Fabletics and the Growing Demand of Branding through Customization

Fabletics has an amazing journey since it founded in the year 2013, both in the case of revenue and brand value. Today, as the market leader in active wear industry, the firm has exemplified how to create a space in the market that is dominated by Amazon. The brand has achieved $250 million revenue in 2016 – within three years of its journey. A detailed analysis of the success of Fabletics shows that a number of strategies by the brand helped it to capture the industry. The most important one is reverse showrooming – a concept which brick and mortar shops set up in all the major cities along with the online store.


It gives the customers to visit the local stores and check the products physically and purchase it from there or online shop according to their choice. Interestingly, the brand ensured most demanded products, based on the local tastes and preferences, listed in each local store. For this purpose, it used online data and local purchase data to convert them to retail strategy. It also ensured customer engagement at a higher level with an assured long-term relationship with them. The online data that include store-heat mapping data, social media sentiment, real-time sales activity, and more are effectively utilized for the strategy. It also made growth possible through three verticals namely, culture, people, and accessibility.


Fabletics had a clear focus since it founded almost four years back: a fashion-forward activewear brand. In 2013, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler – the co-founders of TechStyle Fashion partnered with Kate Hudson as they identified there was no fashion-centered and competitively priced athleisure brand in the industry that produces high-quality products. The trio decided to utilize the opportunity and established the brand by including all the characteristics they identified for the disruptive brand.


Kate took care of the customer service, designing, and social media strategy for the brand. The founders felt the need of providing customized products to users based on their priorities. For this purpose, the management of Fabletics designed a Lifestyle Quiz to all its customers. It works in such a way that when people register to purchase for the first time, they are asked to fill out a list of questions. It mainly asks about the fashion preferences of the customers, their individual choices, body characteristics, and more. Based on that data, Fabletics designs individual fashion products to each of its customers. The brand encourages the fashion enthusiasts to join the bandwagon and compete the Lifestyle Quiz to experience the individual fashion products.

Fabletics Tries to Offer Women Convenience

From the time that Fabletics first started doing business, they have been trying to ensure that they are able to help women. They want to provide them with convenient options and they know that they are able to give most women the most convenient options that they need for workout clothes and athleisure wear. They are always working to come up with new ideas so that there will always be new options. They want to be sure that the women who they provide their services to are able to get the options that they need and it is what has set them apart from other companies that do things that are similar. They are always hoping that they can show people more options and that they can offer the same best experiences to different people.


Since Fabletics first started, they have been showing people the options that they need. They have tried their best to come up with ideas that are innovative and even the Huffington Post has praised them for the way that they do their marketing. They rely on the power of the crowd to show people what they can get and that is what has helped them to be so successful.


The company knows what they are doing and especially knew what they were doing when it came time to hire an ambassador. Kate Hudson is a huge part of the company now and she tries her best to show people what type of outfits the company has to offer. She also does a lot of marketing work for Fabletics so that people can see that she likes the clothing just as much as what other people do. They know what they are doing and Fabletics is growing because of the opportunities that Kate Hudson has given the company.


As Fabletics continues to grow and more people become familiar with their convenience options, they are going to continue to provide people with different options. They know what they are doing and they also know that they can do more so that their customers are able to have the best experiences possible. It is what has made Fabletics a better company and what has given them the chance to show off all of the skills that they have no matter what type of clothing or what size their customers are.


In spirit with their all inclusive theme, Fabletics is trying to ensure that people are able to do more. They want their customers to get the best clothing choices possible and that is what they are constantly trying to do. They know that when they are able to provide people with this opportunity, they can show others what type of positive experiences that they can have. The Style Quiz helps their stylists to choose the clothing that is going to work for each of their customers. It is what helps them to determine the different opportunities that they can offer to each of their clients based on their style.

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Wen hair care products are available online on eBay and Guthy-Renker.



Why Companies in e-commerce should pay close attention to Fabletics

Fabletics is an online store similar to Amazon. However, Fabletics sells clothing items in activewear and sportswear niche. The firm has strived to open stores in several cities across the country. One great thing about Fabletics is that customers can try items in offline stores and purchase the items online. Customers can see the clothing items offline before they purchase it. The business approach is excellent for clients who prefer either buying online or offline.


