FreedomPop Introduces New Global Hotspots After Raising Another $50 Million in Funding

FreedomPop has already shattered plenty of records within the mobile industry by offering free services to customers without a contract or catch, however, now they aim to tackle another high rate area: roaming data plans. The company has raised an additional $50 million in funding according to an article published by Re/code and plan to use the funds to help establish global hotspots that will slash the costs of using data while traveling for customers.

CEO Stephen Stokols explained that the company has made great local deals in all 25 countries that it currently operates service within, and in the next few months expects that more countries will get added to the list. FreedomPop has been aggressive with their global expansion so it is reasonable to think that the number on the global hotspot list will continue to grow. The result of these efforts is that traveling users will be able to enjoy almost local data rates instead of the extremely high roaming fees that most traditional carriers usually offer.

T-Mobile is the only major mobile provider that offers its customers free roaming, but they slow down their speeds making it practically useless to use while roaming. Other carriers such as AT&T and Verizon offer such high roaming rates that it is a luxury to use data and most choose not to.

FreedomPop is tackling the issue by creating a hotspot for customers that can be used in all of the current participating countries. The hotspot itself will cost $49 and then a SIM card that makes it work in unlocked phones will cost customers another $10. If they need more data they have the option to add it on similar to FreedomPop’s regular offerings of just $10 for 500mb. For more information check out the original article published here.

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  1. Gerard Birmingham says:

    Once these upfront costs are taken care of customers will have access to 200mb of data every month that they can use in any country. That will mean a lot for research paper service and the way they perceive things too.

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