Political Insider Exposes Campaign Contributions To John Kasich Coming From George Soros

A recentNY Books article broke some news about Ohio Governor and presidential hopeful John Kasich. Mr. Kasich promotes himself as the reasonable alternative for the Republican nomination for president. He is a plain, soft-spoken and intelligent man that comes off as very reasonable as he stands on the debate stage next to the schoolyard bullies that lead the Republican field. Kasich has not run a negative campaign ad and stays away from ad hominem attacks that are so commonly used by Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. And his Super PAC, A New Day For America, just received a half $1 million donation according to latino Fox News from ultraliberal financier George Soros.
The donations were made through back channels. Soros used two friends and employees to make the campaign contributions on his behalf. But FEC records clearly show theĀ  donations from George Soros fund managers Scott Bessent and Stanley Druckenmiller. The latter has been with Soros for decades, and was with him when Soros broke the bank of England by making $1 billion in profit shorting the British pound during an economic crisis. These long time confidants have not had a conservative change of heart, rather they are making a calculated political move.

Kasich according to bloomberg politics is the governor of Ohio and Donald Trump needs Ohio to secure the 1,127 delegates needed to win the nomination out right. If Kasich can beat Donald Trump he can stop Trump from consuming the delegates in Ohio because Ohio is a winner take all primary state. By promoting Kasich, Soros can help trip up Trump on his way to the convention where he believes that establishment Republicans will stop Trump from securing the nomination even if he has the popular vote through the primary season.

Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee from 2012, has stumped for the governor in Ohio. Marco Rubio, the only other establishment candidate left in the race, has urged his supporters in Ohio to vote for John Kasich in order to stop Trump. There is nothing to lose for Rubio because only the winner takes home any delegates from Ohio. And with inside the GOP, a group has emerged called Anyone But Trump. Establishment Republicans are actually spending money trying to stop the presumptive nominee. All of this leads Soros to believe that the GOP will deny Trump the nomination at the convention if he falls short of the delegates he needs to secure the nomination.

Counting on the brashness of Donald Trump, George Soros believes that he will leave the party and run as a third-party candidate while taking his support with. This will effectively break the Republican Party in two and guarantee a Democratic president in 2016. And this move may turn the Senate and the house blue, making Supreme Court nominations and passing laws easier for the Democrats.

Soros founder of Open Society, born Jewish in 1930, is a survivor of Nazi occupation in Hungary. He condemns Trump’s anti-immigrant message and fears what kind of movement he will inspire if he were to secure the nomination, and he has pledged to stop him.

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