The Perks of Wikipedia and Gender Equality Among Its Editors

The Interference Archive hosted a group of twenty individuals who had met for a Wikipedia edit-a-thon meeting themed around art and feminism. The increasing gender gap among Wikipedia editors prompted the meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to ensure that a good number of women are granted and given the opportunity to work as Wikipedia editors. Through this, Wikipedia would ensure that topics that are centered on women and those of particular interest on them are discussed and researched.

The pioneers of edit-a-thon were present and gave a tabular presentation of the results of edit-a-thon events that had taken place in March. The pioneers believe that edit-a-thon is similar to other organizations and institutions which promote women in different demographics such as science and jazz. The pioneers also took the opportunity to bring on board feminist designers who helped in promoting the day’s objective.
The Wiki Education Foundation gave a presentation on notability. Notability requires that any topics discussed on Wikipedia are backed by a good number of reliable sources. This gave an insight on how to go around editing topics on Wikipedia and immediately after this the audience started editing a couple of topics on Wikipedia. The prospective editors came to the realization that some topics and issues required persons with knowledge on the history of women.

The archive’s librarians proved to be very helpful during the event as they provided materials that would enable the people present to create Wikipedia pages. Books centered on feminism and concepts of gender equality were also availed. Among the books was the popular Female Gaze. A detailed analysis of Greenham Women’s Peace Camp, which was a women’s protest against nuclear proliferation in Britain was given by a female student.

Wikipedia has its perks. This has seen it been relied on by individuals for purposes of personal branding. In addition to this it promotes and publicizes business ideas and opinions. Through Wikipedia an individual or business is able to promote what they are offering together with their specialties and skills. The availability of edits on a Wikipedia page allows for reviews from people. Any bad edits or reviews are blocked and prevented by Wikipedia Objective Revision Evaluation Service.

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    Sometimes I am baffled with the whole talk about equality in career when I see that some women are really exceptionally top. But I think the idea of is all related as work have the same currency and energy that most men tend to focus on differently. The case is actually beyond such scope but for this, there should be preference attached to some things more than to others.

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