Transform Your Hair into Thick, Beautiful Lusciousness

How would you like to turn your hair into what it was meant to be; the hair you were born to have. Well, look no further than “WEN hair” by Chaz Dean. This cleansing conditioner line is a built in shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment combination that gets the job done without the need of damaging your hair by applying all of those chemicals. Emily McClure of took the time to conduct a facebook social media experiment to see how well it changed her hair compared to the usage of your standard shampoo and conditioner products. The results were pretty significant. Right off the bat you notice how much more prominent your hairs thickness is when applying the product. And once it’s dried, the volume and bounce in your hair becomes a proliferation of improvement that makes you question why you haven’t used this product before. It works it’s magic more so on those with fine hair who shower every morning. And while it can leave your hair feeling a little oily if you skip a day of showering, that doesn’t deter from its ability to give you a sleek, boost of confidence your hair was born to experience.

What makes this sold product so unique is its all natural ingredients which consists of Glycerin that provides moisturizer to the hair, Chamomile Extract that’s used for its soothing and calm qualities, Wild Cherry Bark which helps to condition the hair, Rosemary Extract that’s used to soothe the hair, and Panthenol which is designed to strengthen and restore hair. The fact that it contains nothing but natural botanicals, herbs and extracts is reason enough to use this healthier alternative. With “Wen hair,” you can show off a more luxurious side of yourself while at the same time maintaining a clean, hydrated, and lively set of locks.

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