Why Richard Mishaan Design Deserves Bragging Rights in the World of Design

The name Richard Mishaan Design has been synonymous with quality and luxurious interior design for quite sometime now. The man behind the name is a transformative designer and architect who’s widely recognized for his mind-blowing creativity and jaw-dropping works of art. Richard Mishaan has not only made a reputable brand out of his name, but he has also made his unique styling signature a revered global brand – Richard Mishaan Design.Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Columbia, and spent some part of his childhood in Italy. Even at an early age, the passion for design and architecture was burning inside him. He joined the Columbia University School of Architecture to fulfill his desire to create amazing awesome design. He later joined the New York University to pursue a BA, where the dream of Richard Mishaan Design took form.

Notable Projects

Richard Mishaan’s career in interior design started when he became an apprentice in the offices of Phillip Johnson. Since the start of his career, he has had the privilege of working on numerous high-end projects for both residential and commercial clients. Due to his exquisite quality of work, Richard was recommended for the job of designing the New York City’s famous presidential suite in the St. Regis Hotel.The highly successful project marked the beginning of Richard’s involvement in a chain of high-end hotel design projects, including the Marriot AC on South Beach, the Hotel Tcherassi in Cartagena (Colombia), and Shelborne Hotel in South Beach. His acquired knowledge and understanding about interior design and how people relate to it drove Richard into authoring his books.One of his books titled ‘Artfully Modern’ enlightens affluent people that it’s possible to create luxurious spaces from ordinary assortments. Another aspect that sets Richard and other designers apart is his diversification in merging the yesterday’s works of art with today’s living.

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