Talk Fusion’s Video Chat 30 Day Free Trial Has Finally Been Launched

After a few months of promotion and anticipation, Talk Fusion has successfully launched its 30 day Free Trial program. Talk Fusion Associates around the world are now encouraging new customers to try the full version of all its products in the video marketing solution. The solution is risk-free for 30 days.

This free trial program isn’t the only perfect way for people, charities or businesses to try out products absolutely for free before purchase, they are the final ingredient in the pledge to the company’s associates; You do no need to be an salesman to share Talk Fusion video marketing products.

The launch comes with a lot of online and direct marketing resources plus new advantages and incentives for Associates to place them on the path to a successful business. All Free Trial Users have a full access to the complete functionality and features of the all-in-one Video Marketing Solution. The package includes Sign-up Forms Video Email, Live Meetings, Video Chat and Video Newsletters.

Based on the initial flurries of the Free Trial activities, Talk Fusion already anticipated a huge rise in associate success and customer accounts. The company’s CEO and Founder, Bob Reina said that the company has put in a lot of effort and hard-work behind the scenes to maximize all the efforts the associates have put out in the field.

Bob Reina is known to have a sense of humor. He attributes his success to self-discipline and persistence. He juggled several jobs while in school at the University of South Florida and went on to graduate first position in his police academy class.

Bob combined his hard earned industry expertise, his entrepreneurial spirit and his natural talent to charge ahead, recognize emerging trends, promote innovative video technologies and empower other people live their dreams. Reina’s 20+ years experience in relationship marketing have earned him a reputation as the pioneering leader in the video technology industry.