Malcolm CasSelle: Genius And Digital Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

Worldwide Asset Exchange, or simply WAX, is the newest, and most secure way to process virtual asset trading. Namely, DLC for the hottest games on the market. It enables gamers to buy and sell through a simple widget. And, you don’t even have to leave the game to do so. That’s right. All in-game!!!

With Computer Science degrees from both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Bachelor’s Degree) and Stanford University (Master’s Degree), Malcom CasSelle is nothing short of a genius. And, that could easily be an understatement as he also speaks fluent Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin). As President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is a dynamic and truly gifted leader.

He has held the position since 2017. Not only that, he is also the current Chief Information Officer at OPSkins, which, if you didn’t know, just happens to be the number one place for buying and selling digital items and packages for online games. He has also served as Chief Technology Officer and President at tronc (Tribune Publishing). In addition, he as also served ad the Chief Executive Officer at MediaPass as well as co-founding Timeline Labs. Timeline Labs developed social media tracking software that allowed companies to find out just what people are interested in. Timeline was acquired by SeaChange International in 2014. Even after the merger, Malcolm CasSelle was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media.

Before that, in April of 2012, Malcolm was appointed the position of Chief Executive Officer of Xfire, the place where true video gamers, 22,000,000 of them in fact, go to talk about upcoming releases, the current hottest games and strategies for them. Malcolm also co-founded a Hong Kong based telecommunications company called Pacific Century CyberWorks, or simply, PCCW. And in only 18 months, the startup company was worth 38,000,000,000. He served as Senior Vice President and advisor to the CEO at the company from 1998 until 2002. And, in 1995, he co-founded the first outside company accepted by America Online’s (AOL) Greenhouse Program.

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Richard Dwayne Blair: Financial processes

Achieving financial freedom begins with an individual. The major reason as to why some people succeed and others fail financially is because of either planning or lack of it. As a financial planner and advisor at Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair believes that every person needs to have a proper financial plan for them to succeed. His objective for several years now has been to help the people of the greater Austin, Texas region gain important financial knowledge and be able to attain their financial goals.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced businessman with vast experience in asset management and investment. He got his inspiration from his mother as well as grandmother who were both teachers. He realized the power of knowledge in transforming the lives of people and took an initiative to use the knowledge he had to impart financial skills to the people of Austin, Texas.

Richard Blair uses a three pillars approach in helping his clients reach their goals. The three financial processes help him analyze his client’s current financial situations and generate a holistic plan for them.

The first pillar

The first pillar is created specifically to lay out a financial roadmap for the client. Richard Blair achieves this goal by identifying the goals of the clients, their ability to tolerate risks, their strengths and available opportunities for growth. This financial pillar is also meant to create a strong and long-lasting situation between Blair and his clients so that he can gain a deeper understanding of their goals as well as expectations.

The second pillar

The major purpose of this pillar is to come up with an effective and long-term investment plan that is specifically designed for the distinct goals of the clients and their liquidity needs. At this financial phase, Richard Dwayne Blair carefully manages his clients’ assets portfolio to ensure maximum returns as well as minimize loses.

The third pillar

The last pillar mainly involves implementation and monitoring of the client’s goals by tracking and comparing them with their set expectations with the company. It is also the same phase that Richard Blair takes care of his clients’ retirement and insurance needs.

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Academy of Art University Creates Leaders in Art and Design

The Academy of Art University has become a leader in producing top talent in arts and film. An Alumni from the university Jan Phillip Cramer recently served as the head of the animation for Avengers: Infinity War. Breaking box office records Avengers: Infinity War pulled in the most money of any movie in history. The success of Avengers: Infinity war isn’t Cramer’s only notable accomplishment. Armed with a BFA from the Academy of Art University, Cramer has also worked on other critically acclaimed films including, Avatar, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Cramer credits much of his success due to the mentorship and guidance of Academy of University of Arts staff and teachers. Cramer isn’t the only success story from the Academy of Arts University. More than 50 Academy alumni have worked on Golden Globe-nominated films, as well as 20 Oscar-nominated films. Many of these professionals studied at the Schools of Animation & Visual Effects and Motion Pictures & Television. Some of these roles the Alumni played in included Lead Graphic Designer, Supervising Animator, VFX Producer, 3D artist, FX Artist, Character Shader.

The San Fransico based University offers degrees in programs such as Animation & Visual Effects; Motion Pictures & Television; Television & Digital Media and Acting. Being the largest accredited private art and design university in the nation makes the Academy of Art University a top choice for professionals looking to follow their passion for creation.

The Academy of Art University has a beautiful urban campus in San Francisco that helps students find their muse with original architecture, a diverse student body, and technology to assist with productivity and time management. The university was founded in 1929, establishing itself as a leader in art and marketing. The combination of industry experts serving as instructors and a hands-on philosophy creates lifelong achievers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. The university also has a 100% acceptance rate encouraging any and everyone to follow their dreams.

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