Establishing a Great Foundation

Bruce Leverson graduated from American University School of Law. He is a successful businessman and a philanthropist. He was the previous owner of the NBA team and a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC that manages and runs the Philips Arena and Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Since 2012 he has been the director of Tech Target Inc. As a philanthropist he assisted youngsters who did not afford enough money to pursue higher learning education.

Bruce Leverson and his co- partner Ed Peskowitz co-founded United Communication Group that contains specialized business information. Currently it is one of the biggest private business companies, it offers two million customers in various business area, qualified information such as technology, energy, healthcare and financial services.


The former manager Danny Ferry, ownership set of NBA franchise, Atlanta Hawks and Entertainment filed a complaint contrary to New Hampshire Insurance Company for breached of contract containing the statement made by Danny Ferry. The insurance company protected damages associated with the work which is carried out but failed to bound extra activities including illegal termination of the agreement. The insurance company is blaming the transfer of Atlanta organization for breaching a six-year contract.

Complaint entitles for fifty percent fine for unpaid damage also for lawyer charges. According to ESPN, the complaint does not contain the modern Hawks ownership set that is controlled by the main holder Tony Ressler. Representatives of the modern Hawks ownership are alert about the lawsuit, but the major parties involved do not have a link to the Atlanta Hawks group. Therefore, they will not make any additional remark about the matter.


Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur That Does More

In the world of entrepreneurs, many try, but few succeed. And even few succeed in the way Marc Sparks has. Marc worked his way from gas station groceries to being a world traveling millionaire. But how did he do it? How did he go from nothing to everything? Well, there are a lot of ways, really.

For one, Marc is not the type to put all his eggs in one basket. With his privately owned company, Timber Creek Capital, at his back, he is able to provide capital for dozens, or even hundreds of companies. He is in the practice of not only providing that initial capital, he also helps potential business owners grow their companies with short and long term growth plans, mission statements, and his own experiences.

And, should one of his investments fail, he does not let it get him down. With an upbeat, positive attitude, he continues on and looks towards the future.

While Marc does not have much of a formal education, he had a knack for business, and has built up quite a bit of experience over the years. So much that he decided to help those who might not share his skills, but still want to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

This is done in the form of a book, titles They Can’t Eat You. In this book, Marc shares his ups and downs, his successes and his failures. All so that others can learn from him and become successful in their own rights.

Marc is not just a successful entrepreneur either. He is an active philanthropist as well. He donates to multiple charities, such as The Samaritan Inn, the American Can! Academy, and even his own charitable organization called “Sparky’s Kids” foundation, which helps provide computers to children in need.

Marc Sparks has a lot going for him. A knack for business, a desire to help people, and an attitude that cannot be kept down. He is a model for those who want to succeed, and provides a good lesson on how to do so no matter what kinds of obstacles befall you.

Helane Morrison Working to Regain Confidence

Compliance officers play an important part in the corporate world. Their opinions play a role in decisions made by corporations. Helane Morrison has become a leader in this male dominated field. She has worked a range of jobs from a position at the SEC to a journalist. Her goal has been to help the public regain confidence in the finance industry and fight corruption.


An economic crisis in 2007 revealed widespread corruption within the finance industry. Falsified records and fraud were just some of the issues exposed. Institutions that people once trusted were shown to be ripping them off or closing. Confidence in investing went down dramatically. Helane Morrison currently works with Hall Capital and her main goal is to help people regain confidence in the finance industry. She is the general counsel, chief compliance officer, and manager director there. She is in a position to influence how people feel about the finance industry and her reputation of ethics exceeds her.


Helane Morrison has been the head of the SEC for the Northwest Office and worked for the SEC from 1999 to 2007. In this position, she covered compliance issues for northern California and five other states. Before that, she worked for a private law firm where she was made partner. Prior to that, she worked as clerks to two Federal judges. She has been a journalist. Her goal has always remained the same: to fight corruption within the industry. As a compliance officer, Helane Morrison is able to ensure that businesses follow regulations.


Brian Bonar, Financial Executive, and Leader

Mr. Brian Bonar is a successful and modern finance executive. He is currently the leader of Trucept, Incorporated. He has extensive and broad leadership skills that trace back to his background, having served as in numerous companies especially Dalrada Financial Corporation.

His technical background can best understand his success; he has knowledge on how to develop a business framework that yields results. Mr. Bonar received his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering from the Technical College of James Watt. He the furthered his studies and attained his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stanford.

Mr. Brian Bonar has previously worked for IBM as the procurement manager and moved on to become the Director of Engineering for QMS, Inc., managing over 100 individuals. He then, later on, moved to Adaptec, Inc., and became the sales manager. Once he gained enough experience, he went on to found his company, Bezier Systems.

