George Soros On The Decline Of The EU

Whether it is, euphemistically speaking, “kicking the can down the road or “kicking the ball further up the hillĀ  George Soros is sharing on Bloombergin the growing sentiment surrounding the European Union (EU) and its imminent demise. Mr. Soros has established his case clearly in discussing how German Chancellor Angela Merkel has dealt with refugees, and how Vladimir Putin is a greater threat to the EU than widespread terrorism as he is seen as the sponsor of the massive amounts of Syrian refugees washing over the EU. Mr. Soros establishes that the refugee crisis could well be the death knoll forcing the EU into disintegration, and he establishes why this problem is such a deleterious influence on the health of the already somewhat unstable EU.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel did make a comment about the Syrian refugee crisis, and how she felt that it could well cause the EU to falter. The two forces that she feels will cause a confluence of events in the EU include breakdown of the open-border, or Schengen system, and eventually lead to undermining the market. Although Ms. Merkel was widely criticized for acting what some said was impulsively, others felt her decisive actions, when faced a flood of refugees, showcased a refreshing new side to her leadership. Add to this that Mr. George Soros also accurately takes a collective look at what the EU is currently going through, and characterizes this confluence of events as being nothing short of a maelstrom of trouble, from which the EU is not going to be able to come back from. The conflict in Syria is one of the problems the EU currently faces, and the other previous crisis have occurred in Russia, Greece, and the Ukraine. In addition to the British Referendum is having an impact, as did the Paris attacks, and the now the migration crisis is upon the EU.

The previous crisis could have perhaps been more easily weathered, but this refugee crisis, for which Mr. Soros squarely holds Vladimir Putin responsible, might be the one that causes disintegration of the EU. “Soros accuses (Vladimir) Putin of seizing the fight against the so-called Islamic State to bolster the EU’s downfall and says he has obscured his actions by “talking of cooperating against a common enemy, Isis. Mr. Soros goes on to state that it seems as if Russia and the EU are both on the precipice of collapse, predicting that Russia will collapse sometime in 2017, when Western sanctions and declining oil prices cripple them. What remains to be seen is which will collapse first, and Mr. Soros seems to be of the mindset Vladimir Putin is working to make sure the EU fails first.

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  1. Natalee Yosef says:

    For me it is not about Putin to make the European union n\to fail but I think this is all about policies and plans that are on ground. The deal that tend to analyze this in the best possible ways and I think this is very good to read. The common enemy in truth is the ones that tend to create burdens in form of ideologies that are not universally natural.

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