Anthony Marsala’s Work and Achievements

The National Association of Certified Valuators of Analysts (NAVCA) has recognized Madison Street Capital, a small brokerage and advisory firm that offers highly personalized services to a select group of individuals. They have put its Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Marsala, who made extraordinary advances in business cost estimation, monetary disputes, expert advice, and acquisitions as one of its forty and under forty recognition projects for 2015. He was chosen by the executives of NAVCA that who had a hard time choosing the recruits due to the high-quality professionalism of the nominees.

NAVCA is interested in firms which provide financial advisory services to other companies and businesspeople, mergers and capital reestablishment. They have an establishment that enables them to perform well. They choose the best among the group of financial advisors and give them the chance to showcase their skills in a united assembly. You can find the article on

The nominees were selected from a group of more than one hundred chosen by the executive staff of NAVCA. They will be included in a series of press interviews to show the advancements and contributions they have made to society. It will, in turn, give them the interest to work on new ideas that will help in economic progress and radicalization of funds creating more resources and risk management techniques.

The man behind its growth has exceptional professional skills in finance-related affairs as described by It also states that he is instrumental in running and overseeing the firm’s presence globally which helps in marketing it. He is a valuable tool for the company when it comes to setting standards.

He specializes in the business evaluation and corporate funding that are both key to a business and its client base. He makes sure that all things in the company are in order and represents the organization in global forums to discuss on the primary basis. In this way, the organization’s image is created when it comes to recruitment of financial advisors.

About Madison Capital

Madison believes in establishing strong business relations across the whole of United States and making sure that they correlate with the societies in which they exist. The firm works diligently in making sure that they are advising businesses on proper ways to manage their assets and capital finances. In this way, companies are assured of less liability and increased investment from partners and other financiers who in turn lead to expansion and major growth.

They have assisted organizations in the United States such as the United Way, a company that utilizes national resources to improve lives and mobilize communities. Its principal involvement is in resolving major community issues as well as addressing them through partnering with schools. It, in turn, helps in growth of the schools and safeguarding of funds and fund management techniques. Learn more:

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Brian Bonar named Executive of the Year

Brian Bonar, chairperson and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, received an honorary recognition from Cambridge Who’s Who Registry as Executive of the year in finance.

Cambridge Who’s who Award
Cambridge, Who’s who is a worldwide established growing publisher of professional and entrepreneur biographies. Their honorary awards are offered to individual who display exemplary performance, quality leadership abilities, and academic accomplishments in their occupation.

Dr. Bonar was among two male and two female members chosen from each discipline. Due to his professional achievements, he was awarded the Cambridge Who’s Who honorary recognition in the category of executive of the year.

Brian Bonar’s Professional Experience

Dr. Bonar has more than 30 years of work experience in financial sectors. He has served various companies excelling in his duties and attaining remarkable growth for the companies. He has his current position as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation for almost ten years. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Dr. Bonar has served as Chairman and CEO of Smart- Tek Automated services. Smart- Tek Automated services is a staffing organization that finances small businesses. It also provides professional services such as workers compensation insurance, administrative, and aftermarket services such as temporary staffing and staff leasing.

He also served as President of Allegiant Professional Business Service INC, which provides human resource services to small businesses. It specializes in professional services such as safety programs, human resource support, and administrative services. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Besides his professional experience, Dr. Bonar has an impeccable academic record. In addition to being a certified member of American Finance Association, he holds a Ph.D. from Staffordshire University. Furthermore, he holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering from Stafford University and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from James Watt Technical College.

Given the diverse educational background and professional experience, Dr. Bonar has built a deep understanding of operational strategy in such fields as sales, executive management, marketing strategy, strategic partnerships, and business development.

Brian Bonar is a highly reputed professional leader who works to meet goals and aspirations of his clients. His diverse experience and skills have helped him create results that build great teams and great customer relationships.

Dalrada Financial Corporation
From his vast experience in relevant fields, Brian Bonar has positioned himself as an outstanding executive leader at Dalrada Financial Corporation. Dalrada Financial Corporation supplies a broad variety of employee programs that increase business efficiency. The programs include employee benefits, financial management, promotional and business administrative services, and risk management insurance.

The corporation operates as a market liaison specializing in employee and employer benefits and aftermarket products. Through the services they provide, they are able to steer their clients towards attaining sustainable growth.

Through the quality leadership and services offered in Dalrada Financial Corporation, customers are assured of custom tailored services that suit their needs. Additionally, services provided are cost-efficient and flexible to implement.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Making A Difference In People’s Lives

Doctors today know that there are ways they can really and truly make a difference in people’s lives. They know that sometimes they can’t help people at all. However, they also know that certain fields of medicine have seen tremendous strides in recent years. Such is the case for the field of plastics. Plastic surgeons such as Dr. Jennifer Walden are all about being there for their patients and being able to offer them amazing treatments that are about being able to correct medical problems. Many of Dr. Walden’s patients have walked away with her help with the best possible outcome, one that helps them take charge of their lives again. They know that she can help them find what they want from her medical help.

