Eucatex The World Leader In Hardwood Panels

Eucatex is a worldwide provider of building materials, furniture panels, lumber, and plywood. It is headquartered in São Paulo Brazil. The company was started in 1951 and their current president is Flavio Maluf. Their claim to fame is that all their building products are manufactured using tropical hardwood, primarily the Eucalyptus. While many other companies also provide tropical hardwoods to the building market, many of the competitors of Eucatex are known for their lack of concern for the tropical environment. Eucatex, on the other hand, has broken ranks with these companies by openly recognizing and practicing sustainable growth practices of its hardwoods. To that end, Eucatex has invested in maintaining a sizable forest preserve of Eucalyptus hardwood trees and an active seeding program to promote their sustainability.

Much of this company philosophy is due to the leadership of the company’s current CEO Flavio Maluf. Flavio’s family has been a part of Eucatex since the beginning and after his university training as a mechanical engineer, he was appointed its CEO in 1996, and has risen to become one of Brazil’s most prominent businessmen.  Flavio is known for commenting on financial issues of the day.. In addition to excelling in business, his website indicates Flavio has also had a successful family life. He is married to his wife Jackie and the couple has three children. He is also involved in charitable ventures involving maternity centers and hospitals designed to improve health care services for the underprivileged. He is also responsible for upgrading the company’s product line which now includes paint and latex finishes for its hardwood panels. Because of these new products, the company spends a great deal of time and money to ensure that their coating selections offer much more than one might expect from a simple paint. Over the years, their paint and latex products have become a natural extension of the other products that they were already offering to their customers. The new coatings also come in a wide variety of hues and textures. The company’s website even has an ambiance simulator that can show customers what these new coatings will look like before the customer buys them.

Flavio Maluf is well known for providing his commentary on financial matters.  He’s also counted on when a major merger happens, like the recent between Dupont and Dow, and Flavio was called upon to break down exactly what was happening for everybody.

Eucatex hardwood furniture panels have many applications and are used to manufacture not only residential and commercial furniture but also bathroom cabinets, kitchens, bedrooms, and even office furniture. The company’s specialty panels are also known for their smooth upper surfaces and are used in residential and even office furniture. They are also used in flooring and furniture backs and drawers because of the furniture panels great surface resistant to abrasion and impacts.

In 2011, Eucatex celebrated its 60th anniversary of being a market leader and worldwide manufacturer of laminated flooring, specialty wall dividers, doors, and medium density fiberboard panels. and complementary paints and varnishes. Operating from Brazil It is currently responsible for exporting its product line to over 35 countries in the world. It also and owns four modern manufacturing facilities.
Eucatex uses eucalyptus to manufacture most of its building products and paneling. It has been recognized by the Forest Stewardship Council, or FSC, for taking the initiative in ensuring the conservation of forests.

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