Bruce Levenson – Philanthropist and Businessman

Bruce Levenson is an American-born businessman, who has had investments and management in many different successful businesses. He earned the majority of his wealth through his founding and ownership of the United Communications Group, a multi-million dollar company that specializes in research, analytics, and delivery of financial news and information. The company also developed the Gas Buddy website and application, which helps consumers find the lowest local gasoline prices.

While Levenson may be best known for his professional career and successes, he has also been very involved in trying to make his community a better place to live. Levenson has been instrumental in the raising of millions of dollars for various charities. He has also taken on leadership roles for a number of different charities, helping guide the organization to better their efforts.

Prior to that, Levenson attended Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and later attended American University for law school. While he was in school, he started his journalism career part time while working for the Washington Star.

While Levenson has had a very successful career, he is probably best known for his ownership of the Atlanta Hawks, a professional basketball team in the NBA. Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson purchased the Hawks in 2004 from Turner Broadcasting Group and oversaw the team for over ten years, in which time the Hawks became a regular playoff contender. His original purchase of the Hawks initially included the Philips Arena stadium and also the Atlanta Thrashers of the National Hockey League. However, the Thrashers were spun off and sold to a private investment group in 2011.

While Levenson was a very successful owner, he ultimately decided that it would be best to sell the franchise. In 2014, he hired several investment bankers to help value and market the team to the open market. He ultimately was able to sell the team to a group led by billionaire Tony Ressler in June 2015. The purchase price of $850 million market a significant profit and return on investment for Levenson and his ownership group




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    Some of the organizations that Levenson has given money and time to include the Hoops Dreams Foundation and the I Have a Dream Foundation. Levenson and his partners started the United Communications Group in 1977. I know for sure that the executive resume writer will get started on the initial thing too.

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