Magnises Helps Millennials Build Relationships And Accomplish Goals

The goal orientated and civic-minded Millennials like to network and work in teams. Several studies show that Millennials are nothing like Baby Boomers when it comes to working. Millennials tend to work smarter rather than harder, and it pays off. The Internet has played a role in making work smarter for Millennials on Vimeo. Social networking is a valuable tool in the Millennial workshop. Baby Boomers had their turn to make their world a safer and more comfortable place to live, but most Millennials believe they can make the world even better because they are so connected.

Billy McFarland, a 24-year-old entrepreneur, is using his creative skills, to redefine the old member’s only concept that social clubs used in previous decades. McFarland is the founder of Magnises, a techno-oriented, socially interactive platform that gives members an assortment of perks that enhance their well-being in Big American cities. Magnises is not McFarland’s first startup. Billy left the college world behind when he dropped out of Bucknell University and founded Spling, the online ad platform, used by Discovery and Universal as well as other high profile companies. Spling is a successful digital acquisition and optimization site, but McFarland saw another opportunity in the members-only platform for elite Millennials that can afford to spend $250 a year for a membership and another $65 a year for a ClubPass. Magnises also offers members a HotelPass that gives members reduce rates on rooms in Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Magnises was launched in March 2014 in two cities, Washington, D.C. and New York, but McFarland has plans to offer memberships in Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, London, and Chicago. Magnises members carry a black card that can be linked to a credit or debit card, and when that card is presented to the brands that support the Magnises platform, members get reduced rates on products and services.

Some of those services included exclusive table reservations at some of the best restaurants in New York, and hard to get concert tickets on Instagram. Products like Johnny Walker scotch and Tesla cars are also offered at special prices. The social networking that takes place among the 12,000 members is another perk.

Starting a high-tech members-only platform isn’t easy. But McFarland raised more than $4 million in capital to launch the program, and in 2015 Magnises was profitable. Magnises doesn’t make money from selling memberships. The company makes money from the deals they make with the big brands that support the concept. More companies are trying to attract Millennial clients, and Magnises is a good way to do that, according to McFarland.

The Magnises concept is not for all Millennials. Most of the members work in the fashion industry or in the finance and IT industries. But as the Magnises expands to other cities more brands will come on board, and more Millennials from other industries will join. McFarland believes that Magnises will attract more members because Millennials like to work as a team. Magnises is a good example of team building that produces empowering results.

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