Malcolm CasSelle: Genius And Digital Entrepreneur Extraordinaire.

Worldwide Asset Exchange, or simply WAX, is the newest, and most secure way to process virtual asset trading. Namely, DLC for the hottest games on the market. It enables gamers to buy and sell through a simple widget. And, you don’t even have to leave the game to do so. That’s right. All in-game!!!

With Computer Science degrees from both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Bachelor’s Degree) and Stanford University (Master’s Degree), Malcom CasSelle is nothing short of a genius. And, that could easily be an understatement as he also speaks fluent Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin). As President of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle is a dynamic and truly gifted leader.

He has held the position since 2017. Not only that, he is also the current Chief Information Officer at OPSkins, which, if you didn’t know, just happens to be the number one place for buying and selling digital items and packages for online games. He has also served as Chief Technology Officer and President at tronc (Tribune Publishing). In addition, he as also served ad the Chief Executive Officer at MediaPass as well as co-founding Timeline Labs. Timeline Labs developed social media tracking software that allowed companies to find out just what people are interested in. Timeline was acquired by SeaChange International in 2014. Even after the merger, Malcolm CasSelle was appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media.

Before that, in April of 2012, Malcolm was appointed the position of Chief Executive Officer of Xfire, the place where true video gamers, 22,000,000 of them in fact, go to talk about upcoming releases, the current hottest games and strategies for them. Malcolm also co-founded a Hong Kong based telecommunications company called Pacific Century CyberWorks, or simply, PCCW. And in only 18 months, the startup company was worth 38,000,000,000. He served as Senior Vice President and advisor to the CEO at the company from 1998 until 2002. And, in 1995, he co-founded the first outside company accepted by America Online’s (AOL) Greenhouse Program.

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Richard Dwayne Blair: Financial processes

Achieving financial freedom begins with an individual. The major reason as to why some people succeed and others fail financially is because of either planning or lack of it. As a financial planner and advisor at Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair believes that every person needs to have a proper financial plan for them to succeed. His objective for several years now has been to help the people of the greater Austin, Texas region gain important financial knowledge and be able to attain their financial goals.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an experienced businessman with vast experience in asset management and investment. He got his inspiration from his mother as well as grandmother who were both teachers. He realized the power of knowledge in transforming the lives of people and took an initiative to use the knowledge he had to impart financial skills to the people of Austin, Texas.

Richard Blair uses a three pillars approach in helping his clients reach their goals. The three financial processes help him analyze his client’s current financial situations and generate a holistic plan for them.

The first pillar

The first pillar is created specifically to lay out a financial roadmap for the client. Richard Blair achieves this goal by identifying the goals of the clients, their ability to tolerate risks, their strengths and available opportunities for growth. This financial pillar is also meant to create a strong and long-lasting situation between Blair and his clients so that he can gain a deeper understanding of their goals as well as expectations.

The second pillar

The major purpose of this pillar is to come up with an effective and long-term investment plan that is specifically designed for the distinct goals of the clients and their liquidity needs. At this financial phase, Richard Dwayne Blair carefully manages his clients’ assets portfolio to ensure maximum returns as well as minimize loses.

The third pillar

The last pillar mainly involves implementation and monitoring of the client’s goals by tracking and comparing them with their set expectations with the company. It is also the same phase that Richard Blair takes care of his clients’ retirement and insurance needs.

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Academy of Art University Creates Leaders in Art and Design

The Academy of Art University has become a leader in producing top talent in arts and film. An Alumni from the university Jan Phillip Cramer recently served as the head of the animation for Avengers: Infinity War. Breaking box office records Avengers: Infinity War pulled in the most money of any movie in history. The success of Avengers: Infinity war isn’t Cramer’s only notable accomplishment. Armed with a BFA from the Academy of Art University, Cramer has also worked on other critically acclaimed films including, Avatar, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Deadpool, and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Cramer credits much of his success due to the mentorship and guidance of Academy of University of Arts staff and teachers. Cramer isn’t the only success story from the Academy of Arts University. More than 50 Academy alumni have worked on Golden Globe-nominated films, as well as 20 Oscar-nominated films. Many of these professionals studied at the Schools of Animation & Visual Effects and Motion Pictures & Television. Some of these roles the Alumni played in included Lead Graphic Designer, Supervising Animator, VFX Producer, 3D artist, FX Artist, Character Shader.

