Why Securus is of Benefit to Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies, which ranks among the biggest providers of technology solutions to correctional facilities, recently announced that it is introducing THREADS 3.1. This is an advanced and wholly integrated analytical tool meant to benefit institutions within the civil and criminal justice system. Basically as explained by PR Newswire, the analytical tool is a redesign and advancement of the firm’s renowned Integrative Solutions platform. The upgrade will see users update the most advanced Internet-based technologies while at the same time preserving the powerful analytical tool that is synonymous to Securus.
The redesign means the use THREADS is easier because redundant actions have been eliminated to enhance the performance of the system. Under the new platform, there is improved navigation, search function and real-time loading. This goes a long way in increasing performance. It also makes the user experience more fulfilling. THREADS will also upgrade the existing software system from Silverlight to HTML 5. Besides this, it will directly integrate other products offered by the firm such as the Secure Call Platform (SCP).

Features of THREADS 3.1

The software requires little training to learn. Nonetheless, it is a highly pragmatic tool that offers unquestionable and unmatchable intelligence to whoever uses it. It has the ability to listen to SCP calls provided they are within the application. It can also detect, identify and report suspicious calling patterns among inmates. Real-time analysis and contextual reporting can be done via the platform, which makes it even more beneficial.

Securus Technologies in Brief

Securus America is based in Dallas, Texas and provides tailor made services to over 3,400 institutions in North America. Its growth has been attributed to its strong desire to provide high quality services. Basing on its mantra, “Connecting What Matters” it has advanced some of the most forward-looking products within the inmate communication industry. These include At-Home Visitation, and Onsite Visitation, which have been widely acclaimed.

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Darius Fisher Appreciates His Employees

Darius Fisher understands that his employees are very important to the success of his business. Therefore, he does not take them for granted. He makes sure that his employees know that they are appreciated and that they will always be rewarded for their hard work. Often times, employees are put in thankless positions where they are not appreciated. As a result, the employees will not feel that their job is secure. They will also look for other jobs so that they could have something lined up that they could fall back on in case they lose their current job. One of the worst feelings that an employee can have is the idea that they might lose their job.


Darius Fisher tries to make sure that they don’t have to worry about losing their job. He makes sure that his employees understand their requirements. He also gives them incentives in order to help them reach goals. Darius understands the importance of showing them appreciation. Therefore, he makes sure that he shows people that they are appreciated for working with him. As a result, the employees are happy, and they are more encouraged to do their job. They also want to go beyond their requirements because of their confidence.


Darius Fisher also knows how to market. This is an important skill for his company Status Labs. Marketing skills help him and his company improve the reputation of his clients. When clients come to him about a digital reputation crisis, then he will help them figure out the steps to take in order to bring about a better public and online image. Among the things that Darius Fisher and his company does in order to improve the reputation of his clients is present new content for search engines to index. As a result, any bad content is moved away from the top results. More people will click on the good reviews of the client. The client will also regain his business and achieve higher levels of success.

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Brian Bonar And His Exceptional Service In The Finance Sector

Brian Bonar, who serves as the Chairman and CEO of a progressive financial firm, Dalrada Financial Corporation, is the man named as Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. To win the prestigious honor, the name of the winning candidate has to be picked from a pool of nominees.

Only two male and two female nominees end up being named executives of the year in various disciplines by the selection committee. Being nominated in and of itself is a great honor. The special honorees are chosen based on leadership abilities, professional accomplishments, and academic achievements. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/trep/insiders?pid=79746390

Brian Bonar boasts a vast experience in the financial sector that spans over 30 years, most of them working for distinguished firms both in the private and public sector – Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brian-bonar-receives-professional-networking-communitys-highest-honor-98913914.html

. This experience gives him much of an advantage when it comes to running and overseeing the operations of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has served in his position for over a decade now.

He has been the man in charge of a large number of aftermarket products, employee and employer benefits. The company plays the role of a Market Liaison. It deals with supplying the clients it serves with various employee programs that increase the efficiency of any business. Among the products are employee benefits, financial management, risk management insurance and promotional and business management services.

