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Every day when we see the news, the fact that Russia interfered in our 2016 election, has become less shocking and more status quo. Robert Mueller was appointed as Special Counsel, to determine the depths of this issue. Americans feel strongly about the integrity of our elections and the idea that another country could interfere should be especially worrisome. Sad to say, citizens throughout the United states have become almost immune to the latest political storm.

Mueller just recently uncovered that Russia participated in ad campaigns to influence the American voters. The money so far exposed adds up to over $100,00 dollars. Russia is certainly not the only foreign entity to attempt to play havoc with our elections. Chine Nationals are known to have contributed $1.3 million to a Jeb Bush Super Pac. At the beginning of 2017, there are at least 15 cases of illegal foreign campaign spent to unduly sway the American people according to mothershipstrategies.com.

This disturbing chain of events has been long coming and can be traced back to ineffective campaign regulations and the lack of enforcement on the laws we do have. Because of this, a small group of wealthy Americans have a disproportionate say in the direction of our politics.Groups who donate billions of dollars to campaigns expert a large and powerful return on their investment. All three branches of the U.S. government can be attribute ed blame in the corruption of our system.

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A milestone in the history of this unfair balance of power is the 2010 decision by the Supreme Court. They ruled that donations were “speech” and therefore could not be regulated or suppressed. It was at this turning point, that people began to fight back. Democrats have openly supported candidates that seek reform for campaign spending.

End Citizens United is a grass roots political action committee that uses contributions to fight against political corruption. Founded in 2015, ECU raised $4 million dollars in donations, just in the first quarter of 2017. These are amazing numbers when you consider that the average previous donations averaged just $12.

This group’s mission is to curb the campaign spending and to pass new regulations to cap donations. Their belief is that money corrupts politics. Institutional changes are needed and ECU is determined to fight back against the current trends in politics. They were greatly disturbed the election of Donald Trump and they hope to even the playing field by supporting candidates that share their ideals. It seems the majority of the American public supports them.

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