He then decided to work as an employee for more firms and found greater success in his career in Dalrada Financial Services Company where he was revered to as the most helpful and pleasant colleague

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar has specialties in mergers and acquisition. He takes a personable and creative approach towards life, uniting the ultimate creative power of an architect and the technical genius of an engineer. Mr. Bonar was also named as the Who’s Who American in 2000. His hobbies include golfing, going for boat trips, and spending splendid time with his lovely family.

Mr. Bonar’s passion lies in the high-performing teams to develop, create, and deliver solutions designed in collaborations. He strives to build, through each and every opportunity, client trust. His love for the entire process of design, procurement, design development, land use approval, and contract administration in the guidance of project administrators and stakeholders through all the complex processes.

Throughout his entire career, Brian Bonar has a reputation that is founded in his leadership skills that are inspired to achieve the aspirations and goals of his highly esteemed clients, team members, and the extended project supervisors. With his portfolio including retail, commercial, multi-family housing, aviation, and K-12 projects in education, Mr. Bonar’s diverse blend of skills and experience create results that are the building blocks of great projects, great client relationships, and great teams.

Bonar has served as the leader of Dalrada Financial Incorporation since August 1995. He then became the chairman of the Company in December 1999. He served as the Director of Technology Sales from August 1992 to April 1994. He then became the Deputy President of the company in July 1997. In 1998, he assumed the post of CEO. Before attaining this positions above, he worked at IBM, U.K. Ltd. for about 17 years.

White Shark Media Services

White Shark Media is a recognized digital marketing agency that is based in the United States. The company was started to provide online marketing solutions to consumers in the country. The products from the enterprise are tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. At the moment, White Shark Media is recognized as one of the fastest growing digital marketing agency in the northern part of America. This growth is attributed to the institution’s reputation of engineering cost efficient and reliable search marketing campaigns. White Shark Media is also recognized for offering their clients with world class experiences.


Before growing to its current status, White Shark Media operated as a boutique agency that helped very many companies in America in growing businesses. The institution used to achieve this goal by utilizing its online marketing tactics and their marketing tools that have been tried and tested by experienced individuals.

White Shark Media has been so successful, using a unique formula of tracking the customer’s marketing efforts in all the details. The institution has fundamental level call tracking, competitive intelligence, Google Analytics integration and proprietary reporting software that ensure that it is completely accountable to all the clients every month.


White Shark Media was started in the year 2011 by three experienced individuals who had Danish origins. These people were businessmen who had a lot of knowledge in online and offline marketing. The primary goal of the team was to conquer the SMB market in the country which is growing rapidly in Latin America and the United States. The partners wanted to achieve this goal by delivering the best service and product that is unprecedented.


At first, the company had to face many challenges from the competitive market. White Shark Media had to ensure that all their customers were satisfied. The complaints from the customers were always taken seriously, and this is why the company has done so well. The client’s care in the institution is out of this world. Consumers from all parts of the globe can access the customer care desk regardless of the time. The professionals at the customer care desk handle all the customer problems effectively.

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Online Reputation Management

In this modern era, the internet world is becoming more incorporated into the rest of our lives. Through Smartphone, computers, and other internet devices, you realize that our lives are continuously getting a relation with the web. We, therefore, transmit many impacts onto the ever-expanding online world. The internet has established substantial information about you even without you ever getting in touch with an internet device. People perceive your reputation differently regarding the available type of online information.

Importance of Descent Online Reputation

Your online reputation is the way other people see when they search for you online. They can perceive your status as positive or reproachful. Hence, it is through Online Reputation Reviews that you can control what people think of you on the internet. This incorporates taking into account the strategies and techniques that ensure people find the right materials when they search for you on the Internet. Proper online reputation management allows you to put the best foot forward and counteract misleading information. Misleading information can be critical when landlords search for you online as a prospective renter. An employer could also search you on the internet for a potential pre-interview. It is vital to ensure that you share appropriate online information for your employer’s or landlord’s consideration. You may never understand why you do not qualify for business tenders. You can as well be wondering why your job interviews never materialize.

Managing Your Online Reputation

It is hard to follow up on what other people say and see about you online and then employ measures to correct any exaggerations that may have come up. You can establish a proper online reputation by only promoting the right online material information. You need to develop accurate and active content that helps your online reputation. Other individuals may write negative information about you online, and this may be detrimental in the long term. Nonetheless, you can avoid this and improve your online reputation by using correct full names for social sites and ensure you control the type of content displayed on social media. You can also choose not to engage detractor sites that may post critical information. Avoid writing back, commenting, or posting to these offensive online forums.