The San Fransico based University offers degrees in programs such as Animation & Visual Effects; Motion Pictures & Television; Television & Digital Media and Acting. Being the largest accredited private art and design university in the nation makes the Academy of Art University a top choice for professionals looking to follow their passion for creation.

The Academy of Art University has a beautiful urban campus in San Francisco that helps students find their muse with original architecture, a diverse student body, and technology to assist with productivity and time management. The university was founded in 1929, establishing itself as a leader in art and marketing. The combination of industry experts serving as instructors and a hands-on philosophy creates lifelong achievers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. The university also has a 100% acceptance rate encouraging any and everyone to follow their dreams.

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OSI Industries is an Example of an American Dream Come True

The following is a little slice of Americana. A tale of how the American dream was achieved in a small neighborhood in Chicago by a fresh-off-the-boat German immigrant. In 1907 Otto Kolschowsky stepped off the boats from Germany during the Great German Migration to the United States. By 1909, he had settled on opening a little butcher shop in Western Chicago. His quality of product led to him eventually jumping into the wholesale business and supplying local Chicago shops with product for their restaurants.

His business was doing great, at least for a little Chicago butcher shop and wholesale meat shop. After his sons got older he renamed his business Otto & Sons in 1927. For years the shop continued to do what it was good at, give local customers meat products. It would probably still be there today, doing that same thing, if it wasn’t for a handshake agreement that took place in 1954. Otto’s two sons Henry and Arthur were both older by now and conducting business on their own. They met a young Ray Kroc who was planning on opening his first McDonalds franchise. They shook hands on supplying the McDonalds with beef products. That handshake would change Otto & Sons forever.

Ray Kroc bought out McDonald’s from the McDonalds brothers and proceeded to open stores across the nation. Suddenly, Otto & Son’s beef was in every neighborhood in the United States. Otto & Sons needed to adapt. McDonald’s was growing rapidly and needed a consistent and constant supply of beef products for their signature product, hamburgers.

So, to meet the demand, Otto & Sons rebranded as OSI Industries. Since that day, OSI Industries has become a global force in supplying food service businesses with food. Today, OSI Industries services games such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, Papa John’s, Yum, and many other foodservice businesses.

OSI Industries has become renowned for its cheap quality products. It has factories spanning the world and providing everything from bread to the beef that made it oh so famous. Otto & Son’s birth into OSI is a great example of the American Dream in action. From a small butcher shop in Chicago into a global force in the food industry with sales in excess of $6.1 billion, OSI is a different animal than it used to be. All of this because of one little handshake with the right man.

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The Growth and Expansion of OSI Group

OSI Group has grown tremendously since its establishment, thanks to the commitment and close collaboration exercised by its executives as well as team of employees. The firm was established in the 20th century by Otto & Sons, and it started as a small butcher shop, before establishing its affiliates internationally. OSI Group is currently ranked as one of the largest and fast growing international food suppliers and has successfully established 65 facilities of its kind in 17 countries. The firm has strived through the major challenges that affect the market and its ability to outshine other firms of its kind has served as a challenge to many investors.

The firm’s leaders have always been business minded and they have always strived to adopt the best strategies to ensure that OSI Group rises to the top. The executives have always strived to form partnerships and collaborate with other successful entrepreneurs in the food industry, and through this, they have established a close relationship with many prestigious companies around the globe.

The partnership of OSI Group with McDonald’s restaurant was one of the notable collaborations that marked the beginning of the firm’s growth. OSI group supplied fresh meat and vegetables to McDonald’s since 1940 and has gained a reputation as one of the best food industries in the country. The collaboration saw the two firms expand their operations in the broader parts of the country. Additionally, the fresh products that OSI Group supplied helped the firm win the trust of their customers and as result, the two firms acquired more customers. The chain of restaurants that McDonald’s established also served a major role in expanding the sales and production of OSI Group, which later attracted more clients with restaurants in the country.

OSI Group continues to transform the food industry with innovative solutions. The firm has employed the use of flash machinery and freezing equipment to help them keep their hamburgers and other products fresh. The great quality of their products has attracted a vast number of customers, a step that has profoundly contributed to the fast growth of the firm.

Besides, the firm’s employees have strived to point out issues facing the firm’s production and the executives have always acted quickly to correct them so as to ensure that OSI Group maintains its great reputation. The closeness and teamwork exercised by the firm’s workers has also contributed to its growth.

