Baltimore’s Real Estate Industry According to Todd Lubar

Although Baltimore appears to be losing numbers as far as the total population is concerned, the younger demographic is doing extremely well. The city currently has a high younger professional’s presence increasing the demand for apartment options. Real estate developers have even begun refurbishing older buildings to create better options for residents. As a result, more condominium and apartment options have been produced. Presently, the city seems to be more interested in public transport improvement and expansion. This will make life in the city easier especially for individuals who live downtown. Moreover, experts project that this will help the greater metropolitan areas to grow even faster.

Baltimore’s business community has also begun flourishing. There has been a broad range of initiatives meant to better the business environment especially for startups looking to launch their operations as well as those looking to relocate. In recent years, the city has continued gaining a reputation for its unwavering support to new businesses. Additionally, Baltimore has also been drawing top talents from the neighboring areas to help in the growth of companies. Experts don’t expect the city’s cost of living to rise anytime soon. Due to the low cost of living, Baltimore will become the best option for individuals who can’t afford the lifestyle of Washington, D.C. Moreover, the city’s new housing developments will contain more amenities. Check out Inspirery to know more.

About Todd Lubar

Presently, Todd Lubar works at TDL Global Ventures, LLC, where he is the President. Additionally, Mr. Lubar acts as Legendary Investments’ Sr. VP. Previously, Todd Lubar held executive positions at Legacy Financial group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Thanks to his efforts, Maryland Legacy Financial increased its production to a couple of 100 million dollars per year. At Charter Funding, Todd Lubar served as Senior Vice President where he focused on helping the needy.

From 1977 to 1987, Todd was in Washington DC attending the Sidwell Friends School. He later enrolled at The Peddie School before going to study Bachelor of Arts in communication and speech at the University of Syracuse where he graduated in 1995. Immediately after his undergraduate, Crestar Mortgage Corporation was his employer before joining Legacy Financial Group.

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