Freed Financial Asset Management Provides Financial Insight for Parents

Freedom Financial Asset Management is based in San Mateo. CA and provides consolidation loans for consumers with outstanding debt as well as offers approved debt resolution programs. They are a nationally-recognized loan firm featured in The Wall Street Journal, The San Francisco Business Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

Kevin Gallegos, VP of New Client Enrollment at Freedom Financial Asset Management, shared insight in a QuickenLoans article that guides parents during back to school stress. Gallegos first recommends creating a school supply list for both the upcoming year and following year in preparation of purchasing supplies during off-season and sales. He provides the remaining steps:

Link to full article. To learn more about Freedom Financial Asset Management, click here to view their company website.
• Establish a Budget
• Stock Up on Supplies
• Purchase Organizational Supplies (binders, planners, etc.)
• Purchase Clothes during Off Season
• Meal Prep
• Attend Orientation
• Establish a Routine (Post a monthly calendar for the whole family to be aware)
• Homework (allow a 30 minute breather/snack before diving in after class)
• Extracurricular Activities (only when not interfering with homework or sleep!)
• Allow Quality Sleep Thru Limited Distractions

For details:

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