Bob Reina is a Visionary Corporate Leader and Active Philanthropist

Talk Fusion is a global business entity that pioneers in the creation of video marketing products. This company prides itself as a firm that is focused on growing businesses and changing lives in more than 140 countries globally. Talk Fusion’s headquarters is in Brandon, Florida.

This company empowers business people and enables them to pursue their dreams and meet their objectives. Launched in 2007 by Bob Reina, Talk Fusion has continued to scale the heights of excellence in service provision.

This company pioneers in offering global income opportunities, video communications products, unrivaled customer service, and live meetings & video conferencing services. Talk Fusion provides compelling and persuasive marketing solutions that allow businesses to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

A closer look at Bob Reina’s career, education, and social works

Bob Reina is a renowned executive, experienced in the fields of management, information technology, leadership, and marketing. Reina is an alumnus of the University of South Florida. Reina graduated top in his class at the police academy. While at the University, Reina did a variety of other jobs in the marketing industry.

His passion for video marketing began in 2004 when he was touring his house and decided to capture a video and send it to his family. When Reina tried to upload and send the video to his family via AOL, Reina realized that it was impossible.

From that moment, he began thinking about how to develop a video emailing solution. It was then that he decided to partner with his friend, Dr. Jonathan Chen, to come up with a video emailing platform. This idea grew into a video marketing solution, which made Talk Fusion one of the worlds’ largest advertising firms.

Before establishing his company, Reina worked as a deputy sheriff of Hillsborough County. He was always passionate about sales and marketing. During his tenure at the sheriff’s office, he established a marketing network. Reina later ventured into direct sales and was named the top salesperson in the field.

He is involved in a variety of charitable activities and civic duties. Reina loves dogs, and he once adopted one from Hillsborough County Animal Services. His favorite book is Eight Steps to Seven Figures by Charles Carlson.