Greg Secker Career and Philanthropy

Greg Secker is a financial trading and foreign exchange expert. He started trading in the FOREX market in his twenties and has been in the business for more than 2 decades. Mr. Secker has used his profits in philanthropy work. He founded the Greg Secker Foundation that has played active roles of empowering the youth and helping the needy people all over the world. Greg was born in Norfolk, England. In the course of his career, he has established several corporations including Learn To Trade, FX Capitals, SmartCharts Software and Capital Index.

Although Greg Secker attended the University of Nottingham and graduated with a degree in Agriculture and Food Sciences, he is more involved in the financial sector. In the course of his university studies, he made computers and sold them. He was also familiar with coding programming languages into computers. Mr. Secker attended a job fair where he presented his coding works at the Thomas Cook Financial Company stand. He was then offered a job at the company’s Virtual Trading Desk. He coded strategies for the clients into programming languages that the computers understood.

While working at the Virtual Trading Desk, he became interested in the foreign exchange market. He became familiar with the trading and decided to invest in the business. He invested 5,000 Euros in the trade and made a total of 60,000 Euros in one year. He became more familiar with the market and left his job to do currency trading on a full time basis. Greg then started attending seminars and became a speaker. Mr. Secker has spoken in several national and international conferences including The Success Summit Congress, the National Achievers Congress and the Wealth Expo in the United States.

He established the Greg Secker Foundation to assist people in the community and empower youths all over the globe. The foundation conducted the Youth Leadership Summit. Through the summit, youths have been equipped with living skills on entrepreneurship, leadership and health. The foundation also built the Philippines affected by the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan Typhoon-proof houses. Mr. Secker has authored and published several books like the “Financial Freedom through Forex” and “Trading Your Way to Success.”

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