Her Own Training

Dr. Walden came to the field of medicine after being raised in the Austin area. She grew up in a household here with a mother who is a nurse and a father who has been a dentist for many years. This early exposure to the field of medicine cemented her own love of the world of biology, leading her to major in the field when she was attending the University of Texas. She quickly learned that she could get the training she needed to make a real difference in the lives of the people she wanted to help.

Becoming a Plastic Surgeon

As she tells Austin MD Magazine, she decided that the field of plastics was to be hers. This decision put her in a minority. Only about ten percent of all plastic surgeons are women. Still, she knew she could be just as good as any man on the field. Her own determination has helped bring her to this field and helped her offer world class service. She has been recognized as an authority in the field by many people including her own peer group. Plastics is a field where she knows that she can take a problem that a patient may be having such as an unsightly scar and work to correct it with her own impressive surgical skill.


Read more about Dr. Jennifer Walden:


Coworking Space: The space to be your best self


Would you rather share your office space or work alone? How about if you could do both! The new strategy in productivity is “the coworking space”. In the article, “Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces” by Gretchen Spreitzer, Peter Bacevice, and Lyndon Garrett, coworking spaces can be described as a intermutual office environment by self employed professionals so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge with one another.
Coworking spaces offer a new culture that allows professionals of different specialties to come together and work separately. According to the article, there are 3 things that distinguish the atmosphere of coworking spaces from your typical corporate office. They are as follows:
Coworking space users develop identity and meaning through their work. Due to the diverse backgrounds, companies, ventures, and projects that are in a shared office space the internal politics, direct competition, and forced office persona of the corporate world are alleviated. This gives coworking space users an increased sense of self and work identity. In addition, coworking spaces have a culture of helping one another and transferring valuable skills to its members. According to the article, these shared spaces also has a coworking declaration to achieve collaboration with sustainability. Being in a coworking space allows you to be apart of a social movement, develops your work identity, and puts you in a constant state of networking.
Even though a coworking space is known for its flexibility it also provides a controlled environment that allows for optimal structure for independent professionals. How do they implement this limited structure? Coworkers can either work in a quiet space to elevate their focus, or share office desks to encourage interaction. Another form of job control that most people would see as a benefit is the ability to work from home. In case you have an emergency to tend to with your child or family you can complete your work at home without any job penalties. Last but not least, coworking spaces are available 24/7 so an all nighter or a fast work day is all up to your own individual pace and work style. A communal environment ignites motivation, discipline, and drive for the self employed coworkers. Being a part of a bigger community (networking and connections): When it comes to the coworking space the managers are there to create a unique experience for their members. Coworkers have the choice to participate in interactions when they need them. This develops a sense of identity within the larger group.
How can coworking spaces be a part of your company’s strategy? Coworking spaces should be implemented to allow your people and business to reach optimal success. You can implement coworking spaces as an alternate collaborative zone to be used to brainstorm new ideas with others. What do you need to do to turn your corporate office into a coworking space? It’s all about creating the right environment via encouraging collaboration and providing support to your workforce. First, you must craft the work so that it gives your employees purpose and meaning as well as control and flexibility. Second, an equal amount of individual desks and group seats should be provided for both teamwork and independent work. Lastly, you should aim to promote interaction and engagement to build expansive relationships. This can be done through networking and social events, training series, and team building exercises. Overall, the article summarizes that coworking spaces give professionals space, support, and connections to be their best selves all while allowing them to bring more drive , dedication, and ideas to the office!

Are you ready to flip your corporate world upside down and work, alone, alongside like-minded professionals? Look no further, WorkVille offers New York offices for rent. WorkVille NYC is a luxury coworking space that houses a community of talented start-ups and high-quality small businesses. WorkVille NYC is the #1 coworking space that fosters a culture of success. They feature open desks, move-in ready offices, a cafe, a lounge area, fast internet, virtual mail, a private pool, daily cleaning, printers, and 3 outdoor terraces. WorkVille NYC also transforms their luxury office space into intimate settings for corporate, social, or team events. The inspiring and flexible startup has partnered with well-known companies such as eBay, Zipcar, and the refinery hotel. Located centrally from Times Square, Bryant Park, and major transportation hubs this friendly coworking space is your top space to create. Schedule a tour of WorkVille NYC on the 21st floor of 1412 Broadway and be a part of the space that allows you to be your best self.

Securus Technologies Has the Technologies You Need

Recently I came across an article that exposed a telecommunication company for wrongdoings and security breaches. This company handled inmate communications for correctional facilities in the state of Louisiana. Taxpayers in the state of Louisiana were charged over 1.2 million dollars fraudulently. This would have gone unanswered and unnoticed if not for Securus Technologies. They use their comprehensive data analytics and biometric analysis solutions to identify as well as pinpoint data that is vital in today’s investigations.

Being based out of Dallas Texas with a Better Business Bureau accreditation and A+ rating Securus technology sets the path and is a shining star for other businesses when it comes to being compliant and abiding by rules and regulations set forth by states and government. Securus Technologies also handles other forms of correctional solutions. Ancillary solutions for commissary as well as inmate cell service and information management are all areas where Securus Technologies excels.