Brian Bonar is a much-sought-after leader. Bonar has served Trucept Inc. since March 2010 as the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Treasurer, Secretary and Chief Financial Officer. He has also served the firm as the President and the Principal Accounting Officer since September 2009. When it comes to Tradeshow Products Inc., Bonar has served as the President since March 2008. He is also the CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services. Read more: The New Frontier

He is the Chairman and Secretary of another firm, Warning Management Services. At Amanda Co. Inc., Bonar has served as the Acting Chief Executive Officer since April 2000. He is also the Chief Financial Officer of the company. Among other notable firms that Bonar has worked with include IBM, where he served for over 18 years, and other notable firms both in the private and private sector in the United Kingdom as well as the United States.

Brian Bonar is not a man who is short of intellectual knowledge. Bonar studied for his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Strathclyde University, which is in Glasgow, Scotland. He went ahead to pursue an MBA and Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from a UK University, Stafford University. Bonar served at one point as a Director of Allegiant Professional Business Services. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://bitsylink.com/2015/07/28/all-about-brian-bonar-leader-and-executive/

The Taste Difference Of Beneful Foods

Nestle Purinastore Petcare dog food has a history of making better foods for healthier dogs. Their corporate values stand at making fresher foods with better, leaner meats and healthy vegetables that all dogs will love. They offer many different varieties of foods on Amazon.com from wet and dry and even have healthy treats that dogs at all ages and stages of their lives will enjoy.
Dry Foods

Beneful dry kibble has recently been changing its recipes to take out more of the dyes and sugars and to use leaner meats. Their original formula of foods Include lean beef, chicken and even salmon. The company has gone to great extents to make their kibbles better tasting and better for your dog.

Healthy Puppy formulas help that newly born, fast growing pup to have the enrgy and nutrients that they need. The puppy formula supports bone and muscle growth and health. Formulated with nutrients and lean meats, healthy puppy is a great way to give a healthy start to your dog’s life.

Wet Foods
Beneful also offers a full line of wet foods that are great as stand alone servings or can even be mixed in to the dry kibble for a special meal. One of their wet foods is their stews. These are made with beef, chicken or turkey as the main ingredient. From there they build a healthy meal with big chunks of juicy vegetables, and top it all off with delicious gravy.

Incredibites are specifically formulated with smaller dog breeds in mind. They pack all the nutritional punch of the wet foods for the larger breeds, but keep in mind the special nutritional needs of smaller breeds. These foods are rich and meaty with smaller chunks of vegetables and with a smaller portion of gravy.

Foreign Flare

If truly seeking a different taste for your dog, try the Beneful medleys. Fashioned after mediterranean and italian foods, these wet foods are just the thing to keep your dog begging for more. Chicken, salmon, beef and rice are all the ingredients in these foods. They have been formulated to offer the delicious flare of foreign foods while still staying true to the nutritional needs of your dog.

Why White Shark Media Is The Marketing Agency of Choice

The world has changed. Most people would have never been able to predict the vast technological influx that occurred in the last few decades. Technology has drastically enhanced the quality of life of western citizens and has allowed business owners greater access to their audience. The Internet is a powerful resource. But like a heavy sword, it can be difficult to lift and swing. Very few entrepreneurs have the fortitude to lift it. But they do have the wisdom to turn to a marketing agency that does possess the fortitude. Rather than struggling to understand all of the complexities of the world of digital marketing, many companies turn to White Shark Media.

You could compose a beautiful poem that touches the heart and connects the reader with a full range of emotion. You could publish it on your website. But if you have not optimized your website and that post for search engines, nobody is going to see it. It is going to sit on your website, untouched, having never been read by anybody aside from your mother (who told you that you did a wonderful job). You need to be able to interact with search engines.

When people search for a question related to your industry on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, your website needs to be among the top results. Of course, these results are not arbitrary. They are based on criteria that are known to which you can adapt your website. Although, the criteria are sometimes complicated and fluid. They do not always remain the same (as people take advantage of and exploit the system). Further, there are different criteria for different search engines. Optimizing your website for search engines is a very complicated endeavor. Well, White Shark Media Complaints can direct you to the services that you need to ensure that your SEO score will increase.
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Free Evaluation of AdWords Campaign
Customers can tell when a company is confident in their services when they offer something for free. It indicates that once the customers sees the quality of their work, they will be compelled by it. That is why White Shark Media Complaints offers a free evaluation of your AdWords campaign. You might be wondering why your campaign has not been doing very well or if there is something to be done to get more out of it. White Shark Media Review will answer that question for you.

