Jon Urbana’s Focus Is On Improving The Environment

A lot of people think, Oh we need to improve the environment. Jon Urbana actually takes steps to improve the environment and preserve it for our future generations. Jon Urbana is an environmentalist. He is also a former lacrosse athlete that played for Villanova. This early success on the lacrosse field led to his ability to tackle other problems that are strongly impacting the way that people are living in Colorado. Jon Urbana discusses his commitment to the environment through his charity work. He also has time to follow his other interest that include his business, lacrosse, and flying.
Other people are talking about the environment, while Jon Urbana is actually taking steps to improve the Colorado environment. He has set up a GoFundMe page that explains in detail the connection that he has with Earth Force Inc. They are a youth activist organization that are concerned about the environment. Go to Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force Inc for more information.


Jon Urbana is currently working with Ellipse USA. He is the manager of the Ellipse’s revolutionary IPL and Laser technologies. Learn more about his business ventures here.


The aim of the camp is to help the young lacrosse player excel in the game of lacrosse with the guidance of former lacrosse player, Jon Urbana and a number of other professionals. More information here.


Jon Urbana is a Denver, Colorado based pilot that has earned a very distinguished and prestigious inclusion in the FAA Airmen Certification Database. This is a certification that is not easy to obtain. It takes strong dedication and meeting the education, licensing, and medical standards that are set by the FAA. More information here.