Fabletics nature of business encourages a reverse showroom. Competitors of Fabletics fail mainly because of a business that fosters reverse showroom. Reverse showroom stores sell at high prices. Customers try items in these stores then decide to purchase at other cheaper places. Fabletics is a reverse showroom because their strategy retains customers and comes with discounted prices. The firm understands local markets compared to other companies. The result is that 30 to 50 percent of people that buy from Fabletics are subscribers and members of the enterprise. People that are not members decide to join after purchasing their first items. While some members choose to purchase offline, it is not of great concern to the company as they still make a profit.


If a customer finds something they like online, they can choose to purchase it at that time without interfering with the online subscription. Customers can buy more than one item in a month if they like what Fabletics offers. All that the clients have to do is to go to the front store and pick the clothing items they want. One can also purchase for a friend at their wish.


The success with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is a clear indicator that she is no newbie in the online fashion world. She has quickly adopted the latest Technology to create a unique brand. The fashion industry is not an easy space. Some fierce competitors have been in the industry for many years. Beating such competitors always sounds impossible. However, by focusing on a better business approach, startup firms can compete with other giants in the industry. Any startup company should always focus on customer experience, brand recognition, and proper product design. Gone are the days when price and quality of product determined if a product is going to succeed or not. The advent of information and internet has changed the way businesses function.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is a branch company of TechStyle, a company that was recently rebranded from JustFab. The company has experienced rapid growth and expansion. One of the latest developments was in June 2015 when it decided to launch an FL2 activewear line for men. Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver Hudson was the brand ambassador for this line of clothing. The company further expanded beyond activewear in March 2016. It added a new line of swimsuits and dresses to shopping shelves.


Fabletics has gained an incredible exposure because of its tactful advertising. Kate Hudson advertises her brand mainly through video footages shot by her cell phone. According to Forbes, the firm was evaluated at $250 million within three years of operation. The company has increased its revenue by 35 percent every year.

Fabletics Paves the Way for Affordable Activewear

Actress Kate Hudson shares her insight on the active wear brand Fabletics that she co-founded with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. A very recent article in Marie Claire Magazine interviews the young mother of 2 on her success in the fashion industry. Kate Hudson, who was born in Los Angeles, California, has had on screen success since her debut in Almost Famous in 2000. Her journey to the top has seen her dabble in various different genres of film.

Her drive and ambition has now shifted over to herFacebook fans by the millions, promoting their active wear brand which has become extremely popular over the years. The brand running under JustFab Inc was only started in 2013 and in 2014 they already expanded to the United Kingdom, France and Germany. In September of 2014 Fabletics set up shop in Canada and in October of the same year they celebrated their first birthday. Due to the fact that their business model was mainly e-commerce up until end of 2015 they had reached the one millionth order in January of 2015. In February of the same year the company decided to make itself available in Australia. June of 2015 saw Fabletics expand their market influence by launching a men’s collection known as FL2. In the same month the company opens up in the Netherlands and Spain in order to give the rest of Europe the privilege to enjoy the Fabletics active wear.

Read the full interview: Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night

Although the business is predominantly e-commerce based, the CEO’s of Fabletics decided to open actual brick and mortar stores within the United States. Prior to these shops opening it was difficult for customers to try on the clothing before purchase. This has now changed for customers living in America as there are a total of 6 retail outlets spread across several states.

Marie Claire Magazine was lucky to catch the young talented actress and question her on the success she has enjoyed as well as any new up and coming collections that we can expect to hit the stores in the future. 2 new lines are in the pipeline and will be hitting the website store this April of 2016. Performance swimwear and active wear dresses are on the horizon as Kate Hudson believes this was a natural progression for the brand. Active women and men is their main target but they also want to inspire those who are not as active as they want to be to get out more and live an active lifestyle. This is made even easier now that Fabletics offers dresses in the innovative performance fabric. This gives customers the opportunity to not have to choose between movement and sexiness. The dresses and swim wear provide both in a package. 
See: http://wwd.com/fashion-news/fashion-scoops/fabletics-to-make-big-push-into-retail-10181356/