Perhaps your corporation or business is in need of GPS electronic monitoring. This is also an area Securus Technologies is an expert in. Court appointed programs as well as community reporting programs that require GPS electronic monitoring can benefit tremendously from the stable, reliable, and dependable services from Securus Technologies. Not only can they help to monitor those on court appointed programs should that individual end up incarcerated Securus helps them to stay in touch with family and friends. You can access your Securus online account and be able to talk to your friend or loved one while they are incarcerated. Stay up to date with Securus on

No matter whether you need solutions for correctional facilities or emergency management of public services, turn to Securus Technologies fora state-of-the-art cutting-edge technology with dependability and reliability you can count on.

Skout Deepens Connections

With social media and smartphones, the Internet has all but caused isolation in people. Many people are glued to their devices and relying on texts in order to connect with one another. They are taking it as a substitute for day to day interaction. However, there is a social media platform that is aiming to reverse the effects of the Internet. This social media platform is Skout. People are encouraged to meet new friends when they sign up with this platform. People that have gotten involved with Skout are experiencing deeper connections and more fulfilling friendships.

Skout allows people options when it comes to signing up with their services. They can either sign up using Facebook, or their email account. Of course Facebook is the easier way to sign up. Email requires the user to enter in all of his information. After the user is done signing up, then they will be led to a grid that is filled with pictures of people that are online. The user could tap an image of a user that captures his interest in order to see that person’s profile. The user could also make adjustments to his account so that he could only see people that are a great match for him.

There are tons of activities that one can participate in while online with their Skout account. However, these activities cost points. Fortunately, there are multiple ways that people can gain points. One way that users can gain points is by engaging with advertisers. There is of course the option of buying points. The user can also spend points in other ways which include sending people gifts.

Skout is a social media platform that has been put together with a lot of creativity. This is one of the reasons that it has been such a successful platform for many users. People often meet up in different regions as friends and even for dating.

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MeetMe acquires mobile flirting app Skout for $55 million in cash and stock


I Was Impressed With Stephen Murray And CCMP Capital

I was impressed with Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital the first time I took an appointment there. I wanted to see if I could invest the money at our company in the right way, and I knew that I could make better decisions if I actually got into the office and asked my questions.

It was nice to know that I could get an expert’s advice, and then he was able to help me get started with their company. He was even working on a new fund at the time we talked.

I was sad to hear about Stephen Murray’s passing, but I can tell you that they are giving me the same customer service that I got from Stephen Murray CCMP Capital when I completed all my investments. I am making a lot of money from what I have invested at CCMP Capital, and I have a broker that I still work with to this day who has been has been helping me make sure that I could get the best results from every investment.

We are using those investments to keep cash flowing, and we are calling into CCMP Capital often to see what can be done for us. We have always wanted to make sure that we could have a solid investment plan, and Stephen Murray did get us started with that.

We even honor his memory in our office by calling it the Stephen fund because he was the person that got us into the new fund that he created. The people he worked with at CCMP Capital say that he taught them everything they know, and they have shown us that they are great at making decisions. We run our business, and then we get dividend checks from them every month that help us with our operations.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Exclusive: CCMP Capital CEO Stephen Murray leaves firm

Fabletics Paves the Way for Affordable Activewear

Actress Kate Hudson shares her insight on the active wear brand Fabletics that she co-founded with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. A very recent article in Marie Claire Magazine interviews the young mother of 2 on her success in the fashion industry. Kate Hudson, who was born in Los Angeles, California, has had on screen success since her debut in Almost Famous in 2000. Her journey to the top has seen her dabble in various different genres of film.

Her drive and ambition has now shifted over to herFacebook fans by the millions, promoting their active wear brand which has become extremely popular over the years. The brand running under JustFab Inc was only started in 2013 and in 2014 they already expanded to the United Kingdom, France and Germany. In September of 2014 Fabletics set up shop in Canada and in October of the same year they celebrated their first birthday. Due to the fact that their business model was mainly e-commerce up until end of 2015 they had reached the one millionth order in January of 2015. In February of the same year the company decided to make itself available in Australia. June of 2015 saw Fabletics expand their market influence by launching a men’s collection known as FL2. In the same month the company opens up in the Netherlands and Spain in order to give the rest of Europe the privilege to enjoy the Fabletics active wear.

Read the full interview: Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night

Although the business is predominantly e-commerce based, the CEO’s of Fabletics decided to open actual brick and mortar stores within the United States. Prior to these shops opening it was difficult for customers to try on the clothing before purchase. This has now changed for customers living in America as there are a total of 6 retail outlets spread across several states.

Marie Claire Magazine was lucky to catch the young talented actress and question her on the success she has enjoyed as well as any new up and coming collections that we can expect to hit the stores in the future. 2 new lines are in the pipeline and will be hitting the website store this April of 2016. Performance swimwear and active wear dresses are on the horizon as Kate Hudson believes this was a natural progression for the brand. Active women and men is their main target but they also want to inspire those who are not as active as they want to be to get out more and live an active lifestyle. This is made even easier now that Fabletics offers dresses in the innovative performance fabric. This gives customers the opportunity to not have to choose between movement and sexiness. The dresses and swim wear provide both in a package.