Gives Sound Financial Advice

Rethinking Retirement Planning
David Giertz thinks financial consultants are making a big mistake with their disregard for social security. Many investors believe all customer should focus on their own personal savings and their own accounts with no regard to the social security benefits they will receive. This leads to planning without taking into account all of the future income that the person will receive. David Giertz wants to do away with this thinking and focus on ways to help clients come up with a plan that matches their life.

Giving Thought To Social Security
Social security is something all working adults will receive when they retire on While most people will have at least some personal savings they can rest on, it’s simple sensible to use everything you have. There is a need to redirect retirement planning in a manner that addresses these concerns instead of pretending that people can simply rely on their private investments on Sometimes, these investments fail but social security payments are guaranteed no matter what happens in volatile markets. No financial consultant should ignore such a safe and consistent addition to wealth after retiring from the work force.

About David Giertz
DAvid Giertz is a prominent figure in the finance industry known for his work in insurance. He has helped countless clients prepare for their elderly years by equipping them with the tools needed to make their lives after working exactly what they want them to be. His work has earned so much praise he know sits in management at Nationwide Financial’s sale and distribution organization. At Nationwide David Giertz helps the company sell valuable financial services to clients with all sorts of needs. Some clients might need help with retirement but others might simply want advice on how to make some sound budgeting decisions.

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