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High Inflation Rates Expected

Venezuela is a rich country, but one wouldn’t know it based on the current economy. According to the Latino Show Magazine a possible inflation rate of 720% could be seen in the next year. This isn’t the worst of what could take place in Venezuela. The country is set for a hyperinflation. This is a time when prices will soar higher than ever and in a world-record setting. It could be in a total chaos as some politicians have explained. There needs to be several policies set as stated by Ms. Luque, in place for the economy in order for people who live there not to see the high inflation rates. Even if there are conditions set in place and changes in he way of the economy, there is still a high likelihood that inflation rates will be at an all-time high in the next 12 months. There has been no Latino government that has been able to survive these drastic rates.

The Impact Wealth Solutions has had in Advising Clients on Safe Investment Opportunities

Many homeowners in the United States and different parts around the globe rent their apartment or some of the rooms of their home to people traveling for short term. This is one of the ways most people do to raise money especially during hard financial times. The money goes a long way in helping one supplement his income and take care of the basic needs like paying tuition in college. While this is a common practice which has been made more efficient by the use of online platforms to get tenants, it is incumbent for the owner of the property to consider a number of risks that may arise.

One of the unfortunate things that may happen during the rental period is accidents that may occur and expose the homeowner to potential liability. There may be an accident where the tenant may be injured while in the property and open you to a possible law suit. It may also happen that arising out of the negligence of the tenant, certain property is destroyed and leads to loss in replacing the property. The tenant may also refuse to pay you’re the money agreed as rent during the term he or she stays in one of your rooms or takes up the whole of your apartment.

Due to the unfortunate occurrences that may happen, it is important for one to have at the back of his or her mind, the legal implications that arise out of this kind of tenancy. In most cases insurance firms refuse to pay for claims that arise out of short term tenancy agreements where loss occurs in a home insurance policy. This is because the policy that one took with his or her insurer did not cover business liability but only misfortunes that happen out of using the apartment as a home. It is imperative that if you rent your apartment regularly to people visiting through online rental platforms to take up a business liability policy or talk to your insurer to upgrade your policy.

Some jurisdictions require compliance for people in the rental business. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the requirements to avoid penal sanctions if you do not comply. You can seek the advice on a lawyer to inquire if there are any legal requirements like licenses.

Richard Blair is a registered investment advisor at Wealth Solutions in the Austin area in Texas. The firm deals with advising clients on investment, retirement and strategies to preserve and grow their wealth. His expertise in finance and investment has enabled him steer the firm to where it is today. He is a graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in finance.

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Clients Happy About The Outstanding Services From White Shark Media

At White Shark Media, the focus is increasing sales for their clients in their field of work; their ad words campaigns and Bing ad words have been strategically purposed to ensure that small and midsized firms achieve their goals.

Every month White Shark Media has goals set in areas where their clients earn money. White Shark Media is full of professionals with expertise in Shopify through all online platforms.

Customers have viewed them as outstanding and terrific to work with; not only are they professional but every penny spent at White Shark Media is worth it you can read more: Learn Why Thousands Of Small Businesses Trust White Shark Media. Small and mid-sized customers find if pleasurable to have their marketing platforms revised and operated in the association of White Shark Media.

Many have seen the immediate outcome of their ad word campaigns. They have seen the company as extremely accommodating and easy to work with. Well, the firm could have a bit of a hiccup but in comparison with others; customers agree that White Shark Media campaigns are real and the work mostly for businesses with immediate effect, you can also read more: White Shark Media Review – YouTube

Certainly this could be true from the fact that the firm targets to campaign using ad words that major specifically in the field of business that their clients are involved in.

White Shark Media on its part accept that thy have not been all smooth sailing in their businesses. The firm was founded in 2010 from scratch and sure had a couple of weaknesses at the start like customers losing track with their ad words campaign.

Despite the problem, it is what made the firm decide to take customers through a thorough explanation of ad words at the start of their signing off. Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints: http://www.podnutz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=9816 This would help them keep track of their ad words very easy; the employees have also had a couple of problems especially with creating direct links to customers who prefer one contact person.

White Shark Media solved this by its program managers and directors ensuring that they have the track of all customers and their campaigns too.

Weaknesses are part of a starting company, but the company can improve in performance through testimonials whether good or bad. White Shark Media has definitely made huge progress from those reviews and compliments.

Many people would rather have white shark media than any other. Clients are longing for long term relationships because ad words campaigns from White Shark Media complement their budgets.

They do not have to spend more, and the campaigns totally work to increase sales and performance of their small businesses. They definitely not mind having a long term relationship because apparently some of them have been with the company since its initiation.

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