New Dog Food Inventions are Leading the Way

When it comes to new technologies, you rarely think of dog food as the industry that is seizing on these new technologies to create new products. However, it is altogether true. Dog food manufacturers are embracing new technologies to create better and more specialized products for their customers and this article will outline how this is being done to benefit customers. One brand, Beneful, has been creative in how they are providing specialized products to dog owners. Beneful is allowing their customers to cater to their pets by using individual meal plans for their dogs that are customized by their owners. The technology used is the internet and new customization software and logistical processes that allow their customers to select the individual products that are going into to their dog food. This innovation by Beneful is particularly useful for dogs that are picky eaters or who suffer from food allergies. Dog owners can choose ingredients that do not disturb their dogs and this new innovation can be incredibly beneficial to dogs and provide for more comfortable and healthy lives. Other brands like Cesar Home Delights are using technologies to make human like foods more tasty to dogs. Examples are offerings such as lasagna and beef stroganoff that are similar to human foods and therefore make people feel as if their pets are a part of their family. While the idea of giving dogs lasagna may not be as logical as Beneful’s innovative and revolutionary products, Cesar Home Delights is clearly banking on this strategy to provide innovative products to their customers. There is a lot at stake in these new technologies. The pet food industry is almost $24 billion in sales in the United States and there is much jockeying for the premium food market by the various brands. The premium dog food market is continuing to grow and is now over $10 billion in size in the United States. Other companies who don’t have as innovative products as

New York Real Estate Can Be Luxurious And Budget Friendly

It’s almost unbelievable to know that Manhattan now has a high vacancy rate, which has reached 2.87%. Zero Hedge has reported this information on their website, and the information proves to be very valuable. With many skeptics speculating that the high vacancies are due to rent increases that have been constant over the years, as well as the unwillingness to spend money by those who have it, this may drive only certain sets of people to seek out homes in Manhattan.

The easiest way to bypass all the problems that occur when looking for a home in New York City is by delegating all one’s problems to a real estate agent. Why spend so much time looking for a home in New York City apartments for rent when it’s possible to work, spend time with the family and enjoy life while someone else does the work? A real estate agent will take all the time necessary to find a new home for their client, and at the end of the day the client will end up happy.

The company of Town Residential has a handle on many great properties in New York City, and some of the locations are absolutely breathtaking. Those who really want to live in the heart of New York City and around all the things that are happening will want to look at some of the homes that Town Residential is offering. The homes are extremely luxurious, and some of the homes are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Those that are looking for something different in New York City can easily find it with Town Residential, but going to any other real estate agency may possibly lead to disappointment. Town Residential also has a website that features most of their properties, and just a few minutes on the website is all it takes for a person to see how many great properties they have. The Town Residential agents can be contacted through the company, and when the agent starts working for their clients, they’ll quickly be able to find them a home in New York City that they’ll love.

Slyce’s New Deal Impacts Consumers

Online retailers complain about cart abandonment by consumers. They arrive on the site, looking for a special item. They start adding the items found to the cart and then find that one of the items desired is out of stock. Some of the buyers abandon the shopping cart before checking out. Retailers lose millions of dollars in profit because of this abandonment issue. Slyce has contracted with Fortune 500 Companies to solve the pressing problem. The good news is that Slyce is a very successful visual search and coupon company. Therefore, they have the experience to accomplish that task. The even better news is that they’ve just launched a new retail product solution to cart abandonment issues.

The Slyce Link
A recent article appeared in Marketwired about Slyce Link. Slyce Link is the viable image recognition solution to shopping cart abandonment online. Just about every online shopper has abandoned their shopping cart, after discovering that one or more of the items that they were searching for is out of stock. The Slyce Link is designed to provide real solutions to the problem. The Link shows visual images of products that are very similar to the product that the shopper is looking for. The belief is that this gives the customer other purchasing alternatives and increases profits, while decreasing cart abandonment. Here is an example. A consumer is searching for a certain brand of hair-dryer on the site. The hair-dryer is out of stock. However, the Slyce Link provided visual images during the search that related to products very similar to the hairdryer. The consumer clicks the visual search product and makes the purchase.

Visual Imagery Links
Consumers access the retailers site through mobile devices and the desktop computer. Consequently, Slyce has provided advanced technical imagery to accommodate those devices. The alternatives are highly individualized, but still very comparable to the original search.  The Slyce Link is still in Beta testing. However, testing with several well-known retailers has proven that the method works.

Slyce’s Vision
Slyce expects the new Slyce Link to make a major impact on the consumer market. The company is focused on helping retailers improve their bottom line and earn larger profits through increased sales.