Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur That Does More

In the world of entrepreneurs, many try, but few succeed. And even few succeed in the way Marc Sparks has. Marc worked his way from gas station groceries to being a world traveling millionaire. But how did he do it? How did he go from nothing to everything? Well, there are a lot of ways, really.

For one, Marc is not the type to put all his eggs in one basket. With his privately owned company, Timber Creek Capital, at his back, he is able to provide capital for dozens, or even hundreds of companies. He is in the practice of not only providing that initial capital, he also helps potential business owners grow their companies with short and long term growth plans, mission statements, and his own experiences.

And, should one of his investments fail, he does not let it get him down. With an upbeat, positive attitude, he continues on and looks towards the future.

While Marc does not have much of a formal education, he had a knack for business, and has built up quite a bit of experience over the years. So much that he decided to help those who might not share his skills, but still want to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

This is done in the form of a book, titles They Can’t Eat You. In this book, Marc shares his ups and downs, his successes and his failures. All so that others can learn from him and become successful in their own rights.

Marc is not just a successful entrepreneur either. He is an active philanthropist as well. He donates to multiple charities, such as The Samaritan Inn, the American Can! Academy, and even his own charitable organization called “Sparky’s Kids” foundation, which helps provide computers to children in need.

Marc Sparks has a lot going for him. A knack for business, a desire to help people, and an attitude that cannot be kept down. He is a model for those who want to succeed, and provides a good lesson on how to do so no matter what kinds of obstacles befall you.

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