The Chainsmokers and their new single “Sick Boy”

The chainsmokers have only been around for a little over a couple of years, but have ran into success, and created songs that have topped the charts since then. Some of their popular hits include; “something just like this” “roses” “don’t let me down” “closer” and “Paris.” Most of their hits have topped the music charts for weeks, and they are currently working on a new album.

Alex and Andrew were pressured to live up to their most popular hits and create more music that others would love, and make it to the top 40. But they wanted to try something different this time. Most of their old music was about love and relationships, but they wanted their new music to have a darker feel to them.

Their new single is called “Sick boy.” Sick boy is different because it goes through the struggles that we face in our new generation. Andrew explained that he and Alex have grown up as artists and as people, and they wanted to create something new, and something relatable. Sick boy talks about social media and how it relates to everyone. In this new generation, everyone is worried about the amount of likes they get, and social media puts out a false representation of who people really are, and Andrew and Alex wanted to put that out in their new music.

Their new music is going to represent out new generation, and what it is like to live in it. Their is so much pressure for the pictures we post and the likes we get on social media, and it is something that everyone, famous or not go through. Andrew and Alex wanted their fans to think about those things and relate to them when they listen to their music.

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