Establishing a Great Foundation

Bruce Leverson graduated from American University School of Law. He is a successful businessman and a philanthropist. He was the previous owner of the NBA team and a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC that manages and runs the Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Since 2012 he has been the director of Tech Target Inc. As a philanthropist he assisted youngsters who did not afford enough money to pursue higher learning education.

Bruce Leverson and his co- partner Ed Peskowitz co-founded United Communication Group that contains specialized business information. Currently it is one of the biggest private business companies, it offers two million customers in various business area, qualified information such as technology, energy, healthcare and financial services.


The former manager Danny Ferry, ownership set of NBA franchise, Atlanta Hawks and Entertainment filed a complaint contrary to New Hampshire Insurance Company for breached of contract containing the statement made by Danny Ferry. The insurance company protected damages associated with the work which is carried out but failed to bound extra activities including illegal termination of the agreement. The insurance company is blaming the transfer of Atlanta organization for breaching a six-year contract.

Complaint entitles for fifty percent fine for unpaid damage also for lawyer charges. According to ESPN, the complaint does not contain the modern Hawks ownership set that is controlled by the main holder Tony Ressler. Representatives of the modern Hawks ownership are alert about the lawsuit, but the major parties involved do not have a link to the Atlanta Hawks group. Therefore, they will not make any additional remark about the matter.


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