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Talos Energy and Others Work to Bid Against Competition

As oil prices continue to stay at low prices and competition continues to be at an all time high for oil drilling contracts, a new discovery made by an oil and gas exploration company has tons of energy companies scampering to see how they can also increase their production rights for years to come.   Current energy companies have recently become aware of the fact that the energy exploration company, PEMEX, has discovered a new oil reserve that is located off the coast of Mexico. This discovery has been dubbed the Zama-1 well.

Multiple energy companies that are known to drill for oil, are rushing to make bids on the drilling project where Zama-1 is located.The Zama-1 discovery is estimated to be an oil bearing interval of more than a thousand feet and the recovery of energy is estimated to be 400-800MMbbl. With these numbers, it is no surprise that companies that include Talos Energy and Premier Oil are working on an appraisal for drilling. Premier Oil currently already has some interest in offshore drilling projects and partners of Premier Oil are considering which interests are the most feasible so that they can make the decision as to which project should be drilled on first.

With oil prices low and competition high, the offshore energy exploration market is a tight market. Companies that are in the the energy exploration market, must remain competitive in order to continue to be able to drill to make the revenue that is needed to in order to keep their company afloat. There are so many energy companies in the current market, that if one company fails at willing an appraisal bid, getting a second chance at bidding is no longer a guarantee. There are plenty of companies in the market now that are waiting to swoop in on new drilling opportunities.

Revolutionizing Cancer Research Through Technology: Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky’s background in healthcare technology is well suited for helping doctors and other medical professionals find cures for cancer. Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus Labs in 2015 for the express purpose of making cancer research more readily available to researchers. He has a deeply personal reason for creating the necessary computer systems to help doctors and other researchers access information quickly. His own family has been affected by cancer and he has seen the results of good research with his own family. Lefkofsky’s family foundation offers monetary support for the American Brain Tumor Association, MD Anderson, and John Hopkins Medicine.

Lefkosky’s collaborations with the National Cancer Institute’s comprehensive cancer centers yielded many good results. Vital information about how to treat incurable cancers is a huge contribution to medical science. The work that Tempus Labs does helps researchers with gene therapy and gene editing biotechnologies designed to help treat untreatable diseases. The combination of technology and medical science has revealed a solution to a rare form of inherited vision loss.

Tempus Labs provides medical scientists with the data they need to treat cancer effectively. Tempus Labs ecosystem collects, analyzes and cleanses data so medical professionals can apply the findings to their work. Tempus’ main work is with molecular sequencing. Physicians use the data collected and analyzed to provide therapeutic treatment for their patients.

Lefkosky’s contribution and his organization’s technology expertise recently provided Stanford University the tools they needed to create an algorithm that diagnoses skin cancers. Patients with atrial fibrillation benefited from the research done by scientists who utilized Tempus Labs’ operating system.

Tempus Lab is also involved in many other projects that are bound to benefit human beings. Empowering physicians to battle cancer is the primary mission of this organization. The Lefkosky Family Foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of human life. Lefkosky’s passion for healthcare technology is well-known. What is not as well-known is that Eric Lefkofsky also invests in other technologies such as disruptive technology and e-commerce.

The future is bright for innovative technology that enhances people’s lives. Lefkosky’s determination to utilize the tools that modern technology provides is admirable.

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Ara Chackerian and His Ineluctable Passion for Forestry Innovation

We have so many challenges to face in the world we live in. As our world gets more modern, we have more reasons to be worried, timorous and contumacious of the things and ideas that people share with us. We doubt the ideas that people share with us because while their intentions may be right, they could end up worsening our problems. They end up increasing the problems that they intended to fix. Fortunately, there are people like Ara whose ideas avoid worsening the problems and try to find solutions. His ardor and subdued sense of authority has also contributed a lot to the world of environment conservation and medical technology. For more details visit Crunchbase.



The Management of Our Greatest Resource



In the news site from Norcal News, we learned a lot about Ara Chackerian, and one of them would be the fact that he is now leading in the innovation and research for different forestry innovation that can help address the specious ways that the other authorities are trying to solve the issue of environmental degradation. For Mr. Ara, without the bounty that our natural resources provide, it may be hard to find the most natural, amazing, inspiring and active form of entertainment and amusement that the society greatly needs. This is the reason that he is right now building a network with wilderness experts, partners, and clients to build projects for wildlife conservation that contribute to the various communities all over the world, across many generations to come.



