Talkspace Growth

Talkspace is an innovative therapy company that is run through an app on your cell phone. People are always on their cellphones. Why not receive the help that you need to be a better person while using your cellphone? People have flooded Talkspace seeking help over the last couple of years. After the 2016 election when Donald Trump was elected the new president of the United States. Their client based tripled in January of 2017 on the Day of his Inauguration. It is not definite that the results of the election are what made people begin counseling, but more people have started using Talkspace for sure.

Talkspace has helped over one million people get the help that they need. People continue to use their services. When a person gets a plan through Talkspace, they are matched to a therapist that is relatable to them to make sure that they receive the help that they need. Talkspace is dedicated to making sure that their clients are benefiting from the sessions that they have with their counselors. People spend hundreds of dollars having in office counseling sessions with people that do not relate to them, and they do not benefit from the session that they spend their money on. Talkspace works to ensure that the people using their services get the help that they came to them seeking.

Insurance companies have begun offering Talkspace in their plans to make sure that people have good mental health. If a person does not have insurance, they pay about $32 a week and can contact a therapist at least once a day. They are allowed to communicate through chat or video depending on what they desire. Talkspace’s highly trained professional therapist staff has helped millions of people all over the United States of America.

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