The Taste Difference Of Beneful Foods

Nestle Purinastore Petcare dog food has a history of making better foods for healthier dogs. Their corporate values stand at making fresher foods with better, leaner meats and healthy vegetables that all dogs will love. They offer many different varieties of foods on from wet and dry and even have healthy treats that dogs at all ages and stages of their lives will enjoy.
Dry Foods

Beneful dry kibble has recently been changing its recipes to take out more of the dyes and sugars and to use leaner meats. Their original formula of foods Include lean beef, chicken and even salmon. The company has gone to great extents to make their kibbles better tasting and better for your dog.

Healthy Puppy formulas help that newly born, fast growing pup to have the enrgy and nutrients that they need. The puppy formula supports bone and muscle growth and health. Formulated with nutrients and lean meats, healthy puppy is a great way to give a healthy start to your dog’s life.

Wet Foods
Beneful also offers a full line of wet foods that are great as stand alone servings or can even be mixed in to the dry kibble for a special meal. One of their wet foods is their stews. These are made with beef, chicken or turkey as the main ingredient. From there they build a healthy meal with big chunks of juicy vegetables, and top it all off with delicious gravy.

Incredibites are specifically formulated with smaller dog breeds in mind. They pack all the nutritional punch of the wet foods for the larger breeds, but keep in mind the special nutritional needs of smaller breeds. These foods are rich and meaty with smaller chunks of vegetables and with a smaller portion of gravy.

Foreign Flare

If truly seeking a different taste for your dog, try the Beneful medleys. Fashioned after mediterranean and italian foods, these wet foods are just the thing to keep your dog begging for more. Chicken, salmon, beef and rice are all the ingredients in these foods. They have been formulated to offer the delicious flare of foreign foods while still staying true to the nutritional needs of your dog.