Some of the concerns that Mr. Ara is trying to solve are the depletion of the species in the wild, low support for wilderness conservation and natural calamities, including drought, and intense storms. For him, the world must make sure that we do things according to nature and we prevent the things that harm us from escalating. You can visit their website




About Ara Chackerian



In the business world, there are many people whose ineluctable arrogance comes from the lack of willpower to control oneself. Fortunately, Ara Chackerian is one of the leaders who rise above such incompetence.




Mr. Chackerian’s competence has been honed by being the founder of highly successful companies involved in diagnostic imaging services.

The Driving Force Behind the Enormous Success of Waiakea Water Company

In the modern society, many people perhaps have understood the importance of water in relation to their health. This could be the reason why various companies have risen up to produce bottled water. You may have noticed in a single shop, you are likely to get four to five brands of bottled water. But is all bottled water safe for drinking? Well, the answer is a strong NO. You may be shocked to release some scammers put tapped water in a bottle and brand it a certain name that looks glorious. That’s why it is critical to know your company that produces genuine water products like Waiakea Water Company.

Whenever we hear that a product is from Hawaii, there is a kind of rest that grips in our hearts because it’s genuinely made. Waiakea Water was established in 2012 and has stood out from the rest of bottled water companies because of its filtering process when making its volcanic water. The Hawaii Volcanic Water comes from a porous volcanic rock which gives it a distinctive aspect of exploding the thirst away.

Waiakea Water Company is one of the companies that are ahead of its competitors because of the ultimate care it gives to the environment. You may have noticed that many bottles have just been dumped into oceans and other water bodies. With this company, sustainability of the environment is their priority. That’s why they pack their water in degradable bottles. Besides, they distribute their water products using very low emission vehicles.

Waiakea Water has always been a pearl to the community around because it uses almost 3% of its profits and revenues in giving back to the society and supporting various NGOs. It has been of great help to the needy in Malawi where it donates clean water every week. The company was founded by Ryan Emmons and has seen it through to become the first water company in the world to be CarbonNeutral certified.

Waiakea water PH and its mineral composition have increased its volcanic water benefits to the natural health of its consumers. The volcanic water contains sodium, magnesium, calcium and an appropriate amount of Silica. All these outstanding qualities of Waiakea bottled water makes it stand out above its equals.

Shafik Sachedina’s As A Leader Of The Institute Of Ismaili Studies

Shafik Sachedina is the founder of Sussex Healthcare, and entrepreneur, and a reputed dental surgeon. He is an active member of the Institute of Ismaili Studies and has achieved several successes as a leader.

Roles at the Institute of Ismaili Studies
The emulated leader is known to play a key role in the Ismaili community. He is a member of the Board of Governors at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, a UK based religious institution that conducts research on the Muslim cultures and communities. Along with the help of Shafik Sachedina, the Institute promotes awareness of the Muslim faith in different population and societies. Started in 1977 by Aga Khan, the Institute of Ismaili Studies promotes understanding among Muslims as well as cohesion. Agha Khan had recognized the influence of Dr. Sachedina on broadening his influence through the Institute of Ismaili Studies.

Apart from his role at the Institute of Ismaili Studies, Dr. Sachedina is currently the head of Jamati Institutions Department which is located in France. The selfless leader has also been given the opportunity to head the docket of diplomatic affairs at Aiglemont. His major roles involved the organization of activities and programs of the community. In 2017, the religious leader headed the delegation that went to Russia to have a meeting with Mikhail Bogdanov who is the Middle East Special Presidential Representative and Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia. The meeting resulted in a productive proposal that could help address the Middle East Crisis. Shafik Sachedina has also been working with the Development Network Programs organized by Aga Khan and the Institutions of Ismaili groups across Asia.

Shafik Sachedina is a member of the International Forum of Ismaili Leaders. He is also the Chairman of the committee of Humanitarian Assistance International. Aside from these roles, the leader has remained the UK Ismaili Council for two consecutive terms. He remains committed to the Ismaili community on a voluntary basis.

About Shafik Sachedina
The exemplary leader was born in 1950 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He was lucky to get the opportunity to study at the University of London for his Dentistry program. He then graduated from the school in 1975 and because of his hard work, he secured a master’s degree scholarship in the same discipline. He later practiced his medical profession in English and as a result has been a common figure in the healthcare entrepreneurship.

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