An Insight Into CCMP Capital And Its Former CEO And President Stephen Murray Achievements In Business

Since it became an independent firm in 2006, the New York-based CCMP Capital has made notable accomplishments in the business sector. This firm entered the private equity and investment markets soon after it became independent. Over the years, CCMP Capital has managed to build for itself a legacy as a trustworthy and reliable firm in the market. Currently, most clients both firms and individuals in the business markets rely on CCMP Capitals’ equities and investment services. This firm has – by providing unmatched services to its clients – managed to grow its market from the United States to the rest of the world. CCMP Capital has put a lot of effort in its operations to make sure that its clients receive the best business advice from the firm. This firm also has the industry’s best professionals serving its clients. Their very experienced staff works hard to ensure that all the firm’s clients desires are met.

Stephen Murray was a very prominent global private equities and investments business person and management executive. He worked at CCMP Capital as its top executive position as the CEO and President from 2007 to February 2015. Stephen Murray used his expertise in the extensive private equities and investment markets to promote CCMP Capitals’ success in this market. As this firm’s top executive, Stephen Murray helped the firm conduct successful numerous transactions in the market. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital made a lot of profits from its business transactions in the lucrative private equities investment sector. Stephen Murray took control of this firm when it was almost a year old in the business markets. He helped this firm meet its market’s needs. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital also ensured customers satisfaction was upheld making the firm very favorable among clients. Stephen Murray was also a great opportunity creator who helped his firm enter into numerous high potential market opportunities.

Stephen Murray was announced dead on Wall Street Journal, March 12, 2015, barely a month after he went home due to health related complications. A month earlier, Stephen Murray had taken an indefinite leave from the business sector to concentrate on his treatment. His death greatly shook the CCMP Capital franchise and the entire private equities investment sector. CCMP Capital fraternity said that it will eulogize Stephen Murray as its most successful executive. Employees at CCMP Capital who had worked with Stephen Murray said that they will eulogize him as a role model and team leader who greatly emphasized on the importance of teamwork in achieving success. His fellow executives at CCMP Capital said that Stephen Murray has left a gap in their hearts and organization that no one else can fit into. They all extended their heartfelt condolences to Stephen Murray’s family. They said that they should be strong at this trying times knowing that they were the most important thing in his life.

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